Heya Peeps, so I am dedicating this story and those that follow in this set to my Mom. She has been a major help in researching for these stories and beta reading and so much more! The idea for this series has been stuck in my head for a few months and in the works for a month or so. So yeah, please tell me what you think, constructive criticism, comments, and ideas are welcomed with open arms! I may not use the ideas, but I can use all the help I can get when coming up with story ideas! Flames will be deleted and sentenced to the dark void that is my trash can!

Just letting anyone who is reading this story know up front that I do have a life outside of fanfiction and while I would love to write a drabble or more a week that is currently out of the realm of possibility for me. So this story will probably be updated at random with no schedule in mind and may go untouched for a while at a time, but I do plan to keep it going !

So without further ado I give to you my first drabble in the Ghostly Overlord series, Curtain Rising!


Evil Overlord Rule #2

It was just one of those run of the mill missions when suddenly the unthinkable happened, Artemis got stuck. Not only was the little known villain Batman had sent the Team after smart enough to make the vents smaller, but they also had installed tazer panels in the duct that had triggered when she pressed them. She didn't even have a chance to warn the rest of the Team before everything went dark.

From there it all went downhill fast. Mines that when they exploded released a thick adhesive that Kid Flash was unable to break free from. Once he was restrained a concentrated knockout gas was released, it was specially designed to affect speedsters, and had been known to keep them down for as much as 3 hours. Needless to say Kid Flash didn't stand a chance.

With Superboy the villain was even original enough to forgo the usual kryptonite route. They had used red sun radiation and once he was weakened high power sonic devices were implemented to overload his senses, thus rendering him unconscious.

For Miss Martian and Aqualad only one trap was needed, but still a trap for two powered teens. The pair found themselves in a room that had inhibitor technology synced to their powers built into it as well as flame throwers along the walls. The end result was the same as Superboy, out like a light.

During this time Robin was trying to work his way through the much smaller than average air vents. After failing to meet up with Artemis at their designated check point he had started to get concerned, especially when none of the Team answered over the link. Suddenly without warning the section of vent he was in broke free, leaving him hampered by the smaller than usual section as it fell. Thinking quickly he shot his grappling hook out and feeling it catch he hit the button to retract the line, pulling himself free before the length of duct work hit the ground. With a quick roll he was on his feet, alert and ready for whatever was coming.

Silence was all that greeted him, the air around him was thick with suspense. Slipping into the shadows with an ease that put any predator to shame, he made his way down the long dark hallway. As he went, he ran over what they knew about their current mission. The target was a little known thief that had slowly been upping his game until he caught the eye of the big bat when he stole from a small lab in a town located in upstate Virginia. In this heist the perpetrator, only known as Miasma, made off with a semi-rare biological sample. The cameras were found to have been set on a loop at the time of the heist, there were no traces left behind, except for a slip of paper with one word. It was on common copy paper that was available at any store, formed from letter clippings from random magazines and glued with Elmer's glue. The word was Miasma. In essence, there was incredibly little that they had to go on.

At this point Robin was pulled away from his thoughts by the appearance of a door at the end of the corridor. With quieted breath and light steps he proceeded down the hall, silently pulling a batarang as he went. He paused at the door, listening for anything that might give him a clue as to what lay ahead. When there was no sign of life from inside he slowly eased the door open, body tense and poised for action. The room was empty, the floor swept clean. There was nothing in sight except for the slip of paper lying in the middle of the floor. The three words on it were visible from the door, "Well Done, Miasma." Miasma was nowhere to be seen! There was no knowing when he had last been at this warehouse and had set the traps for the Team; this op had been researched and planned for months! Just finding the hideout had taken a whole month's worth of late nights at the Batcomputer with minimal bathroom breaks! The last reconnaissance mission had shown there was activity in the building, but that was the extent of their onsite investigation so as not to alert their target. Batman would not be happy with Miasma's escape, but there was still the possibility of evidence being left behind. If so, the Team might still have a shot at taking down their elusive foe! But first, he better find out what became of the rest of the Team.

For the next hour, Robin was kept busy finding and releasing the rest of the Team from their respective traps. The hardest to rouse was Kid Flash, who was still off balance from the gas Miasma used. This was made obvious by the numerous walls he ran into on their way out of the warehouse. Artemis was currently making plans to get her hands on the surveillance footage, her reason being you can never have too much blackmail material. Robin who would normally have been all for this plan was currently discussing the situation with Aqualad. The villain, Miasma, turned out to be a more dangerous foe than even Batman had guessed. Not only had he escaped them, but he had also used their weaknesses against them with such calculation and foresight that he was able to disable the Team with little difficulty. It was decided to return to Mount Justice and report to Batman about the mission and what they had learned about their newest villain. As they turned away from the warehouse none of them saw a pair of brown eyes watching from the shadows and the brief moment when the eyes flashed a brilliant green before disappearing.