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The moon hung low in the sky over the small gas station, as the lone attendant stood behind the counter hoping for something to happen to break the monotony of his shift. Outside the gas station, in one of the few trees near it, lurked a shadow, its eyes a vibrant green blocked by the branches it crouches among. Watching and waiting, like a large cat lying in wait for its prey, it continued its vigil, never moving, a statue. The figure turned its head as a white SUV pulled into the gas station parking lot. After a few seconds two men exited the SUV; one quickly made his way inside the gas station. The figure let himself turn intangible, falling through the tree silently and made his way underground towards the SUV. Once under it he kept his intangibility and then became invisible. He swiftly phased inside the vehicle, noting the positions of the guards and ducked out again. He carefully reached up into the armored box that sat in the middle of the center set of seats, next to one guard. The second guard sat up front in the driver's seat and the third one was still inside the gas station. The shadow grabbed the object that lay within the box, letting his intangibility flow over it, allowing it to pass through the bottom of the box. He reached into the bag that hung over his back, removed the object that was currently resting in the bag, and placed the one he stole into the bag. A sound of footsteps was heard as the guard from inside the gas station returned and traded places with the one sitting next to the locked box. The second guard ran inside the gas station. Realizing that his time was growing short the shadow quickly placed the replacement inside the box and flew back down into the ground. He resurfaced in the tree he had originally been waiting in when the SUV drove up, his eyes gleaming at his easy success. The guards below were oblivious to what he had done as the third guard arrived back to the vehicle and the SUV pulled out of the lot and continued on to its destination.

The Next Morning

As Miasma stood in line at the ticket booth to get into the celebration, the looks he was getting from the people around him were quite amusing. Parents were trying to control their children while they themselves were whispering in less than stealthy tones about his outfit. Of course on the outside he kept a happy, oblivious look on his face and acted as if he didn't hear them. They were not the reason he was here. Sure, he had already gotten the Kleinsville Nugget and had successfully replaced it with the duplicate, but he could not waste this chance to observe his opponents in action. Any info he could accumulate could prove useful in future skirmishes with them. He made his way through the crowd headed to where the "Nugget" was being showcased on the main stage. He watched as the various members of the Team went about their assigned duties. He carefully observed their interactions, how they functioned as a group, analyzing their strategy as he had done for many years when studying his past opponents.

As Miasma continued to walk through the celebration he kept up his act, babbling about the history surrounding the town and the Nugget to nobody in particular. He watched as a random man tried to get into the private viewing of the Nugget. The man was quickly ushered on his way by Aqualad in his security guard uniform while Superboy and Artemis stayed inside with the Nugget. Miasma let himself chuckle softly as he observed how uptight the Team was. The whole group was glancing around constantly, some more obviously than others. Kid Flash was clenching and unclenching his hands nervously. Miasma glanced at the flip phone he had been carrying around and noted that it was nearly time for the celebration to end. He turned and leisurely made his way toward the exit gates, his thoughts turning to what he had learned so far about his opponents. They were teens and still had a lot to learn, but after reading multiple mission reports that he had hacked from the Justice League system there was no doubt in his mind that they were indeed worthy adversaries. Most notably was of course Robin, being trained by the Bat was a major point in his favor, but add in his acrobatic fighting style and hacking abilities and he was a formidable opponent. Artemis mostly leaned on ranged attacks, but was still a threat in hand to hand combat. Kid Flash was a bit of a loud mouth and a hot head. That was to be somewhat expected of speedsters, whose feet moved faster than their brains, but super speed was nothing to laugh at. Aqualad was the leader and as such he was paid special attention when Miasma was gaining intel on the Team. Not prone to acting rashly, he was the grounding force of the group of teens, he read deep into the actions of those around him and analyzed them. His Atlantean physiology and upbringing gave him multiple tools in battle, his water whips being one such example. The final two members were more raw and untrained than the rest, but they were still dangerous. Superboy, a clone of Superman, with a temper that matched his impressive strength, easily riled, but once his rage was focused there was little that can stop him. Miss Martian, Martian Manhunter's niece was quite powerful, but was sometimes unable to control her powers.

As a whole the Team is a force to be reckoned with, one that he will enjoy facing. A victor in a battle is based on sustaining a balance of knowledge and strength, both of which he has plenty of. The Team has strength, but as long as he, Miasma, remains a shade, a mystery, they have nothing. Hopefully after his little message that he left on the fake nugget the Team is ready to go another round. He's always ready for another battle of wits, let them try again.