Hayley sat on the stairs, watching the family drama playing out between Klaus and Rebekah. Finally, Klaus left and Hayley was left alone with the blonde Original.

"You, wolf girl." She said, walking towards Hayley. "I'm going to search this house inch by inch until I find what my evil brother has done to my good one. You're helping."

She walked past Hayley, who reluctantly followed.

"The governor had lots of secret rooms." Rebekah said. "I'll show you his favorite."

They walked down a spiral staircase and arrived in a dusty, cobwebbed room. Inside were several coffins, covered in dust.

"You think Klaus killed him." Hayley whispered.

"We can't be killed, silly girl." Rebekah replied. "That doesn't stop Klaus from finding ways to torture us. He has a set of mystical daggers. One in the heart sends us into a deep slumber. Klaus gets his jollies from keeping most of us in a box, until he decides to pull the dagger out. That must be what he's done to Elijah. This one's mine."

She shined the flashlight on the closest.

"He keeps your coffin on standby." Hayley said, horrified.

"He likes to be prepared for when his family members inevitably disappoint him." Rebekah told her. "Elijah's isn't here – he must've stashed him elsewhere."

"I feel sick." Hayley moaned.

"Welcome to the family, love." Rebekah said. "You should've run the second you realized Elijah was gone."

"Yeah, well, the witches have put some sort of hex on me." Hayley explained. "As long as I'm carrying this baby, I can't leave New Orleans. If I do, they kill me."

"Well, knowing Klaus, he's planning a box for you the second you give birth to whatever's cooking in your tum. I'm leaving as soon as I find Elijah. Being daggered in a box for decades sucks, trust me. You'd best find a way to break that hex and run."

She headed for the stairs, but Hayley stopped her.

"What's with that one?" she asked.

She moved her flashlight to the farthest coffin, which had a thick chain and lock on it.

Rebekah's face turned sad as she stepped back to stand next to Hayley.

"That's our most heavily guarded secret and if you tell Klaus I showed you it, he will kill you, babe or no."

She moved around and pressed her fingers to her lips before pressing them to the coffin.

"Are you going to tell me?" Hayley asked.

Rebekah sighed.

"I suppose you are one of us now, for better or worse. You knowing who is in that coffin won't put you in anymore danger than you already are."

She walked back to the stairs.

"So?" Hayley pressed.

Rebekah started climbing.

"Eleanor." She said. "Klaus's wife."

Several weeks later…

The witches were gathered in the cemetery as they prepared Agnes' body.

"What are we going to do?" Sophie whispered to Sabine. "We have no way of controlling the Originals now. My link to Hayley is gone. Agnes royally screwed us."

"We'll have to find another way." The other witch whispered back.

"What way?" Sophie demanded. "They'll batten down the hatches. Unless you know of some totally unknown weakness of Klaus Mikaelson's ."

"What about his wife?"

Sophie stared at her.

"What wife?" she demanded.

Sabine just smiled.

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