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Phantom could proudly say he had never been more disgusted in his life as he was at that moment. Sometimes while he watched Star he didn't know if the girl truly loved him or if it was just lust. Or maybe, it was a bit of both with the amusement of manipulating the poor fool for her gains.

Biting onto his finger, there was a nervous jolt of energy that entered his system. Could anyone blame him? They were about to pull something off that they had been dreaming of doing. They were going to release their brothers and sisters after so long and the possibility of convincing Archal who was here and not with Chaos was huge.

It was only by luck that Chaos trusted Archal enough to do this by himself. It was also only by luck that they acted on this chance as fast as it was. Phantom had been worried that Archal didn't love Star enough to agree to this but the odds worked in their favor once more. Everything almost seemed too easy for comfort but Phantom wasn't going to look a horse in its mouth.

"Oh, Archal-boo. I forgot how lovely and beautiful it was in here!" Star's high pitched voice was a necessity in this scenario but also perhaps the biggest annoyance of it all. As long as it worked in the end then who was to complain.

Phantom had always liked Archal as a brother. The man was one who viewed life with a righteous justice. He had never been close with Archal or Percy. The two of them had a bond that no one could match which is why it was of utmost importance to get him to their side. That wasn't the only reason as well, he was a demon on the battlefield. It was how he became the leader in the first place, the man could take anyone down in a straight fight.

The leader of all of Chaos's army blushed like a fifteen-year-old high school student experiencing love for the first time, which in a way he was. They were meant to be after all. "Star! Just call me by my name. No need to let everyone know of that name." He spoke in a hushed whisper, clearly embarrassed by the entire situation.

Star rolled her eyes and gave him a playful nudge. "You know you love it, Archal-Boo! Besides isn't this a special day. We get to see our brothers and sisters after so long! When was the last time you got to see them?"

Sometimes it was amazing to Phantom the way that Star worked. While she wasn't in charge of sexpionage, that had been another general's forte, the girl knew her stuff. Perhaps all those times going deep into enemy lines and assassinating targets really did some work.

Phantom shook his head, ignoring the rest of the conversation as his leader became a blushing tomato. His eyes glanced over the rest of the hallway. The laboratory where the original generals were being held was a pure white facility, not a speck of dirt was anywhere and with the self-automated cleaning system, it would be hard to make dirt in the first place. The first time he had tried pulling out a cigarette to smoke, an invisible-like arm came and snatched it from his lips.

Grunting, he reached in his pocket and began to fiddle with the pack of cigarettes in his pocket. The stress was getting to him, he really began to crave the stick of unkissable substance, as his wife so mildly put it.

The place even smelled clean. There was nothing, no dirt, no odor. Was it really so hard for a place like this to even be a tiny bit dirty?

"This way." His thoughts were quickly interrupted as Archal took a right turn down a hallway that was not being used. While it was still the white cavern like the rest of the building, anyone could tell it felt darker than the other side of the building.

At the end of the hallway was a single door where a scientist exited it upon arrival. The scientist looked more than annoyed, and even went as far as to glare at the floor. Whatever had happened inside, the scientist was less than pleased. "Archal." He grunted out. "What can I owe the favor. The sector was off limits according to Chaos if I remember correctly, even off limits from you."

This made Phantom tilt his head in slight interested, were they not supposed to be here? Did Chaos not know what was about to happen? Phantom was under the impression she knew everything that had been happening when it came to her generals. Especially if it included the sealed generals that were very soon about to be released.

He and Star shared a glance with their eyes. It was only after years of being with one another were they able to communicate with just a single glance. After her glare harshened, Phantom sighed as he turned his blasters to stun that was in his pocket. If it really had to be like that then so be it.

Luckily for the trio, it didn't come to that as Archal waved off the scientist. "I got the proper documentation, don't worry." The man told the scientist with a charismatic grin as he pulled out a parchment of paper.

Snatching the paper as quick as he could, the scientist quickly scanned its contents. "General Archal… is allowed to look at the seal anytime… only with the items that could potentially unlock the seal… should not be armed… anyone is allowed to join him that could help with the unlocking of the original generals." The scientist finished, glaring at the piece of paper. "Not armed my ass. You yourself are a fucking weapon." The man rubbed his eyebrows together, no doubt wondering if it was truly okay to go in the door. "Alright. I don't want to hear shit about this afterward from Chaos. Alright?"

"You got it, boss." Archal gave the scientist a cheeky grin. Phantom hadn't realized it until he let go of his guns that he had been holding them just in case a brawl was going to break out.

The scientist rolled his eyes. "I assume you don't want back up in there if you potentially unlock it? The four generals were in the midst of a battle last I heard and might be cranky when they wake up."

The trio of generals winced in unison, they had forgotten about that potential disaster they may have to deal within a few minutes. "And Chaos didn't want us to be armed when we went in there?" He muttered quietly to himself.

The scientist glared at him which had no effect on Phantom. Honestly, his wife was much scarier than the man before him, "It's the only reason I'm allowing you to hold your weapons in the first place! You'd be dead if I were to abide by her rules. Honestly, she might be a great leader at times but her head can be filled with jello."

Star decided to butt in at this moment, not allowing Archal to answer the question, "It might be best if it's just the three of us in there. Who knows? A friendly face might do some good and if they saw anyone they didn't recognize, well." She mimicked a slicing the throat in amusement but the three men knew better."

"If you die it ain't my fault." That was the last the scientist told them as he walked past them, not bothering to look back.

Phantom let out a breath he hadn't realized he had been holding in. Honestly, if Order or Chaos saw him they would have driven him to the brink because of his patheticness. It had been a while since he felt any form of nervousness.

Archal was the first to walk in and was quickly followed by Star and Phantom. It was barely noticeable but Phantom had a skip in her step every time she walked. She was doing a worse job hiding it than he was.

It was sort of cliche in Phantom's opinion but they entered a white room that seemed to go for miles. The only noticeable thing in the room had been the door they entered and a podium in the middle of it with a small black box on top of it.

There wasn't much on the box, there were really only two key defining factors that made it look any special. On top of the box was a white pattern that stood for the Chaos symbol of 'General'. Something that had been written on the box after they had stolen it back from Order. The other part that was on the box was a small circular keyhole.

"I never asked, but how did you guys find a way to crack the seal?" Archal suddenly asked as they walked towards the boss.

Before Phantom could open his mouth to explain a lie he had come up with, Star did what she always did best and that was cutting everyone off. "Remember? Phantom had an eidetic memory. He was there when the seal was created and he's been working tirelessly on a way to free our brothers and sisters!" That was one way to handle the situation.

Stroking his chin for a moment, a sudden realization hit Archal as he remembered that part about his brother. "Ah, I forgot, my bad Phantom." He shot a sheepish look at Phantom.

Phantom shrugged. "We are always bound to forget something after a while. Especially if a man is the leader of an entire army."

"Yeah, it gets to me sometimes. Well show me what you got, hopefully, it works." Archal gestured to the box and Star looked expectantly at him.

The key in Phantom's pocket suddenly felt much heavier than it actually was. The small key which was no bigger than a pencil was lifted from his pocket for the three members to see. It hadn't changed at all since Order held it. The piece of truesilver ore was shaped perfectly to fit in the slot before him. Not bothering to waste any more time, Phantom shoved it into the slot and turned it. Taking a deep breath, a sudden realization had hit him, after so long this was finally happening. How many years had he been waiting?

"Well, are you going to pull it?" Star asked from his right. Anxiety flashed on her face. "I know you love to be theatrical but this is not the time for it." Her voice was soft and kind but her eyes screamed otherwise.

"No need to be in such a rush, this is a joyous moment." Archal was by his side and got Star into a side hug which she returned with a smile on her face.

Oh Archal, if only you knew why they were so happy for this moment.

It was like a knife gliding through warm butter as he pulled the key back to him. It barely went further as far as an inch from the box but it was more than enough. As soon as he pulled it the key dissipated in his hands and the box began to shake. Instantaneously, the group took multiple steps back from the box. Who knew what was going to happen.

The box shook from the left, and then the right. Slowly it began to tip back and forth, like a boat that was swaying back and forth in a sea with massive waves. Then it stopped, the box suddenly froze in its place. For a moment Phantom had a look of fear flash on his face, had it not worked?

All his worries soon fled as the box collapsed into a flax square, as thin as a piece of paper. Even he had to admit Order had done an excellent job with the seal and he could see why it was problematic to break into. The box itself seemed to suddenly grow too heavy as the podium that it was on suddenly shattered into pieces.

A white flash suddenly blinded all participants in the room and when Phantom gained his bearings back he was almost ready to choke on his own spit. They were back, each one of them.

"That was uncomfortable." A male voice grunted as he cracked his neck. The man was not holding anything unlike his counterparts but he held two fighting gloves over his hands. Carefully the man cracked each one of his knuckles. "It's been so long. I could go for a massage."

Another voice snickered as a steel beam hit the white floors, creating a dent in it as she spun it around her. "I haven't been able to play with my darling in so long!" Pitch black eyes commented as she spun around the scythe. "Who can I kill today? Oh, I can't wait to play with everyone!" Her tone begged for blood.

"Quiet please, I can only hear so much of your declaration for blood in a day." Phantom's throat suddenly grew dry when he stared at the girl. Even after all this time, she looked as beautiful as the day he met her. Long flowing green hair with bright green eyes smiled at him. "Phan, you are looking quite handsome. You sure you didn't dress up for me?" She asked, walking up to him and planting a kiss on his lips.

As she drew back a sudden look was on her face. An intense one that was asking a simple question. 'Did you recruit Archal?'

Phantom's gaze shifted away from his love. He had failed in the only thing she asked him to do. Without looking back into her eyes, he shook his head so slightly that no one but her would have been able to notice. He could feel the delicate fingers as his wife turned his head back to her. Her eyes showed nothing but love and caring. 'It's okay.' She kissed him once more, this time deeper than before.

"Couldn't you at least wait until you got to a room before you did that." A soft and delicate tone that was filled with authority muttered. All generals in the room suddenly had the urge to salute as they heard her voice. Phantom turned to see the pale general with bright blue eyes and braided white hair that wrapped over her shoulder. "Give me a status update. How is the war going." The voice turned to the three participants that hadn't been sealed.

Phantom turned to Star who kept her lips pursed. Her eyes, in turn, went to her boyfriend. Archal sighed as he figured it was his duty to tell. "Quite a bit has happened but I will be brief. The war has ended with Percy killing Order. We believed that Percy was dead until recently we learned he was alive. Chaos is currently retrieving Percy as we speak."

At the mention of Percy, the girl's eyes lit up in interest. "Percy killed a divine being? How interesting. Yes, that is good."

Phantom's eyes drifted to Archal who looked at her in confusion. "What do you mean that is a good thing? Sure the war is over but we have no use of fighting." He let out a chuckle. "The war is over, we should be celebrating now. I mean you guys just got out of stasis after all."

Inwardly, Phantom was glad that he wasn't able to read the situation correctly. Under any other circumstance, he should have noticed that something was off but with the happiness of being with his girlfriend and the return of his friends he wasn't able to see it.

The leader of them all watched them in disinterest and Phantom couldn't blame her. The only one she wanted to see wasn't here to greet her. "Where are we at Archal?" Her voice once more was authoritative.

Archal paused and Phantom reached a hand towards his gun, just in preparation of what was to happen. They all had things to talk about and it was much more preferred for Archal not to be awake to see it all happen. "We are in a pocket dimension. Nothing can be said or heard so we have nothing to worry about. Wouldn't need to as the war's been over for eighteen years, however. Why ask?"

The girl now truly smiled at him. "It's for no reason. I must say I am glad for your relationship with Star. We all saw it coming a mile away." Phantom turned his eyes away from the scene. Archal truly was a good bloke but he wasn't ready to know what was about to happen. He could hear the thump as Archal collapsed to the ground, Phantom's love having put him to sleep. "Now that he is asleep. Give me a progress report." Bright blue eyes burned into his soul. Sometimes Phantom wondered if it was truly worth it to have been a general of Order and Chaos. Dealing with the deadly blue eyes was something he was not a fan of.

In the south-west quadrant of the universe, a woman was nervously tapping her fingers on a table that was next to her. "Status report Celestial." The woman's voice was rushed.

Celestial wanted to scream. She really should not have agreed to go on this trip with Chaos. The girl had been right up her ass about making the ship go faster. Spaceships did not go faster, they went the speed they were designated to go. Honestly how hard was it to wait a few more minutes? Would Chaos rather they fly through planets with millions of inhabitants?

'Calm down Cele. There is no reason to get mad at the owner of the universe.' The girl breathed in and out. Forcing a tight smile on her lips, she turned around. "We will be arriving at the planet known as Earth in a total of twelve minutes and forty-two seconds. Upon arrival at the planet, we will be in stealth with no way for the mortals to detect us as they do not have access to the technology yet. Once we do park the ship on the outer barrier, we will trace the last known location of Percy Jackson while looking for nearby remnants of Order forces if they choose to arrive at the planet. Currently speaking we have two ships waiting on standby, awaiting orders." Her eyes were closed practically at this point and she was running out of air with how high pitched her voice was. Once she was done telling Chaos what was happening she turned around and let out a breath of air. The things she did for her boss was ridiculous.

Celestial could hear the nervousness of her boss as Chaos suddenly sat up and began to pace around the room. Celestial refused to turn around and deal with Chaos in the nervous wreck the girl was in. Honestly, Percy was more than capable to handle himself, he had killed Order for Pete's sake. There was no reason for her to walk around nervously.

"I'm going to go get a drink." Chaos announced to the few people in the room. The creator of the universe quickly then fled the room, being as loud as possible in the process. Once Chaos left the room Celestial let out a breath of air she hadn't realized she was holding in. "That woman."

From Celestial's side, she heard light snickering. Turning her head to the cowboy, she glared as harshly as she could. She wanted him to feel the annoyance that Celestial was dealing with right now. "What was that Marcel? Did you say something?" The unbelievably high pitched and tight voice asked.

Marcel let out a hacking cough that sounded suspiciously like a laugh. "No Ma'am. I didn't say anything. Perhaps you should get your ears checked? It wouldn't do us good to crash into a star after all."

Everything in Celestial's body told her to pull out a dagger and fling it at her fellow general. Stretching out her fingers, she took deep breaths to calm her down. "Everything is alright Cele. Just daisies and roses Cele." She reminded herself repeatedly. She was going to throw Percy and Marcel under the bus in every way possible once they arrived at Earth. They were so screwed.

A hand was felt on Celestials shoulder, making her jump. Turning around she let out a small smile to see the general of mages try to comfort her. "It is okay Celestial. Just a few more minutes and you will be free. Perhaps you may want to take another ship on the way back? Shalltear mentioned as a possible solution for the pilot.

Celestial waved her off, it wouldn't be nearly as bad on the way back. "Don't worry about it Shalltear. Thank you for the idea though." The general nodded and headed back to her seat.

"You know." Marcel began, "I wonder what Percy is like now. Perhaps something happened." The man added, tapping his fingers on his knee.

Celestial furrowed her eyebrows. "What do you mean?"

"Well, don't you find it odd? We heard no words from Percy for years which is completely unlike him. He's the type of person to let everyone know if something had happened. He also would have come back as soon as possible and even if he didn't have access to us, his powers alone notified us that he was alive. So why wait sixteen years to notify us?" His hand ended up covering his mouth as he thought in deep thought. "It makes no sense? Waiting sixteen years just to notify us that he was alive and then waiting eighteen years for us to come get him? I don't understand it." Marcel admitted.

Celestial froze in her thoughts, Marcel had a point. What had kept Percy from notifying them for so long? "Perhaps he had no reason to use his powers and he only used it when he needed to? Also, how would he know that we would notice when he used his powers?" Celestial asked the rhetorical question. The uneasy feeling in her gut not relenting.

"Exactly eighteen years later though? It can't be a coincidence." Her blood turned cold. Today was the day it had been exactly eighteen years since the death of Order. No, there was no way it was a coincidence.

"I don't know." Celestial mumbled. Suddenly this didn't feel like a simple rescue mission anymore.

Percy Orion Jackson sat in his room at Camp Half-Blood. The cabin that he had called his home away from home for the past six years was something he didn't feel like saying goodbye too. Truthfully, Percy had no idea that amount of time it was going to be until they arrived. It could have been days, weeks, maybe a month? Or knowing Chaos it would have been much sooner than that. It could have been a few seconds. Marcel suddenly teleporting down and waving at him. Asking how his day was before he was whisked away onto a starship and headed back to Chaos who was no doubt utterly pissed at him.

Percy mindlessly played with his thumbs. It had only been a day since the death of Gaia but so much had happened in that time. The gods wanting to smite him in fear of his power. Or perhaps the countless bodies that had a ceremony with a hope of them going to Elysium. Or it was the gifting ceremony after the gods asking them what they wanted.

He wasn't surprised to see all his friends ask for godhood. The idea of everyone being in love with one another and a chance to live with the person they loved for life? Most people wouldn't have been able to pass up the opportunity. Percy hadn't bothered agreeing with godhood. While he was already immortal, he would turn down the idea to be immortal any day of the week. The idea to be able to live forever was something much worse than it sounded. Percy was lucky to have loved ones that would be around him forever. Despite the war that happened all of them survived to Order.

'Survived and decided to turn against Chaos.' Voids and Deaths thoughts echoed in his head to this day. Why did they not want any divine beings to be alive? What did his brothers and sisters in all but blood not let him know? Did they learn something they weren't supposed too?

Percy leaned back into the wall. There was nothing he could do but wait for Chaos's forces to arrive and come to pick him up. He just hoped that he wasn't too late. Hopefully, they hadn't done anything Chaos or anyone else before he arrived. Maybe he could talk some sense into them and drive them from this path?

"If only that were so young Perseus?"

Percy's eyes flashed to the only thing that had been moving in the room was a small antique clock. Seeing the handle not move, he knew that Lady Death had entered the facility. "Lady Death. This is a rare occurrence. Twice in two days? Have I set a new record or something?" His voice was sarcastic, only proving that he was anxious for the events ahead to unfold.

Lady Death let out a bittersweet laugh as she appeared on his side. Sitting next to him with her back leaned against the wall. "Perhaps I just wanted to see you one last time?"

Percy rose an eyebrow. "Am I going to be dying soon? I wasn't aware I would be entering your field so soon."

"Perhaps I said it wrong. I wanted to see you one last time before your life is turned upside down. Life can't wait for this to happen. You know he only agreed to this to spice up his life, right?" The girl tilted her head and rested it on his shoulder.

Percy saw nothing wrong with it, as long as she wasn't kissing him anytime soon. "I'm afraid I haven't had much interaction with Life. I wasn't aware I was his plaything."

Bringing her head off of his shoulder, Lady Death looked at him with sad eyes. "So much pain and suffering would have been avoided if you just agreed to be mine, Percy. I could have protected you."

Pausing for a moment, Percy turned to look at Lady Death. This was a different type of Lady Death he had seen. Before it had been on the border of amusement and love but definitely not caring. Now she seemed to care before all else. Was this a ploy or did she truly feel this way? "Lady Death, what happened?" The words seemed to slip out of his mouth before he could stop it.

Her gaze drifted away from Percy's. "Why do you believe something happened, Perseus?"

"A feeling in my gut." He told her.

Her lips curled up in satisfaction. A content smile was now on her face. "Truly you are one of a kind Perseus." Her arms went around Perseus and she lightly kissed his cheek. "The generals have awoken Perseus. You better be ready to fight for your life. Otherwise, I'll get you sooner than anticipated."

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