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Chapter 1

-Château de Cognac, France, January 1522 Katerina Petrova has fled from Klaus's estate in the country and hopes to hide in the business of court while she figures out how to remain out of his clutches. She had tried to run home to Bavaria to see her family and find her daughter but she had no such luck. She found her family slaughtered and none of the villages had heard of her then ran through the Mediterranean and rerouted through Europe where she heard rumors they left. There were three trails they took off in, but they had definitely left Europe...finally -

Katerina arrives in London under the dark of night and decided where she should hide. She passes through the lower parts and sees the working girls. It'd be an easy way to make a quick buck, with her new vampire abilities she wouldn't even have to actually sleep with the men. She thought it over in her head for a second before deciding against it. She was a new vampire and it would be too tempting to feed on the men and if they became too rough she'd have to worry about lack of control outing her to the people. Plus it would probably be one of the first places Klaus would look.

She kept walking into the better parts of town, where could she hide from Klaus? Where would not look? The answer scared her. Everywhere, he will look everywhere. She started to panic which made her hungry…'control yourself. Breathe Katerina, you've survived this long. There is an answer you just have to ask the right question.' she thought to herself. She had been living off very little blood to keep a low profile so she was starving in a sea of people. She kept walking and she came across a large palace.

That's the answer. She shouldn't looking for where he wouldn't be able to find her, she should be looking for where he wouldn't dare touch her. Klaus was risky but if she could get in a high ranking position at court he wouldn't be able to go near her, especially if she could find vervain…

She made her way to the palace and casually walked along the wall when a guard walked up next to her, she stood up straighter preparing herself for anything.

"M'lady? What is someone of you stature doing outside the castle walls?" he asked her kindly.

Katerina looked down realizing she was still in her clothes from the party she fled. It was in rough shape but still very fine; she thought of deciding on lying she could use his for information since the street was practically empty. She could possibly feed on him as well. She stepped closer purring, "looking for someone to keep me warm." She grabbed his arm as used her compulsion, "who is about to permanently leave court that I could pass off for?"

"Anne Boleyn has been a faithful lady-in-waiting to Queen Claude has been called back to English court to serve as lady-in-waiting to Queen Katherine, her ship leaves in an hour and her family hasn't seen her in three years," he gushed.

Katherine grinned, "good boy, now give me your wrist and don't scream." when he followed suit she fed off him a little longer than she probably should have. When she stopped she looked at him, "take me to her ship."

He led her off to the ship where this Anne was about to depart from; she then snuck on board and hid in what were to be Anne's closet. She waited until after the ship took off and anne was asleep. She then opened the door and compelled everyone on the ship that she was Anne Boleyn and that they were to not enter her room uninvited at any cost. She then went back to Anne's chambers and shut the door. She lit the candles in the room and sat in the chair next to where Anne slept and pretended to read, she was actually plotting. She couldn't believe she did this. Going back to England was a risk if the lies about Klaus were wrong, but in the position of Katherine's ladies would make her hard to get to. She needed to find a witch for protection spells and vervain to give everyone at court after she compelled them all to her bidding. She had some vervain to gag down herself so Klaus couldn't compel her but not enough to constantly supply court. One step at a time, she had to convince Anne's family that she was her. Age and everything were correct besides those eyes. She would have to compel all of her family that she had blue eyes, everyone she met. Yes, that was the best plan and it would throw Klaus off track since her eyes were truly brown.

Her head snapped to the bed as Anne began to stir, the girl turned over and rubbed her eyes blinking as she took Katerina in. They looked similar at least, raven hair, round faces, big eyes, petite figures. When she fully recognized Katerina was in her room she began to panic scooting back in her bed getting out looking for a weapon, poor girl like she has a chance. Katerina smiled showing her veined face and sharp teeth making Anne scream and try running to the door. Katerina vamped over to the door and stood in front of it.

"GUARDS! GUARDS!" Anne screamed.

Katerina laughed, "no one is coming to save you; they are under my command, actually the whole ship now thinks I am you. Now sit down and stop yelling, it's insufferable."

Anne did as she was told shaking in freight," how….how is...how is any of this possible?"

"Oh, that's easy. I am a vampire, more importantly I am on the run from a very dangerous vampire and I am going to use your identity to hide in a plain sight. It will take him years to find me and if he does he wouldn't dare touch me. You are going to tell me everything about you about you over the course of this trip." Katerina smiled tilting her head bouncing her curls.

"I..no I will not, nor would I ever." Anne said gathering her strength. She was not about to go down without a fight.

"Oh you think you have a choice?" Katerina smiled walking over to her. When she turned she never thought she'd love this side; she was a predator and she was good at it. She sank her teeth into Anne making her scream.

It was a long ship ride and Katerina enjoyed using Anne for information and as entertainment. She fed nicely off the whole ship but there was always something about a beautiful women that tasted delicious. She was kept in good fear and slowly she stopped fighting Katerina's questions but leaving Katerina to find out everything she can about French court, English court, and the Boleyns. She practiced speaking in her same manner and enjoyed the safety of knowing Klaus couldn't reach her on this ship.

When they docked Katerina was completely prepared to take over the life of Anne Boleyn, she was quickly placed in a carriage and was off to meet her father Thomas Boleyn. He was apparently a very cold man, he forced his older daughter to become known as the great prostitute around Europe pushing her into the beds of the King of France, England, and various nobles. He saw his children as tools, a feeling Katerina knew all too well. She also would meet Mary and George were Anne's siblings and would be the hardest to convince. Katerina spent the ship learning as much as she could about them.

As they began to near Hever Castle, this would be the hard part. While they hadn't seen Anne in years and Katerina looked similar enough except for the eyes. While Katerina had beautiful brown eyes, Anne's were unmistakably blue. She had been thinking long and hard on the ship and as she rode she finally made a plan. She had brought the real Anne along until the nearest town, because, well she was an easy blood bag and Katerina had a feeling she would come in use, actually she'd be useful to keep around in general. She had the carriage driver pull over and compelled them to say Katerina was Anne's companion from French court.

They pulled into Hever castle and everything went as planned. Katerina watched Anne interact with her family before taking over her life. Once they were inside the castle Katerina went to work. She compelled Anne to go to bed and started with the kitchen staff; soon she had the entire castle compelled to believe she was Anne Boleyn.