Chapter 3

-Whitehall palace, same night-

Queen Katherine was laying in bed crying herself to sleep again. She had begged Henry to visit her that night but he refused. Instead he was probably mounting some harlot. She would never say it out loud but she missed her Arthur. He would've never hurt her the way Henry does. He would've never disrespected her that way. But Henry loves no one but himself and does not care how he treats his wife. They weren't always like this, she was so sad after Arthur passed and Henry was so helpful. After they married she slowly began to see she was a conquest. Something his brother had, that he couldn't have previously. Once he had what he wanted, he began to stray. And once her precious Mary was all she could provide for children, he was all but done with her.

She prayed every night, first to Saint Mary, and then to every saint she could think of to save her marriage. It was no use though, no amount of prayers could change who Henry was. That night though she had a weird feeling, the way he talked to that Boylen woman and there was a pit in her stomach, telling her to be scared. But Scared of what?

She sat up in her bed, wiping the tears off her face. She was the Queen of England and daughter of the greatest rulers Spain had ever seen, no one could hurt her… except Henry. All he could do was make her his official mistress, something he had never done before. Anne has proven herself a wise and loyal lady to Mary, would she truly do that?

Of course she would, just like every whore before her did. She got up and wrote a letter to her nephew, the King of Spain. Something dark was coming, she wasn't sure what it was, but she would need to ensure the support if those who give her strength. She didn't let him know she was fearful, just boasting her love for him and the joy she has in the ties between their nations.

She crawled back into bed but couldn't sleep. She felt surrounded in darkness and there was no amount of praying that could dissolve the feeling. Was her soul being taken? Was Henry's? There were sinister plots in the background and she had to ensure her position for her daughters sake. Her daughter would be Queen Mary I of England, it was her destiny and nothing would stop Katherine from protecting her daughters birthright.

Down the hall Henry paced back and forth. Who was that woman? Why did she look so familiar? He had to know who she was, he had to have her. He went to bed with dreams of this mystery woman, plotting how to get close to her.

The next few weeks Katerina kept a low profile, she didn't know if the first encounter with the King would convince him to court her or not. Ursula was growing her vervain to provide to court and was searching for a way to make her eyes appear the blue of Anne's so she wouldn't have to compel people anymore. If she wanted to become Queen it will put her in the public eye and she needs to trust no one in the castle could become a spy for Klaus. She began to keep a detailed journal of everyone who frequented court and waited for an opportunity to see the King again.

The opportunity came just in time. Katerina was walking back to her rooms to read until dinner and continue to plot. When she walked passed the throne room she looked to see Henry on his throne alone, she smiled sweetly at him and continued walking. He followed like a lost puppy and Katerina knew she had him. She turned the corner and waited for him. He rushed to follow her and found her leaning against the wall reading. Adjusting his top he strode over to her.

"I was beginning to wonder if you were real, I don't even know your name." Henry smiled.

"Anne, Anne Boleyn your grace," she said bowing and putting her book at her side.

"Anne," he cooed, "I've never had a name drip so sweetly off my tongue." He closed the gap between them and began to push her towards the wall, "I can think of nothing but you m'lady, since that night. What can I do to have you as my own?"

"Seduce me," she whispered lightly kissing him, "seduce me with your words"

She pulled herself off the wall, curtsied and turned to leave. She strutted down the hallway and turned the corner. She heard him following so once she turned the corner she used her vampire speed to get out of sight. She wanted to leave him with the sense of mystery he was feeling before. If he could think nothing of her after their first encounter, this one will drive him straight where she wants him.

That night she went to see Ursula and tell her of this development.

"I feel I should be jealous but I am more concerned douce. This plan of yours is reckless. What if Klaus kills the entire court to get to you?" she asked.

"He won't." Katerina said firmly.

"How do you know? They say he is a monster." Ursula whispered wrapping her arms around Katerina.

"A monster? Absolutely. Stupid? No, he has been alive much too long to expose himself. When he arrives, I will have fair warning and the opportunity to escape." Katerina said annoyed that Ursula is asking so many questions, "besides I didn't come to be questioned. I came to enjoy your company before retiring to my family home."

"Your family home?" Ursula raised her eyebrows as she asked.

"Anne's, same difference now. I have grasped his attention and he thinks he has me in the palm of his hand. With me leaving so suddenly it will push him to court me, I may have also compelled him a little." she responded.

"Katerina!" Ursula gasped, "how could you be so reckless? Controlling a King WILL expose you. At the very least they will call you a witch and burn you at the stake."

"All I did was tell him to write me. As soon as your vervain supply is stocked I will start having the cook put in all the food. I will compel him to do it and forget why he is doing it, then he will start taking it as well and the castle will be secure. And in small doses in food, I can hide the burning sensation it gives me." she stood up and pushed Ursula on the bed, "now will you stop talking. We have better uses for your mouth."

They both smiled and spent well into the night together. The next day Katerina made a show of her leaving after telling the Queen her father requests her presence at home, when the Queen approved her leave she made sure to leave when Henry would see. He watched her carriage and she looked back and smiled at him.

When she arrived at Hever Castle, her father was waiting and oddly smiling. She figured he'd be upset when she left court with asking him first, then she saw the letter in his and realized Henry had sent a letter to arrive before her when he realized she was leaving.

"I see you caught the King's attention. I am very surprised given Mary lost his attention and he never wrote to her. He also sent a gift, what did you do?" Thomas asked.

"Nothing, he saw me at a dance and has taken with me." Katerina replied as innocently as possible.

"Let's hope you can keep his attention longer than your sister did." he smiled, pivoting with his arm out to let her inside the home. Once in her room she read the steamy, romantic letter the King had clearly handwritten. She had him right where she wanted him. She smiled and grabbed a quill and returned his gift, saying she was unworthy of such a gift.

She smiled when three days later there was another letter and gift. She again returned it with claims that she is unworthy of the affection the grand King was showing her. A week later Henry was at her family's door. He was let in and shown to Anne's room, but Katerina met him in the hallway. When she saw him she curtsied.

"M'lady I have come to ask you a question. I must have you, to be able to call you mine. Will you become my official mistress?" Henry looked desperate.

"Oh…" Katerina responded. She knew this was coming and had decided exactly how to handle it. Henry liked a chase and she'd give him one.

"What is wrong? Are you not pleased?" Henry asked desperately.

"What have I done to have you offend me in such a way?" she asked faking a look of hurt.

"I do not understand," Henry looked generally confused. Women were probably lining up for that position but Katerina had higher goals.

"I have already promised my virtue to my husband, your grace. My sister is known as the Great Prostitute and I will not be treated as such." Anne said firmly. The King turned and ran off without another word.

"What have you done?" Thomas said flabbergasted sprinting up the stairs.

"You wanted me to keep him longer than Mary, correct? Our King is a man of sport and I plan to give him a game he'll never forget." With that Katerina pivoted and walked back into Anne's room.

It took almost a month. Katerina was about to head back to court with how impatient she was getting. Perhaps she did drive him away. Then he came back, this time he waited downstairs for her and asked if they could go for a walk. They began to walk around the family grounds making small talk at first, and eventually they were discussing theology,his childhood, and the struggles of the crown. She was amazed by how easy it was to converse with him, but she could tell something was on his mind.

"Your majesty, may I ask what is troubling you?" Katerina looked diligently at him.

"Henry, please. I have a question to ask the most brilliant and beautiful woman I have ever met but I am scared of her answer."

"You? Scared? I can't believe anything frightens you." Katerina smiled.

"You do Anne, my desire for you. I have been speaking with my counselors and I am going to try to annul my marriage to Katherine on the grounds that we should've never married. She was my brothers wife making our marriage one of sins, therefore unlawful," Henry sighed

"Why would you do such a thing?" Katerina asked concerned.

"For you," he turned and dropped to one knee, "Anne Boleyn, will you marry me?"

"I..yes Henry, I will marry you," he stood up and cupped her face before kissing her hard.