Chapter 5 Riding the Wave

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Naruto Uzumaki had certainly been enjoying his last few days in the Land of Waves. His mornings were spent torturing… I mean training his teammate Sasuke Uchiha to help him awaken his sharingan. After a small break to check the field where the herbs were found, it was mission time and he sent thirty of his shadow clones to help build the bridge while the real one stayed at home to guard Tsunami and Inari. Of course he volunteered for that in order to seduce Tsunami but he wasn't going to say that.

The first day of guard duty was a failure due to Inari getting in the way. Needless to say he took it out on Sasuke the next morning and he was pleasantly surprised when he noticed the sharingan awaken just as he knocked his teammate out.

The second day wasn't as boring since Inari spent the day helping out around the village, which left Naruto alone with Tsunami as he wanted all along. Naruto took full advantage of this time by using the Temptation's Touch to get Tsunami interested and was pleasantly surprised when she instantly kissed him. Unbeknownst to Naruto, Tsunami overheard Naruto's conversation with Kakashi about his lack of sex recently and thought of her own dry spell. Needless to say he spent the rest of the day screwing Tsunami around the house and he barely managed to clean everything up by the time the rest of his teammates returned. Unfortunately, Naruto's other objective hadn't been obtained yet and he was pretty sure Zabuza would be fully restored to strength the next day which meant he'd have only one girl out of this trip. Naruto was currently relaxing in the field since Sasuke got a day off from his training and he wasn't pleased. "What a drag, Zabuza will be ready tomorrow and I still haven't gotten a chance to see her." Naruto groaned annoyed that his plan had failed.

"I wonder who you're talking about Mr. Ninja?" a voice said softly out of nowhere. Naruto looked behind him and couldn't believe his eyes. It was a beautiful girl with long black hair pale skin and large dark-brown eyes. She was wearing a pink sleeveless kimono with pale red edges and plum colored swirls and a white Obi along with light brown sandals. It was the ninja that worked with Zabuza and she decided to show her face this time.

"Okay that's just unfair. I knew you were a girl but why do you have to be so freaking hot." Naruto groaned as he turned to face his until now unnamed foe.

"I'm surprised you figured out that I was a girl so easily? My choker hides my neck and because I'm around Zabuza so much, I smell like blood." The ninja admitted. The fact she didn't bring up the tracker part Naruto found slightly amusing.

"Oh yeah the scent of blood is unmistakable but you also can't mistake your female scent. I have an incredibly good sense of smell and I realized that when we were relaxing in that clearing. Today simply confirmed what I suspected all along" Naruto smirked.

The ninja couldn't help but blush but smiled a bit, "Then I guess I was right to be so cautious the last few days. I've had to wait till much later to get the herbs I needed to heal Zabuza because of you guys spending so much time here." The ninja teased.

"When did you realize we were waiting here for you?" Naruto smirked. He was annoyed that his plan was so obvious but considering that she was in front of him now he wasn't too angry.

"When you let me go that first day I was suspicious of you and I did notice you siting there once you arrived. I've been a missing nin with Zabuza for almost eight years. Do you honestly believe that you aren't the first ninja that Zabuza and I have encountered on our journey? Or that I have a few tricks that allow me to stay hidden" The ninja revealed.

Naruto was shocked by most of what she said but one thing in particular stood out. "Wait a minute? You've been with Zabuza for eight years. You're not much older than me." Naruto exclaimed in disbelief. Naruto was 12 and based on his estimate the ninja in front of him was no older than sixteen. That meant that she was with Zabuza for half of her life.

"Let's just say my life growing up wasn't very easy" the ninja said calmly as she began to explain her past. Naruto learned that her name was Haku and that she grew up just outside the Hidden Mist Village. She and her family lived in peace until her dad found out that she had an ice bloodline and freaked out. Naruto then learned of the bloodline purges and the civil war and her mentor's role in both. He learned that much like him, Haku lived alone and had to fight for everything until Zabuza saved her. He actually had a bit of respect for Zabuza for that but it was a strange situation indeed. Haku also learned his name was Naruto Uzumaki and while she was shocked by his name she didn't ask anything else.

"Wow Haku I don't know what to say." Naruto replied. He had it rough but she… she had it far worse.

"Don't worry about it. I've accepted my past and I'm just trying to move forward." Haku said calmly before getting up to leave.

Even though they were enemies Naruto felt guilty not warning her about his suspicions, "You do realize that there's no way in hell Gato is gonna let you guys live right?" Naruto said sternly. It was only fair that he told her his concerns. She could've easily killed him if she wanted to but she held back. Plus she didn't have to reveal herself to him.

"You forget that Zabuza and I can kill him easily." Haku scoffed.

Naruto was well aware that Haku and Zabuza would be fine but he felt like he had to get his two cents in. "Well yeah if you guys are at full strength he doesn't stand a chance. However, what happens if he ambushes you guys." Naruto warned.

Haku paused to think about what he said and came to a shocking realization, "In other words"

"Uh-huh. He's probably gonna wait until after you guys fight us and ambush the whole group with some of his goons. Then he can kill the bridge builder not pay anybody and maybe get some slaves in the process." Naruto explained. It was actually a pretty brilliant idea in a backwards kind of way.

"What makes you so sure he'd do that?" Haku said nervously. She wasn't surprised at the idea but by his certainty that he would do it.

"Ask yourself this. He's gonna pay you guys a whole lot of money to kill a man and he knows that you've failed once already. Why in the world would he keep you guys around?" Naruto replied.

What Naruto said certainly had merit but there was no reason for him to tell her his thoughts. "Let's say you're right. What good does that do you to tell me that?" Haku wondered curiously.

"Because this place needs that bridge. You've no doubt seen what Gato has done and I'm sure as somebody who's been through what you have that you can't let things stay like this." Naruto replied. He wasn't gonna say that it was because he wanted to fuck her senseless but that certainly played a role.

Haku couldn't help but groan since he was right. In the few walks she's had in the village she was disgusted by what she saw. "So let's say you're right. What would you have us do?"

"Easy. You come to the battle like normal but we only pretend to fight. Then when Gato arrives we kick the crap out of him. Kill him and steal all of his money to give to Wave." Naruto smirked.

"I see" Haku smiled since it was an idea her master would appreciate.

"Yep. So what say you Haku" Naruto smirked.

"I say deal" Haku smirked as she came up to Naruto and shocked him by planting a small kiss on his lips. It was a short kiss but for Naruto it definitely caught him off guard.

"What was that for… not that I'm complaining." Naruto said with a slight shock. After hearing about her past Naruto felt bad for his plan to seduce her. He was going to let her go until the kiss but clearly that changed.

"I noticed the look of lust on your face the minute you looked at me today and I figured I'd give you a reward for the warning about Gato." Haku smirked causing Naruto's pants to tighten a bit. Now he was the one who recognized the look of lust on somebody's face.

"Sounds good to me. So how long till Zabuza's gonna need you?" Naruto smirked. He may have felt bad for his original plan but since he was getting laid he wasn't going to complain.

"Hmm I've got about 30 minutes." Haku smirked back. Oh yeah, Naruto knew that he could have some fun.

"Then let's make them count" Naruto smirked knowing that he had more than enough time to enjoy his latest catch.


Naruto made his way over to Haku and planted a soft kiss on her lips wanting to get things started, Naruto figured that he could take it easy but he was pleasantly surprised when Haku wrapped her arms around him and kissed back passionately. The two engaged in a fierce makeout session and it was unclear who would win the clash of tongues at first and both loved it. A minute later the two pulled back needing air and Naruto was surprised that she had endured that. "Well damn I didn't expect that. I figured that you spent so much time acting like a man that you would submit pretty easily." Naruto teased.

Haku chuckled a little bit at the reply since she expected it, "When I turned 12 Zabuza, decided to leave me with a 'friend' of his for a month in order to do a mission." Naruto knew that the 'friend' was likely a prostitute he met on his journey.

"So that friend taught you all the stuff Zabuza didn't want to have to explain since you were hitting puberty." Naruto smirked.

Haku smiled back since he clearly figured out what was going on. "Exactly and if you don't mind I'd like to show you how well she trained me." Haku teased. Naruto looked on as Haku stripped down to her ice blue panties and wrapped breasts.

'It's official Haku is already the third hottest girl that I know.' Naruto smirked. Only Hinata and one of his secret flings had better bodies then Haku and that was WITH her breasts still tied together. "I'm surprised you're keeping your breasts wrapped up." Naruto smirked wanting to see just what she had to offer

"That's because you aren't naked too. It wouldn't be fair if I was the only one naked" Haku teased.

Naruto smirked as he began to strip himself. This time it was Haku's turn to be surprised since Naruto was extremely fit and she hadn't seen anybody outside of Zabuza as fit as Naruto was. The biggest surprise was that he was soft but still 7 inches, "Give me one second and we can really get started" Naruto smirked as he created a single clothed Shadow clone.

"Clones already. What you can't handle me on your own" Haku taunted.

"You wish. The clones are so you don't try to steal my stuff after we're done" Naruto retorted.

"Ever the cautious one aren't we." Haku smirked as she slipped off her ice blue panties and then began to undo her bindings. When she was done Naruto was something that he almost never thought possible. Speechless. Turns out Haku had large D cup borderline E cup breasts that rivaled those of Hinata.

'Holy fuck. She's definitely a solid number 2.' Naruto thought to himself. Seeing big breasts on a shorter girl like Hinata was one thing but when a taller girl had them it was amazing.

"Speechless I see. Well at least little Naruto knows what he wants" Haku smirked since Naruto had gone from a soft 7 inches to a rock hard 11. The ice warrior walked up to a still stunned Naruto and began stroking his hardened member.

"Oh… yeah that's good" Naruto moaned happily as Haku's ministrations continued. It caught him off guard but he wasn't about to turn it down.

"If I didn't know any better I'd say you were a masochist Naruto" Haku teased as she continued to stroke his length.

"Not at all. I'm just letting you do what you want since you're so good" Naruto deadpanned.

"Then let's both get what we want" Haku smirked as she pushed Naruto to the floor before straddling his face.

"Sixty-nine very nice" Naruto said happily.

"This isn't your first time with a girl is it. You're far too calm for a virgin" Haku smirked as she leaned down and engulfed Naruto's length with her mouth making it halfway without any issues.

"No it's not but, holy fuck you're good" Naruto groaned in happiness. Only one girl had ever done this well but Haku was a close second.

"Thank you but don't forget about my pleasure Naruto" Haku teased reaching her fingers back and spreading her pussy for him.

"Don't say I didn't' warn you" Naruto smirked before sticking his tongue into Haku's slightly wet snatch eliciting a moan from the ice user.

"Not bad. Though you're gonna need to do way better than that if you're gonna get me off" Haku teased making Naruto shudder.

Naruto was slightly annoyed by the taunt and decided to up the ante. "You asked for it Haku" Naruto smirked as he began to play with her snatch much more ferociously. The next five minutes were spent with Naruto and Haku engaging in a clash of wills via the sixty-nine each trying to bring the other to orgasm and each struggling with the other skills.

"You're pretty good Naruto. I didn't expect nghh that anybody could make me feel this good" Haku moaned as she took a second to stop her ministrations.

"Considering that you haven't cum yet I'm not sure how to feel about that." Naruto said bashfully not expecting the praise.

"I'm pretty close actually." Haku smirked since she was nearing her limit.

"Same here" Naruto smirked. A few minutes of teasing later and both teens reached their limit. Naruto sent a rope of cum inside Haku's mouth with Haku sending her juices into Naruto; both teens enjoying the pleasures of the flesh in their own way. The teens both took a second to relax from the orgasm and it was clear that both wanted to do this again and would do anything possible to ensure that happens.

"I'll be on top" Haku smirked happily knowing that this was nearly the end of their tryst. The fact that Naruto's teammates hadn't arrived was a surprise but then she noticed the seal that the clone had placed on the ground.

"Sure I'm a little tired anyway" Naruto replied nonchalantly. It was almost as though he was being seduced for once and he enjoyed it.

"Then let's get started." Haku smirked as she straddled Naruto and with no hesitation dropped onto his length in an instant breaking through where her hymen would've been had she not lost it to the women who trained her.

"Damn your tight" Naruto growled as he felt Haku squeeze him like a vice.

"Zabuza's friend trained me to be an expert seductress and made sure that my hymen was long gone in order to ensure that I could enjoy myself whenever I wanted. You'd be surprised to know this is my first time" Haku smirked. Zabuza may not realize it but she could seduce nearly anybody.

"Well, she did great job. I would've never guessed you were a virgin from your skill" Naruto replied happily. This was going to be one of the more intense sessions he's had with any of his girls and he loved it.

"Glad to hear it and you're pretty big as well." Haku smirked as she began moving quickly not bothered at all by naruto's length and girth. As the young woman moved up and down, both parties moaned happily at the connection and the feelings it was generating.

"Dammit Haku you're squeezing me like a vice." Naruto moaned happily as he allowed Haku to move without his resistance.

"Thank you Naruto and your length is certainly making me feel good. Haku replied happily. The two of them kept at it for five minutes at which point, Naruto grew tired of letting Haku have her way. He didn't want this to be a one-time fling so he had to make his mark.

"Alright Haku it's time for me to do the work" Naruto smirked as he grabbed Haku's hips and flipped her onto the ground.

"Go ahead. Seems I'm the one worn out this time" Haku said with a smile on her face.

"You'll regret that" Naruto replied as he slammed into Haku and began moving at an incredibly speed.

"Oh my god" Haku cried out not expecting that Naruto would be as talented as he was. All of her sweet spots were being hit at once and the amount of pleasure she felt far surpassed anything her teacher taught her.

"Yeah I thought you'd like that" Naruto smirked as he leaned down and started sucking Haku's nipples as he hammered her body.

"YES!" Haku cried out at the new sensation cumming after only a minute.

"Somebody was more excited than she wanted to admit" Naruto smirked having recognized the tell-tail sign of Haku's release.

"Oh shut up and cum inside me already. This is a safe day so you'd better make it worth it" Haku pouted. The fact she came so easily annoyed her on some level and it felt like a failure with her training

"As you wish" Naruto smirked since he was running out of time. Naruto hammered Haku for the next few minutes until he reached his limit knowing that he had definitely left his mark on yet another girl.

"YES!" Haku shouted as she felt Naruto fill her womb to the brim.

"Glad you liked it" Naruto smirked as he pulled Haku up to him and they engaged in one more makeout session with their bodies still connected.


After getting dressed both teens stood in the middle of the forest wondering what's next. "So now what" Naruto said calmly. He didn't know what to do now that he got the girl he desired.

"Well I'll tell Zabuza about your theory and if he agrees then everything is fine." Haku smiled.

"Oh yeah… do you mind not telling Zabuza that we had sex." Naruto said nervously.

"Why" Haku wondered with her innocent smile. She found it funny that he was worrying about Zabuza after the fact but they were both teenagers.

"The guy is one of the Seven Swordsman of the mist. I kinda wanna live." Naruto replied sheepishly. With Kakashi's help he could fight Zabuza but alone he would have a hard time beating him. Well unless he used Kurama's power but he didn't want to do that.

"Zabuza is very familiar with sex so he'll know for sure." Haku replied with a smile knowing how Naruto would take it

"Lovely" Naruto deadpanned.

"But he won't kill you. Maim you a bit but not kill." Haku explained hoping that would help.

"That's not helping" Naruto deadpanned.

"Well goodbye Naruto. This was fun" Haku smirked as she walked away with a swing on her hips that almost made him want another round.

"That girl is something else" Naruto smirked.

"One day all of your womanizing is going to get you killed." the Kyuubi joked.

"Yeah but hopefully not today." Naruto replied. Now he had to deal with explaining what happened to Kakashi and the rest of his team.

(Scene Skip)

"So let me get this straight. You want us to work WITH Zabuza and his partner in order to kill Gato take his money and give it all to wave." Kakashi said in shock. When everybody returned from the bridge Naruto mentioned that he had a plan and Kakashi brought the team together for a private discussion.

"Uh huh" Naruto replied. He did leave out the part about him seducing Haku. Kakashi would figure it out but he didn't need to tell Sakura and Sasuke.

"What makes you think he'll go along with it, Zabuza I mean?" Kakashi wondered. There was no doubt in his mind that Naruto had seduced the ninja with him but getting Zabuza himself to agree, that was another story. He was naturally cautious and whether or not he would go for the plan was another story.

"Because this way he doesn't risk his life or his partners and he still gets his money." Naruto explained calmly.

"I see" Kakashi replied. Kakashi had to admit that it was a clever plan and one Zabuza would appreciate as a missing nin.

"Does that mean all of our training was for nothing?" Sakura groaned.

"Hardly, You were going to need chakra control in due time anyway and Sasuke got his sharingan. This mission couldn't have gone any better if it was planned out that way." Kakashi smirked. The truth is that Kakashi knew the old man was lying from the start. He was an ex ANBU and Tazuna was a terrible liar. The mission's true purpose was to advance Sasuke and Sakura and give Naruto a chance to stretch his wings and slowly reveal his real power to his teammates. The fact that Sasuke gained the Sharingan was a bonus and one Lord Hokage would definitely approve of.

"Well then I guess we can just relax till dinner" Sakura said calmly as she got up to leave.

"Sounds good to me" Sasuke replied calmly as he followed them. He was suspicious of something else but under the circumstances he wasn't about to complain. Once the door was closed Kakashi and Naruto were left alone.

"I was wondering how long it would take you to seduce her." Kakashi smirked knowing what his student was up to.

"Hey it's not my fault. She figured out what we were up to." Naruto protested. It really was annoying

"So how pretty we talking?" Kakashi wondered.

"Puts most of my girls to shame" Naruto said shamelessly.

"I see" Kakashi replied. He did a mental count of the girls he believed Naruto was with and had to admit that he was impressed. Of course he wouldn't say that out loud.

"We'll talk later Kakashi sensei" Naruto smirked. Tomorrow was certainly going to be fun and Naruto knew it.

(Scene Skip)

Naruto Kakashi Sakura and Sasuke were relaxing at the bridge knowing that Zabuza was on his way. As proof of how seriously the group was taking things Naruto had his sword already by his side ready to go. "Here we go" Naruto said with a smile. He was looking forward to killing the bandits and this was definitely gonna be fun.

"Well isn't this a surprise. I didn't expect you'd have a sword brat" Zabuza smirked as he appeared with Haku by his side.

"Yeah I don't often use it but I have it for a rainy day" Naruto smirked.

"I can see that. By the way Haku here told me about your plan and I like it. Sneaky as hell and worthy of a seasoned shinobi" Zabuza smiled.

"Is that all Haku told you?" Naruto said nervously since despite Haku's mask being off only Naruto and Kakashi knew about her real gender.

"We're working together kid. That's all you need to know." Zabuza answered.

Kakashi smiled since it meant that Zabuza wasn't going to kill Naruto… at least not yet, and it meant they had some time to kill "So now that we're all allies is there anything you guys want to know about us or vice versa."

"I wouldn't mind asking Zabuza something?" Naruto said calmly. Something about Haku's story bothered him and this morning he asked Kakashi to get a look at his old bingo book. He wanted to figure out something and the book was the only way he could learn the truth

"What's that brat?" Zabuza asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Well I got a look at your file in the bingo book and something doesn't make sense. You were one of the Mist Villages elite warriors and despite the bloodline purges you stuck around for a long time. What in the world made you want to become a missing ninja all of the sudden" Naruto wondered. It didn't add up to him and he wanted answers.

Zabuza smiled since the kid was clearly smart, "If you must know I left because of the 4th Mizukage Yagura and his unique situation."

"Oh" Kakashi replied. It seems Naruto had hit the proverbial jackpot on Zabuza. In truth Kakashi was just as surprised as he was when he heard the news.

Zabuza looked at Haku and the ninja calmly before beginning to speak, "Have you ever heard of the term jinchuriki?" Zabuza wondered.

"I know the term but you should explain it to my students." Kakashi said calmly. If what Zabuza was saying was right then this was huge.

"It refers to one of the holders of nine legendary beasts known as the bijuu. They're chakra monsters of the highest level. The one tailed beast is rumored to have more chakra then the Seven Swordsman combined and there are 9 of them. They go from one tail to nine and seeing one on the battlefield would mean death. Your village should know all about the power of the nine tails." Zabuza said calmly.

"What about them" Naruto said nervously. He obviously knew about them because of Kurama but didn't want to tell the group his secret just yet.

"Yagura was the holder of the 3 tailed turtle known as the Sanbi. He was also one of my best friends and despite everything he did I stood by him." Zabuza said solemnly.

"So he held Isobu huh" Kurama replied calmly.

"So what changed" Kakashi wondered nervously. This was heading down a bad path and he didn't like it.

"One day I entered his office and noticed that Yagura was talking with a man with an orange mask with a single eyehole and long jacket. Clearly he wasn't expecting me because the man vanished leaving me and Yagura alone.

'It couldn't be' Kakashi thought nervously. Thanks to the third's reports he knew some of the details of the night his teacher died and remembered mention of a man with an orange mask. Now it appeared that the man behind it had done other nasty deeds before turning his attention to the Leaf.

"When I tried to ask Yagura about him he freaked out and had an ANBU attack me. The weird part is that his eyes briefly went red kinda like your sharingan Kakashi.

"No way" Kakashi exclaimed.

"IMPOSSIBLE" Sasuke shouted as well.

"Ahh that's right your student is an Uchiha. Well that's another matter for another day" Zabuza smirked. "The reason I left is because I realized that Yagura was being controlled by the masked man and if I stayed I was going to die eventually."

"You left the village because you wanted to find out more about the man who controlled your friend." Kakashi replied. On some level he understood that.

"That's right. I ran into Haku here at a town not far from the Mist and we've been together ever since. It was a tough life but we've managed so far." Zabuza said solemnly for once looking like a defeated man instead of the proud swordsman.

"If you don't mind my asking, why didn't you use that sword in your first battle with Zabuza?" Haku asked calmly.

"Haku's right about that. If you're really able to wield Red Fury then you're something special kid." Zabuza said calmly.

"How did you know it was called Red Fury" Naruto said nervously. Only a few people should've known about that.

"Because back when I WAS part of Kiri its owner was almost as famous as the Yellow Flash. What's your full name kid" Zabuza wondered.

Naruto smiled since this was his chance to further ensure he didn't maim him for sleeping with Haku. "My full name is Naruto Uzumaki and I've always wondered about my mom's life as a ninja." Naruto revealed.

Zabuza was stunned for a moment but you could hear the amusement in his voice, "Well I'll be damned. So the Yellow Flash and the Red Habanero finally hooked up."

"Hold on, how did you know that his dad was the Fourth Hokage?" Sakura protested.

"Girlie, anybody who knew about the Red Habanero knew about her feelings for the Fourth. They were considered a power couple to almost everybody. I shed a tear when I heard they died from the foxes attack and I wasn't the only one." Zabuza revealed much to Naruto's shock.

"I see" Sakura replied calmly.

"So do you wanna know the real reason that blade is called the Red Fury."

"I thought it just sounded cool." Naruto shrugged. Admittedly he never practiced much with the blade since he didn't have a teacher and thus far he hadn't learned anything. In fact the only person who was aware of the sword was Tenten and that was by pure accident. Their conversation that night wasn't a pleasant one, though the angry sex afterwards was.

"Well the name is cool, but it's because Kushina used it to channel the power of the fox during her battles. I heard about her using a weird power with her blade and once my comrade explained it, I figured the rest out naturally."

"WHAT!" Naruto and the rest of the group exclaimed.

"I never knew Lady Kushina's sword could do that." Kakashi exclaimed. He was the one who gave Naruto the sword and if Naruto could use that power he would become a major threat.

"Unless you knew what a jinchuriiki's chakra looked like you wouldn't know. Only reason I knew is because I saw Yagura use it so many times as a kid."

"Okay okay enough talk about how cool Naruto is" Sasuke growled getting jealous.

"Aww is the baby Uchiha getting upset." Zabuza taunted hoping to get a rise out of Sasuke.

"Why you!" Sasuke growled before Naruto stopped him in his tracks.

"This guy gives Kakashi sensei problems. You're no match for him Sasuke." Naruto said coldly as he stared at his teammate.

"Fine" Sasuke pouted.

"Ha, you've got a good head on your shoulders kid." Zabuza joked. "Why don't I give you a lesson on that sword of yours? We've got a little while longer and I'm bored."

"Sounds good" Naruto smirked as he created a few shadow clones in order to maximize the time.

'Didn't see this coming. He's somehow appealed to the human side of the demon of the hidden mist. Maybe we can get even more out of this day then I thought' Kakashi thought to himself.

(Scene Skip)

Ten minutes passed and Naruto had learned a whole lot about his blade from Zabuza. Interestingly enough Naruto hid the fact he was the new host of the fox hoping to have one trump card he could hide but other than that the two had bonded including a private chat about his intentions for Haku. The two would've spoken more but one of the clones Naruto sent to watch the path to the bridge dispelled meaning that Gato was on his way. "So how do you guys wanna do this" Naruto smirked.

"You said there was something like 50 men right?" Zabuza smirked.

"Uh huh. Let me guess free for all slaughter fest." Naruto smirked as he pulled out Red Fury.

"Bingo" Zabuza smirked as he had his sword ready to go.

"Sounds like fun" Sasuke smirked as he got his new sharingan ready. He was still furious about all the Naruto talk and the bandits were perfect cannon fodder.

"Well this is gonna be good" Kakashi smiled getting his sharingan ready as well.

"Uhh what should I do" Sakura said nervously. Sakura wasn't as strong as the others.

"Relax and let the boys have their fun" Haku smiled calmly wanting to relax for a bit. While Zabuza and Naruto were training, Haku revealed her gender to the group and his two teammates realized that Naruto had seduced her much to their annoyance. Sasuke was annoyed because Naruto added yet another girl and Sakura was mad because she still desired her teammate on a small level.

"Okay" Sakura said calmly.

Eventually Gato and his crew arrived through the mist. The look of humor on his face, "So Zabuza did you fail me… yet... again?" Gato said haughtily. The man was it a business suit and coke bottle glasses. Flanking him was a large group of thugs and bandits. Of course the haughty look changed when he realized that Zabuza was unharmed and seemingly going against him.

"Yo asshole, I heard you were going to betray me so I decided to do the same." Zabuza smirked.

"What the hell!" Gato cried out. It was clear that he was in trouble.

"Alright everybody let's go crazy" Naruto smirked as everybody charged. What followed was a slaughter like nothing most of the ninja there had ever seen. Gato's men were systematically destroyed and as Gato looked on in horror Naruto snuck behind him and used a jutsu he picked up from Ino to steal the combination to his safe before going back to the slaughter. Of course Gato himself eventually fell to Zabuza's blade and the battle was over. As Naruto and the group smiled at their victory Inari and a bunch of villagers came by to the join the fight.

"Well that was fun" Kakashi smirked as victory was secured.

(Scene Skip)

With victory secured and Gato firmly out the village the gang took a week to rest before returning to the Leaf Village for a job well done. The real Naruto spent most of the week having sex with Tsunami and Haku back at the bridge builder's house while Zabuza and the rest of his team along with a group of clones built the bridge. Naruto considered it payback for him tricking them in the first place and Kakashi understood it. Zabuza may not have been thrilled with the arrangement but Haku was happy so he didn't complain much. Tazuna was initially furious but realized that her daughter and grandson hadn't been happier in a long time. Sasuke didn't really care while Sakura was furious since she tried to get in on a few sessions herself. Like that a week passed by and the bridge was complete

"Now that the bridge is done I think it needs a name." Kakashi said with a smile as the group stood in front of the now completed Bridge.

"How about the Great Naruto Bridge", Tsunami suggested with a blush.

"I'm okay with that" a beaming Naruto smirked at the suggestion. Kakashi and Zabuza both nodded their approval and it was certainly an amusing situation.

"Feh why not, the kid was the reason that everything seemed to work out." Tazuna groaned in annoyance. He was thrilled that Naruto was leaving but apparently he promised to send a clone by once in a while to reacquaint himself with his daughter and her son.

"Well then let's get going" Kakashi smirked.

"Hey Zabuza what are you gonna do now. Thanks to the money we took from Gato you should be good to go." Naruto wondered. He would've loved having Zabuza as his sword master since he wanted to start using Red Fury more often especially now that he knew he could channel Kurama's chakra with it. Ironically enough he never did mention that he was the fox to Zabuza but he had a feeling that Zabuza knew the answer.

"While you were having your fun with Haku, I sent a letter to the Hidden Mist that said I'd be living in the Leaf Village for now. I figured a new start would help me and Haku out nicely and if they can deal with a crazy ass like you, then they can deal with me."

"And the Mist agreed." Naruto said in shock. He knew how valuable the guy was to the Mist and never imagined that they'd give up on him.

"The mist village gets a trade agreement with the Land of Waves and a few other trinkets including what really happened to the 4th Mizukage as collateral. The new Mizukage agreed to the deal as long as he didn't reveal Mist Village secrets to the Leaf." Kakashi smirked.

"So everybody wins." Naruto smirked.

Exactly" Haku said happily as she kissed Naruto on the cheek. She found out that he had multiple girls waiting for him at home but the fact that she knew that she was among his top didn't hurt. Plus Haku realized that she couldn't sate his tremendous lust by herself.

"Good grief" Zabuza chuckled.

"Anyway let's get going" Naruto said calmly before a new voice called out to him.

"Naruto!" Inari said happily.

"What's up kid" Naruto said happily. Despite how annoying he was at first, Inari grew on him. In many ways he reminded him of a mini him and that made it easier to tolerate his outbursts.

"Thank you for everything" Inari said calmly. The two had developed quite a bond and Inari was going to treasure it for the rest of his days.

Naruto smiled at the young man before calmly replying, "Of course"

As the group left the Land of Waves what was originally thought of as a C rank mission had become so much more.

That's it for Chapter 5 and the Land of Waves arc. Yeah I didn't exactly give you guys a great final battle and this has lacked a lot of major fighting so far but that's going to change pretty soon. During the next chapter Naruto returns home and gets a surprising reward for a mission well done. Things are about to get very fun next chapter and I hope you guys stick around.