Ch. 1

Washington -

Aurelia got the call that her Husband had been murdered by Mayans while out on a protection run for the Charming charter. Shortly after the funeral her mother commited suicide, hung herself in the dining room from the fan. Her daughter Luna was the one to find her, she was 16 and was packing off for college at the time, finding her mother swinging from the ceiling fan broke what strength she had inside her.

She buried her mother with her father and went to college in California after her grieving period, to which she found out her father was not her father, not to far away from her Uncle who lived in Charming and was also a Son. Filip Telford aka Chibs was her Uncle and besides her parents was the only family she truly had anything to do with anyway, whom she often wrote to Chibs at the club and promised to call in when she finished college, Luna was a smart girl, starting college two full years before her peers and finishing faster than most of her class had, she had studied Chemistry and Mechanics along with History which she did well in given her background with the club.

Charming -

By the time she was arriving in charming, she was almost twenty years old, she was tall and slim with bright green eyes and off the shoulder length blonde curls. A roughed up backpack over her Fathers cut as she drove into the yard, receiving some strange looks from the members who were drinking beers outside the club and those inside the garage ahead of her. The cut was all she had left of her father beside his army photo and medals.

"Since when did we patch in chicks old man..?" Jax asked signalling to Clay who had been working on a bike all morning, getting up off the floor by the garage,throwing his fag butt to the side before pocketing his lighter in his signature baggy jeans.

" We dont…" Clay raised an eyebrow looking over his shoulder before putting his tools down. " Must be someone elses Cut, Go find out what she wants Jax...and no flirting.."

Luna had never lacked for confidence and parked her 1990's Harley Davidson Nostalgia opposite the row of bikes by the clubhouse, Not caring how much attention she drew to herself.

Jax approached her, hands in his jeans pockets. " Can I help you Darlin'?" His SAMCRO t-shirt and tattoos made it easy to tell he was a club member, even if the Cut didn't give it away.

She removed her helmet and dismounted her bike, setting the helmet down on the seat. " I'm here to see Filip Telford… is he here..?" she pulled her hair out of the messy bun it had been in, letting her curls cascade down her shoulders.

" He's on his way're more than welcome to wait for him in the clubhouse.." he said eyeing the cut. "Who's Cut you wearin'? " He asked, being able to see it was an old well worn cut, with the odd hole from what he could guess was from a Mac-10.

"My dads… He was gunned down by Mayans in 01.. " she said bitterly, glancing over at Clay who was now watching her and Jax intently.

Jax raised his hands and took a step back. " enough said, Chibs won't be long… Just let them know you're waiting for Chibs..Kay..?" he said motioning to the clubhouse door. " The names Jax by the way.."

" Luna…" She didn't want to get on a name basis with the club after what had happened, she couldn't forgive Clay for sending her father to his death, she still had nightmares of the day she found her mother. All eyes were on her as she walked into the club, she closed the door behind her and dropped her rucksack onto one of the sofas, turning her head to the group of men at the bar. " Jax told me to wait here to see Chibs…"

" And what would a lovely young thing like you be wanting with Chibs..?" Bobby asked while he sipped at his whiskey and shamefully looking her up and down.

" Family business.." She said parking her behind on the sofa and picking up a Harley magazine off the coffee table.

" We're all family here.." Bobby replied, knocking back the last of his drink before half sack refilled the glass.

Bikes could be heard coming into the parking area, Luna headed back outside to see if it was Chibs or not, she waited while they parked and took their helmets off, the scarred face of her uncle was easily spotted amongst the club members. When he turned his head, following Juice's gaze to her he smiled and climbed over the railing to meet her.

Luna closed the gap, tears welling up in her eyes as she embraced her uncle. " Ive missed you uncle.." the tears were free flowing at this point, she didn't care who was around.

"I've missed ya too Darlin' " Chibs said holding her in a tight embrace. "Dont get yourself worked up alright..? Youve got me to keep an eye on you from now on.."he said and wiped her tears away, trying not to make more of a mess of her make up than her tears had already done. "Don't let them see you cry.."

"I'm sorry.." she looked up at him grateful to have her family around her. "I'm planning on staying a while if you're okay with that...there's nothing for me back home.."

"You stay as long as you need to, Jax can settle you into one of the dorms for now" he said before kissing her forehead. " now let's go have a drink.. Now you're old enough to drink it.." he chuckled and led her back inside. " Two glasses lad, Whiskey" perching himself on a chair at the bar and kicking one out for her.

She sat at the bar, only the last time she had sat at this bar was with her father, every emotion was running high but none the less she enjoyed a drink with her uncle, feeling somewhat better for it.

Several glasses of Whiskey later and a major catch up with her uncle, Luna was fairly drunk and in this state was liable to attack Clay if she saw him, thankfully he was too busy dealing with the garage. Chibs only laughed at her drunken state. " Alrighty then young lady, I think you've had enough to drink for one day… such a lightweight just like your father was.." he said as he eased her off the bar stool, being careful as he helped her down off the stool to sit on the sofa.

"You know he wasn't really my father... didn't you?" she said half falling asleep at the bar, she wasn't a messy drunk, just a sleepy one.

Between the long journey to the club, lack of sleep and the amount she had drunk with Chibs, Luna quickly fell asleep on the sofa.

Late afternoon quickly came by as did Gemma and her scrutiny. " Which one left you high and dry?" thinking Luna was just another croweater that had been dumped out of the sofa again.

"Wha..?" Luna was confused, coming out of a drunken sleep. " Which one what…?" putting her hand under herself to try and sit herself up with no avail.

"Ah Gemma…" Chibs wandered out from the back. " That's my Niece… be nice alright.." He chuckled seeing the confusion on Lunas face.

"You never mentioned her before.." Gemma said leaning over Luna to see the family resemblance. " Hmm… you both smell like whiskey… it's a start i suppose" her heels clonked on the floor as she retreated to the kitchen with her shopping bags.

Fitting in at Teller-Morrow wasn't hard for Luna given her lifetime around bikes and the life she hated with a vengeance, but she knew she would need to find work away from the club and friends that would socialise away from the club, like that was ever going to happen!