Jax house was finished and looking just as nice as the other houses on the street,Luna had spent her afternoons weeding the garden and planting new flowers, leaving the grass cutting to Jax. He even let Luna keep Hers and Colin's bikes in the garage, after the drugs episode she couldn't drive for several months as her hands were shaking too much to drive, she still gets the shakes even now but no where near as severe.

With Jax away on a run, Luna made sure there was enough beers in his fridge for when he came home and a fresh pack of smokes. Things were awkward between them for a while after their night together but their back to being friends, laughing and joking around like usual.

When Luna arrived at work just after lunchtime she was already feeling tired from the wall but felt better for having the exercise. She walked across the studio quietly and hung her jacket up on the wall.

Luann came up and hugged Luna gently. " You feeling any better now?" she asked as Luna had been violently sick for the last few days.

" Much better now thanks Luann" she said with a glowing smile.

Luann smiled and could tell even now that Luna was pregnant, when Luna started she could always see the tips of her hip bones above her jeans, which now she couldn't and was slightly rounded, it also wasn't hard to tell that her breasts looked at least a size bigger than usual. " When were you going to tell me?"

Luna looked at Luann confused, unable to think of what she might be referring to. " Tell you what?"

" Your pregnant.. the glow in your complexion, your breasts are clearly bigger.." she said softly. " I've been around girls who got pregnant by accident enough to know the look..." she said before hearing her name being called. " I'll be there now!" she shouted towards the voice that called her. " I'll come see you later okay..?" she said before scampering off in her 6 inch red heels clompling as she walked away.

Luna's hand fell on her stomach, she could tell the skin was taught and more bloated than before, she didn't need a test to tell her that what Luann told her was true, especially since she had to wear a sports bra because her usual one didn't fit her, Not that her Monthly was also late which she had assumed stress to be the cause.

Once safely behind the office door she made an appointment to have her apparent

pregnancy conformed and was given one that evening after work, now all she had to do was get through the next 6 hours without panicking.

Luna mostly enjoyed her job except when Ima was complaining, which happened on a weekly basis, but since according to Luann she was the highest seller no one could say anything or even give her a well deserved slap. Jumping from her skin when Lyla came into the office.

" Hey, can I get the store room key?" Lyla asked nicely. "Ima is complaining again.."

" Better get what she wants before she dries up again.." Luna said fishing out the lanyard with they key on for Lyla. The two girls looked at each other trying not to laugh but it didn't work, the two of them laughed, Luna threw the keys towards Lyla who caught them with ease

" Thanks darling see you later!" she said leaving the office and getting back to work.

Luna shook her head, counting down the minutes until she could leave, not getting as much done as she usually would after Luann's announcement , she picked her bag up off the back of her chair, her hands having a moment of shaking. In leaving the office Luna bumped into Luann coming in. "Sorry Luann, i didn't realise you was still here.." he said with the keys in her hand, but saw they were still filming.

"Ima being a drama queen set us back an hour so don't worry about locking up, i'll take care of it.." she didn't look happy to be set back but they either get it right or they lose money.

"No problem, is it alright if i go..? I've got an appointment…" Luna said quietly, not wanting to make her situation public if she could help it, Luann nodded understanding what she was saying. "Thank you.." Luna gave her a hug before heading out.

Jax had gone straight to cara cara when he got back to charming, to find Luna had already left. "Where is she Luann..I sent her a message saying I would drive her home.."

"She had an appointment at the hospital, she didn't say what it was for.." Luann turned back to filming, trying to get the scene right before it got dark.

Jax worried what it could have been for, as when he left Luna was really ill, being violently sick, he hoped nothing was wrong. He got back on his bike and drove to the hospital as quick as he could safely.

Luna saw her doctor immediately and he set up the ultrasound machine, putting the jelly on her stomach before he found the baby, Luna looked at the screen is disbelief at the little life growing inside her, the doctor confirmed that she was roughly eight to nine weeks pregnant, which made the baby Jax Tellers, she didnt know which part was more frightening, becoming a mother or telling the father.

Jax was waiting outside the door when Luna came out, she put the picture in her bag as she was coming out the door and wrapping her cardigan around herself.

"Luna.." Jax stood. "Is everything alright..? Luann said you had an appointment… are you not better from the other day?"

"I'm alright jax, better than I was when you left.." she said faintly, feeling exhausted, "You went to cara cara looking for me..?"

"You didn't see my message?..i said i would come get you" he smiled. "Aslong as your okay though, I'll still drive you back though, if that's alright..?" He said shoving his hands in his pockets.

"Thank you Jax, I would love a ride home, I'm sick of walking everywhere now.." she said putting her bag over her shoulder. Telling him was terrifying her more than having the baby, she didn't know how he would take the news especially since they slept together the one night.

Jax lead her from the hospital and to his bike that was parked up at the side of the hospital. " are you sure you're okay..? You're looking a little pale.." he said retrieving his helmet, then the spare he kept in the bags on his bike.

"I just need to rest is all, I haven't eaten anything today, so that would do it.." she was going to have to tell him sooner or later. " maybe over dinner you can tell me how the trip went..?"

"I think i can do that, i'll drop you at mine and i'll go get us some dinner…" he said straddling his beloved bike and handing her the spare helmet.

"Ide like that" she said putting the helmet on, and making sure her hair was out of the way, straddling the seat behind him as the bike started up.

Luna was dropped at Jax's house while he got food, she made herself at home, amazed that Jax had managed to keep the place clean without her being there. Before she realised it Jax was back with burgers, fries and milkshakes which he set out on the table.

"Dinners ready.. Made it all myself" he said jokingly as he pulled the plates from the cupboard.

Luna couldn't help but laugh as she set the table. " Masterchef in the making by any chance..?"

Jax smiled. "If i could cook, I would have made the best meal you have ever tasted, But unfortunately it's not one of my gifts.." he winked at her as he set the plates down.

She blushed as she remembered that night, Images flashing in her brain, the grumble/gurgling sound of her stomach snapping her out of it. " Crap.. " she felt nauseous, sitting down felt better but the urge to dip her fries in her shake was tempting and delicious. ((Seriously love dipping my fries in a strawberry shake at McDonalds))

"Luna..that's disgusting.." He chuckled, the thought of what she was eating was grim. " You having some weird cravings..?" he asked as before taking a bit out of his burger.

" I always dip my fries Jax…. sweet and salty.." She smiled dipping her fry and eating it. "Although it not good for the waistline.."

They both laughed and after dinner Luna started clearing away, making sure everything was tidy, She knew she had to tell Jax but was scared of how he would react so decided that tonight she would leave it.

Stewing on the news while Jax was in the shower, knowing in a few weeks she would start to show, an abortion was out of the question, she was keeping this baby, His baby, her mind wandered to Chibs and how he would react to her being knocked up by a Son. Not very well she assumed. She looked at herself in the mirror, she could see the start, a very faint start of a bump under her camisole, she also noticed that her natural hair colour was coming through and knew she couldn't do anything about it now that she was pregnant.

Jax had gotten out the shower and gone in the kitchen to get a beer when he saw something had fallen out of Lunas bag and onto the floor he picked it up, he turned it over and his jaw dropped, It was an ultrasound photo with Lunas name printed at the top.

When Luna came into the kitchen and saw what Jax was holding, her heart dropped. She leant on the doorframe. "I was going to tell you.."

Jax was even more shocked to hear her speak, he set the picture down on the counter, looking from her to her stomach. " Am I the Father..?"

She took a deep breath before she answered him. "Yes Jackson, You are.."