May 22, 1986.

It was a warm, clear, and sunny afternoon in Hill Valley as Marty McFly was cruising along down the sidewalk on his skateboard after another day of school. He was now on his way to see his good friend, Dr. Emmett Brown and his family, his wife Clara and their two little boys Jules and Verne who they had named after their favorite science fiction writer.

Marty skateboarded up to the Browns house. It was a very nice and large house, if not quite a mansion, it suited Doc's new family very well. Marty got off his skateboard and put it to the side and then pressed onto the doorbell. Then within seconds the door was opened by Doc's beautiful wife, Clara.

"Hello, Marty," she greeted warmly. "It's good to see you again."

"Hello, Clara," said Marty. "Is Doc home, and if so is he very busy?"

"I'll go and see," replied Clara with a smile.

Then she came out of the house and went around to the back of it. A few minutes later she came back to the front alongside Doc, who was wearing headphones and dancing in rhythm to the music he heard in them while his youngest son Verne was riding on his shoulders and his older boy Jules was skipping up to them while holding a remote control that was to a toy car.

Marty smiled on seeing them all. He was so happy for Doc to now have such a happy and loving new family like he had always wanted. He was just glad that he himself still held a special place in the Doc's heart, and why shouldn't he as after all if it hadn't been for him he wouldn't be with them today. Besides, Marty had become fast friends with Jules and Verne who looked to him like he was their big brother.

"Hi, Doc," Marty said with a wave. "Hi, Jules, and Verne."

Doc steadied his dancing and gently set down his seven-year-old son and took off his headphones and said, "Hello, Marty. Is there anything we can do for you now?"

"Well, if you're not too busy, of course," Marty said with a knowing smile towards the two little boys by Doc. "Well, I just got this new assignment in history class. I have to write a ten page essay on the story of King Arthur and also give my opinions on whether or not he had actually existed and what values his story has either way. And I'm to do as much research on the subject as possible, so I was hoping you might be able to provide me with some expert research. Hint, hint."

Doc took the hint at once and gave Marty a beaming smile. "Well, I think that can be arranged, Marty," he said. "And you came at the right time. The Delorean's new functionality has been recharged to run more smoothly and I also made it fire proof and water proof, in case of such emergencies with them."

"Great!" said Marty. "Let's get going!"

"Can we go with you too, please Daddy?" exclaimed Verne very eagerly.

"Yeah, Dad please!" exclaimed Jules anxiously.

"Well, I'm not sure," said Doc a bit skeptically. "I mean, we'll be going back to Medieval times, the Dark Ages. And it's quite dangerous in that period and I wouldn't want you to get into any trouble on my account."

"We won't get into any trouble, Dad," Jules assured Doc. "We just want to meet King Arthur and his knights."

"Well, but we don't even know yet if they had really existed," Marty pointed out.

"Good point," said Doc thoughtfully. "And anyways, the boys are quite big fans of knights and the middle ages. So I suppose if we all just stick close together we'll be alright and won't disrupt the space-time continuum as long as we keep to our own business. So, okay, boys, you can come."

"Yay!" Jules and Verne exclaimed as they both jumped up and down together.

Marty smiled at the two of them. They were both so much like he was at their ages.

Then they all went around to the garage by the house and entered into the Delorean. Doc sat up front while Marty sat beside him and Jules and Verne sat together in the back. They all buckled themselves in and then Doc dialed in the new time line.

"So, we'll go to this same time of year at 586, AD," he said. "I'm sure I don't recall any bad things happening in this year. Now, everyone all set? Okay. Now, all brace yourselves for temporal displacement."

So then Doc backed the Delorean out of the garage and as soon as they were outside they lifted slowly off of the ground and soared higher and higher into the sky until they were higher than the Hill Valley Clock Tower, and then zoomed out into the sky and vanished into the time portal.

They reappeared a moment later in another time and place. They all looked down below them and saw a vast and seemingly endless field far below them. The grass of which seemed much greener and taller than they were familiar with.

"So, are we here, Doc?" asked Marty.

"Yes," said Doc. "This is Medieval England alright."

"Let's land in this field down there," Marty said. "I'm sure no one could ever find the Delorean in it as it's so big."

"Alright," said Doc. "All hold in tight, we're coming in for a landing!"

They landed softly upon the grass in the field. Then they all got out of the car and looked around.

"Okay. So, where should Camelot be now?" asked Marty.

"I estimate it to be about a mile or two away from here somewhere," replied Doc.

"What about King Arthur?" asked Jules. "Do you think we can get to meet him?"

"Well," replied Doc, "I suppose we can if he's real that is."

"Do you think he might be?" asked Verne.

"Well, to be totally honest with you all," replied Doc. "I've never been sure. I mean, when I was growing up I did love hearing the stories about him and his knights as much you do, but still the stories have a lot of magical elements in them like wizards, witches, and dragons, so now as an adult and scientist I just can't say for certain."

Marty was about to reply, when all of a sudden they suddenly heard a thunderous sound of charging hooves beating on the ground that was followed with the sounds many voices of loudly shouting men, and also the sound of someone running very fast before them. They looked to the far left of them and they could just make out the small images of men wearing shiny armor riding on armored horses racing towards them at full speed. A moment later they saw that they were chasing after someone or something that was running out of their way almost as quickly.

"Great Scott!" Doc exclaimed. "Those are knights! And we mustn't let ourselves be seen by them. Not here and now!"

Marty looked around anxiously and spotted a few large boulders laying around nearby them. "Hurry! Let's get behind these rocks!" he exclaimed.

So they all ran behind the boulders and hid themselves from sight. With each passing moment the knights shouting and their horses charging grew louder and louder, until it reached its loudest when they were but a few feet away from where they were hiding. Then all of a sudden the horses stopped and the knights dismounted them with a cry of victory.

They all peeked out from behind the boulders cautiously to see the scene that was taking place. A short distance away from them they saw, sure enough, a large gathering of knights wearing highly polished suits of silvery armor, and all of them had their long swords drawn. They were surrounding someone. And it was someone who looked most unusual to all of them.

It was a short man of about four or five feet tall. He had long pointed ears and long wavy dark blue hair and large and terrified purple eyes and a big round nose. He was wearing a large pointed purple hat like wizard's are seen wearing in pictures, and a matching long purple robe trimmed with gold. He seemed completely helpless against all of the knights who were surrounding him on every side.

Then one of the knights marched forward with his sword and slowly raised it up above his head and made as if readying to strike down upon the elven-like man.

"And now!" the knight said very loudly, "in the name of the great King Arthur-"

The knight got no further, however, for just then Verne suddenly leaped up from behind the boulder and shouted as loud as he could,

"No, don't kill him!"

The knights all looked stunned and stood still as they looked all around in all directions. It was fortunate that Jules was able to grab onto his brother and pull him back down behind the boulder before they looked their way. However, Marty did notice before he also ducked down again, the short man wearing wizard's garb turn on his heel and dart away speedily into a forest that was not too far away so that he was soon out of sight.

"Who spoke?" inquired one of the knights in bewilderment.

"I know not, my friend," said another one. "But now let me just... He is gone! Escaped again!"

All the knights looked utterly horrified as they looked all around and found no trace of their former captive anywhere.

"Oh dear Lord, no!" one knight wailed. "This is a most terrible calamity! A great woe has befallen on us now!"

"I fear you speak the truth, my good comrade," said another knight gravely. "For King Arthur will not be pleased with us for having lost him again. And what is more is that now there could be a terrible curse to befall upon all of Camelot, what with the doers of all of evil magic still at large."

Marty, Doc, and Jules and Verne all listened to the knights with awe and great fear. "Doc," Marty whispered, "I hate to suggest this but I think we have just caused a lot of trouble around here."

"Great Scott!" Doc whispered back. "I fear you are right. We have just disrupted the space-time-continuum... again."

"I'm sorry," whispered Verne very weakly. "I just didn't want them to hurt that elf man."

"Well," said Doc with decision. "What is done now is done now, and so we must try to right what we have wronged. So let us now make ourselves known to these knights."

So then they all stepped cautiously out from behind the boulders and stepped up to the knights. Doc cleared his throat to get their attention, and when the knight turned to see them they all gave them the most peculiar looks as if they were now seeing aliens.

"We do beg your pardons, good sirs," said Doc with a bow. "I am Emmett Lathrop Brown, and these are my sons Jules and Verne, and this is our friend Martin McFly. We are humble wanderers from a land far, far away from here. And we do not know where we are now or our way around to anywhere. So if you good sirs would be so kind to us as to take us to your monarch we would be most obliged to you."

The knights were silent for a moment, and then one of them spoke, "We shall honor your request. You may accompany us back to Camelot and meet our King, the great King Arthur Pendragon."

"So, he really does exist," Marty gasped under his breath.

"We thank you most gratefully, good sirs," Doc said with another bow.

Then they all followed after the knights on their horses all the way to Camelot. Within a short time, they began to see the enormous gray stone castle up ahead of them in the distance, it's flags waving in the light wind on its turrets. It stood out against the wide open space like the very image of a gorgeous painting done by a masterful artist in a museum in Europe. As they drew nearer they heard the sound of trumpeting fanfare announcing the arrival of the knights, and then they paused as the drawbridge was lowered, then they went across it and entered the castle.

Jules and Verne could not hide their excitement and enthusiasm at being in the actual castle of King Arthur in the actual time of his reign. Marty and Doc were also in awe of all of the majesty and splendor all around them as they moved forward into the throne room.

Once there, they found King Arthur himself sitting upon his throne next to his Queen, Guinevere. And to their surprise at first, they saw that King Arthur looked to be no older than Marty, and Guinevere looked a few years younger. But then they remembered that this was the middle ages after all.

Arthur himself was strikingly handsome. He had long blonde hair that fell around his neck and sky blue eyes. He was wearing a rather large golden crown that was inlaid with many gems like blue and red and green stones, most of which were actually different colored diamonds. He was clothed in a long flowing scarlet red royal robe lined with white and trimmed with gold. Guinevere was similarly clothed with a somewhat smaller crown and she had long hair that flowed down her shoulders in thick reddish brown ringlets.

And, in spite of how young they both looked, it did not go unnoticed by the group that they still had the looks of being so much more mature and wise than the people of their age in their own time.

They all kept behind the knights as they stepped forward and got down on their knees and bowed low before the two monarchs on the thrones.

King Arthur smiled a little and said, "You may now rise."

The knights and the visitors slowly rose up. Then one of the knights addressed the King somberly,

"Sire, we bring you the most awful of news now. We were but an inch away from slaying the evil Lord of all of Dark Magic himself, and then we were... interrupted somehow, and he escaped us... again. We are so regretful. Will you please forgive us."

King Arthur looked very much disturbed by this unexpected news. He looked upon his knights and said, "You will be forgiven. Though you all still must continue on your quest to stop this cult of dark magic and treachery from bringing ruination upon Camelot and all the land. If you do not, we all shall be at the mercy of our foes."

"Yes, Sire, of course," said the knight. "And now, may we present to you these new visitors to Camelot. They claim to be foreign wanderers from afar, and might I say they do look so."

Now Doc, Marty, and the boys stepped nervously forward and bowed to the King and Queen.

"We are pleased to make your acquaintances, Your Majesties," Marty said in as courtly a voice as he could muster. "We have heard so much about you and wanted to meet you as we all admire you so."

King Arthur gave a regal smile to them and said, "We hope you will all find your time here to be most enjoyable. If you wish to stay here at the castle you may."

"Oh, thank you, Sire," said Marty gratefully. "We would like to very much."

"Then so it shall be," said King Arthur.

Then he called for his servants to show them all to their chambers. Then once they had all gotten settled into the compartments they met with each other once again privately in Doc's room.

"Well," said Marty, "I do like King Arthur so far. He does seem like a real great guy."

"Yes," said Jules. "But what are we gonna do about what we've done to the space-time continuum now?"

Doc looked very thoughtful. "Well, it does seem to me that the elven wizard, or who or whatever he was, was meant to be slain today as he is the leader of a cult of dark magic that is plotting to take over Camelot. Now that we have assisted him in escaping his demise, we must learn all we can about him and his followers and do all we can to put an end to them."

"Good strategy, Doc," said Marty. "But where do we go to first to learn more?"

"Why, from the expert of all of good magic himself, of course," Doc replied enthusiastically. "I mean, Merlin the Magician himself, of course!"

"Oh yeah!" said Marty. "And I do suppose if there really are bad wizards in this time as we've just found out, there must also be good ones, and if there is a King Arthur there also has to be a Merlin!"

"We will meet with him as soon as we can," Doc said, "And I hope to also be able to have a scientific conversation with him too. As I have a feeling we both could learn much from the other."