A lone figure ran through the dark woods, running further and further into them. The farther he went the darker his surroundings became around him and everything also began to change in appearance as well. The trees turned from straight and full to almost completely bare and gnarled and twisted. The grass turned from green to brown to almost black, and the flowers vanished leaving in their places poisonous shrubs and prickly thistles. The air also changed drastically from clear and serene with the sounds of birds lightly twittering through it to cool and damp and thick with fog and the sounds heard were much more ominous and foreboding as though the trees were whispering in evil and dark voices.

The lone figure continued to run forward through the dark and eerie atmosphere of these woods, and did not stop or even slow down until he at last reached his destination. One of the biggest and darkest trees with the most bare and gnarled branches seen. He paused briefly to catch his breath, and then made a few queer motions with his hands while muttering some incoherent strange words. Then there was a faint yellowish glow in the center of the tree's bark and then a door appeared in it just as the glow dissipated. Then without a moment's hesitation, he pulled the door aside and entered through it and it instantly vanished as he entered into the tree.

Once inside, he climbed down a flight of dark wooden steps, and then came to another door that appeared to be attached to a wall of dirt. He opened this door by hand and then entered into a large room that was dimly lit in the corners and smoke and steam came from various objects in the room such as cauldrons, kettles, candles, and a rickety old stove. The moment he made his presence known, all who were occupying the room turned to look at him, and most with tremendous relief, and a few with indifference.

"I am back again," he said simply. "And I have come again alive... much to my surprise and relief."

"And to my own also, Kronowee," said a very old looking witch with pale greenish skin covered in warts and catlike yellowish eyes and cloaked in dark purple shroud. "I would have thought for certain on this occasion you would never have come back alive after all we've all been through already."

"But nonetheless," quickly added a goblinlike creature with very whitish skin and and a hunched back with huge reddish eyes that seemed to stare as fiercely as fire, "we are as delighted as you are that you have survived once more. After all, you are one of the greatest and most powerful wizards among us all, and not to mention a leader to us; and so none of us would really know how to get by without you with us."

"Yes, I know," said the elven wizard leader known as Kronowee. "And so now I am here again and am pleased to report back to you all here that our mission for triumph shall be fulfilled successfully."

"You always said that," grumbled an old trolllike figure with very dark brownish and lumpy skin and a nose almost half as big as his head. "So what else is new?"

"What is new about it this time," replied Kronowee, "is that I have miraculously escaped from certain death at the hands of the enemies now, and so we will all know to take better caution outside of our own realm here and can spend more time in plotting better strategy against them and our rivals on the other side. And by doing these things we will most certainly succeed at our mission of gaining power over all of humanity."

"Perhaps you are right, my lord," said a younger looking witch with yellowish skin and red hair and orange eyes. "And it is your intelligence, wisdom, and might of power that will keep us moving forward always."

"Tell us though, oh great liege," said a short and plump old hag with a mop of untidy gray hair, "how did you mange to escape again on this occasion?"

"Ah!" said Kronowee. "I had been hoping you would ask such for it gives me much pleasure to tell you how. I had been caught upon by those infernal knights in armor, they took me much by surprise this time and so I had no time to prepare for a defense and could only run from them until I could work up a means of escaping them, but they cornered me helplessly. And just when I was honestly believing that this was to be the end of me, I all of a sudden heard a very strange, and very young voice, with an accent of unknown origins, call out to our enemy to stop and release me, and this they did at once and so I seized my luck and I dashed back the way I had come, and took the shortcut back here and now here I am again, alive and well."

"Oh, what a tremendously good fortune that befell you then!" exclaimed the old hag. "And I do wonder who what strange being this foreign voice that rescued you could have belonged to though."

"A very good question to ask indeed, Mimmie," said Kronowee. "And so I do think we should find out about it right now."

"I couldn't agree more," said the witch with the greenish skin. "So let us go at once to my cauldron which is now ready for looking into as just this morning I had given it a good stirring and filling up."

So then they all gathered close together in the farthest corner in the left end of their room where there was an enormous black iron cauldron that was bubbling and steaming upward heavily. The green-skinned witch stepped forward before all the others and made a rapid motion with her gnarled clawlike hands and cleared away the steam coming up from the cauldron's inside and the bubbling also ceased. She then spread her arms out wide around the cauldron and loudly spoke her command to it as she stared at the surface of it's dark, muddy contents.

"Oh, my powerful cauldron of visions! Show us at once the source of our leader's rescuer!"

Then all at once the dark inside of the cauldron began to glow and then there was a brief flashing of light before the contents of the cauldron turned into clear water that rippled like a disturbed surface of a lake and then the image of their question appeared clearly in the surface as solid and clear as a modern-day photograph would.

"Why, it is but a child!" exclaimed the witch with green skin in great shock and astonishment. "It was a little boy who rescued you from the enemy!"

"Well, it does appear to be so," said Kronowee looking thoughtfully at the image of Verne in the cauldron. "But then I know from experience that great powers can come in the smallest of forms at times. And for all we know he could be a great, powerful otherwordly being who has traveled through time and space for the purpose of rescuing me and thus aiding in our mission of overtaking the world around us."

"A very good point you do make, my lord," said the witch. "So now let us see who or what surrounds him."

She then gave this command into the cauldron's surface, "Spread out, and show us what is surrounding him!"

So then instantly the image of Verne drew back like a video camera would almost, and so they all saw the images of Doc, Marty, and Jules standing around him in their room at King Arthur's castle.

"And now I wonder who these equally strange looking humanlike creatures around him could be?" muttered Kronowee thoughtfully. "In particular, I wonder about the tall and elderly one with the wild eyes and unkempt silvery hair, as he looks almost as though he could be a comrade to Merlin."

Then all at once all the others in the room gasped, winced, and cringed intensely at the sound of this name as though it were a very ugly swear word.

"Why must you mention him for, my lord?" exclaimed the old plump hag. "He is after all our biggest enemy and rival! And, not to mention the world's most powerful bungler of might and magic!"

"I know! I know!" exclaimed Kronowee. "And I do apologize for the offense. But I do still have my suspicions about these native visitors. So let us now hear what they are saying to each other."

So then the green-skin witch looked into the cauldron and gave it this command, "Let us hear what words come forth from these beings!" So then they all heard them.

"Can we go meet Merlin now, Dad?" asked Verne very anxiously. "Can't we please?"

"Well, I suppose we might," said Doc thoughtfully. "Though of course we must first know where he is around here."

"So then we should ask King Arthur where his magician is, shouldn't we?" asked Marty.

"Right," said Doc. "And I just hope he will take the only excuse I can come up with for wanting to meet with so powerful a personage as his court wizard."

So they then all together left the room and entered into the throne room once again where they all bowed before the two young monarchs once again.

"Your chambers are most comfortable, I trust?" inquired King Arthur.

"Oh yes, Your Highness," replied Doc. "Very much so, thanks. And now if it is convenient for you to allow us, we would all very much like to have an audience with your high court wizard Merlin, if we may."

"And why, might I ask, do you make such a request?" inquired King Arthur curiously.

"Because as I said we come from far away from here, and from where I come from I have long been considered an outcast wizard myself, and so I would just like to learn a thing or two from the greatest expert of magic of all time, if I may."

King Arthur seemed to be pondering over Doc's words for a moment and then he replied, "Then you may indeed have your audience with my high court wizard. He is at this time of day in his tower workshop of magic on the West wing from here. You may go to him there now, and I trust you will find him to be a most... interesting personage."

"We thank you most deeply, Your Highness," Doc said with a grateful bow.

Watching this scene from the cauldron, Kronowee said with much satisfaction, "Ah, I knew they were beings of magic from another world! I just knew it!"

The green-skinned witch gave a sniff of disdain and said, "They may well be, but still they seem to be on the side of our enemies! They just said they want to meet with that blundering, bumbling, bluffing, buffoon in blue!"

"Silence, Naniji!" hissed Kronwee. "The small one among them did still save my life, don't forget. And so they could still be on our side, I'm certain. Let's watch more of what they do."

So then they watched as Doc, Marty, Jules, and Verne were escorted by two servants to Merlin's West wing tower workshop of magic. There they found the old wizard himself, and he looked exactly as they all had pictured him with a long flowing silvery white beard and a large conical blue hat and a matching shimmering blue robe adorned with the symbols of stars. They saw him standing over something hidden from their view. All around him they saw what they could only interpret as a medieval science lab of magical items.

Then all of a sudden, Merlin whirled around so suddenly he startled them as he exclaimed, "Aha! So you truly have arrived here... and right on time to be precise!"

They all blinked in surprise at this. Then Doc said, "You mean... you knew we would be coming to see you?"

"Oh yes, indeed," replied Merlin earnestly. "I am after all a powerful soothsayer who can see into the future... at least to a degree. So now, why don't we have seats around here and begin our conversation, shall we?"

And just as Merlin spoke, five chairs magically moved themselves towards them in the middle of the room, as though they were on wheels except they had no wheels. They all sat down and Doc said,

"I must say that it truly is a most esteemed pleasure... and honor to make your acquaintance, Merlin. I have read all about you ever since I had been a little boy. I suppose I must introduce myself, I am.."

"You are Dr. Emmett Lathrop Brown," Merlin supplied for him calmly. "And these two young boys are your sons Jules and Verne named for your favorite writer of your time, and this older one is Martin Mcfly."

They all stared in shock and surprise at Merlin for already knowing who they were for a moment before they quickly remembered how he said he knew about things ahead of time.

"Well," said Doc. "I can see you are true to what you say about knowing things beforehand. And so... I don't suppose that you also already know from when... from where we have come from?"

Merlin smiled and nodded and replied very calmly, "Yes, I do know from where and when you have come from indeed. You are all from Hill Valley, in California, in the United States of America, in the year of nineteen-hundred-and-eighty-six. Am I correct?"

Now they all gave soft gasps at this most shockingly stunning revelation of Merlin's foreseeing. Then when Doc recovered from it he replied, "Yes, you are correct! So then I presume you also know I am a scientist of my time, which in this time of yours I would either be considered a powerful wizard or a dangerous heretic, and that in my time a year ago I had invented a time traveling transportation from what is known as a DeLorean in my time?"

"Yes, I know all of that also," replied Merlin easily. "And so I must admit that it is also a most delightful pleasure to meet with you too, good Dr. Brown. As you are I think what I might have been had I been alive in your time, in many ways. As you are considered a crazed lunatic by some, and to others such as the ones you have brought with you, as a dedicated teacher of wisdom and a profound doer of great achievements."

"Yes, that is so very true!" said Doc brightly. "And so I am sure there is much you and I can talk about, isn't there?"

Merlin smiled briefly and then grew more serious as he said, "Well, yes, there is. But it must wait for a more opportune moment, for as of now I believe you have come to me to tell me a bit of vital information... which is that you have in some way disrupted the space-time-continuum?"

"Oh yes... I fear we did," said Doc somberly. "But we didn't mean to at all, of course. We had no idea there was anything of any great importance going on at this particular time. And what happened was that when we arrived here a while ago we saw a group of your King's knights chasing after what looked to be some kind of elven creature and we hid from their view. Then when the knights seemed to be about to slay him my youngest son called out to them not to and he got away from them."

It was now Merlin who looked profoundly shocked this time, and there was also a distinct look of great horror in his eyes. "Is this true, my boy?" he softly asked Verne.

Verne nodded very meekly.

"Oh no!" Merlin moaned as he put a hand to his forehead.

"And I presume," continued Doc, "that this was a very bad thing to do? Because I remember hearing the knights saying that this fellow that escaped them had been a user of very dark magic and that his getting away from them spelled doom for all."

"Yes, I am afraid he is, and that it really does," said Merlin very gravely. "You see, he is an elven wizard lord of dark magic and a leader of a very dangerous cult of the blackest magic imaginable. For years now they have been causing so much trouble around here, and I and my fellow good magic doers have been trying all we could to keep them at bay."

"I didn't know who he was... I really didn't. I just don't like to see anyone or anything getting hurt is all."

"Yes, I quite understand," replied Merlin gently. "Many your age are the same way and would have reacted the same way to such a thing. But... alas I fear this is a most horrible predicament that has now befallen over all of us here, and all of Camelot, perhaps even the world, not just of this time, but of your own as well."

"You are serious?" asked Marty.

"As serious as it is possible for me to be," replied Merlin. "For I see that the leader of this black magic cult was meant to be slain today and thus ending his and his followers terrible reign of crime over Camelot. But now because he escaped it, they all must be gaining more power than ever now and will thus be all the more difficult to stop."

"Is there anything we could do to help you and your fellow doers of good magic to put a stop to these dark ones?" asked Doc. "We do, after all, wish to take responsibility for what we have caused."

"Yes, I am sure you do," replied Merlin. "And I suppose since you are something of a wizard of your time of the science you study, you may be able to be of help to us. Of course you must first be properly introduced to my fellows in good magic. So we shall go to meet with them on this very evening when the time is right for us all."

The aforementioned cult of dark magic doers had been listening in on the whole conversation. And now as they slowly drew back from the cauldron, one of them said very angrily to their leader, "Well, there you have it, my lord! They actually are on our enemies side, and they saved you by accident! And what's more is that they intend to join forces with those goodie-goodies of that old blighter!"

Their leader however, remained as calm and composed as ever before. "Yes, I do see all of this," he replied candidly. "And yet... these otherworldly visitors may still be of value to us and our mission of overtaking Camelot."

"But how so?" the old hag demanded.

"Leave that all to me," he replied with a coy grin.