That next morning, when Mystery awoke. She looked around and saw that Fluttershy's bed was untidy and she wasn't in it.

"That's not right. Fluttershy likes keeping her bed tidy when she's not in it." Mystery said.

Right then, something clicked in her head.

"Something's up."

Mystery stood up and rushed down the hall to Rainbow's room, she knocked on the door loud enough to wake Rainbow up.

"Yes?" Rainbow called.

"Rainbow! wake up! Fluttershy's not in her room!" Mystery answered.

Rainbow rushed to the door and opened it up.

"What?!" Rainbow exclaimed.

Rainbow rushed down the hall to Fluttershy's room and found Mystery was right.

"What happened here?" Rainbow said looking at the untidy bed.

"I don't know Rainbow! i can't answer everything!" Mystery called out.

Rainbow looked to the balcony and put everything together.

"I think i have a clue." Rainbow said.

Rainbow took flight into the town with Mystery running behind.

"She must have ran into town." Rainbow called to Mystery.

"Well, you'd think she would tell one of us." Mystery called back.

"Maybe it's a surprise!" Rainbow called.

They reached town and saw Fluttershy nowhere in sight. Rainbow looked in her favorite shops and checked her friends houses but, nothing.

Later with the very same Shadow that had taken Fluttershy, it walked to a secret part of town that nopony knew about, the shadow threw the sleeping filly into a metal cage, it began to laugh evilly.

"At long last, my revenge will be served!"

The shadow then left the sleeping filly and awaited for it's plan to commence.

Rainbow and Mystery had looked all over town, but they couldn't find Fluttershy anywhere. wherever she was, Rainbow and Mystery simply prayed she wasn't hurt.

"We've looked all over South Ponyville! she's nowhere to be found!" Mystery called out.

"Maybe, Rainbow and Friends would help?" Rainbow asked.

"Not a chance. they most likely hate us for giving them the cold shoulder." Mystery said.

"Fair point." Rainbow said. "But how do you know if you don't try?"

Mystery thought about Rainbow's plea and took it into consideration.

"Fine. but i'm not promising it." Mystery said.

"Let's just pray Fluttershy is alright."