{Chapter 1}


In the middle of nowhere, a portal came to life. A skeletal skull peared out of the other side, even though it was skeletal, it had a grey eye inside it's left socket with a tuf of brown hair on top it's skull. It was also wearing a grey hoodie and grey pants

"Coast is clear." The skeleton exited the portal while helping another person out. The person was feminine and had blonde hair. She wore a black dress with long sleeves that covered her arms and a skull hanging in the middle. She looked almost human except for the missing left eye and the other one being grey

"Pray tell, what is this sound that pierces mine ears? It stings with loneliness and longing-my heart bleeds from the very whisper of it! Is it the voice of souls tormented in the shadows, or merely the wind that sweeps us?" She questioned to the skeleton with a unique way of speech

"Nah, you're just hearing things!" The skeleton known as Grim. Jr or Junior for short said to his companion known as Minimandy or Minnie for short. They were the children of the two most powerful beings in the underworld

They looked around until they found the flowers they were looking for. It was known as Necropollins, flowers that were only found in the lowest and darkest area of the underworld

Minnie picked up some of the purple flowers when suddenly Junior felt someone watching them. "I think we have company." A scythe that was almost big as him, appeared in his hands. A giant gray demon with multiple spikes and horns decorating it's body appeared infront of them

"Look what we have here. Two delicious morsals infront of me, begging to be eaten." The demon said while Junior stepped infront of Minnie to protect her. The demon tried to grab them, but his hand was slicied off with green blood spraying the area, courtesy of Junior

"Ahh! You little shits!" It screamed in pain and anger, while Junior swung his scythe to get rid of the blood

"Leave! thee presence is not welcome!" Minnie said to the demon with a glare while Junior prepared himself

"You better do what she says, pal." Junior sneered at the clearly pissed off demon infront of him

"Why would I listen to a little slut!." The demon mocked the skeleton, but suddenly the area felt a hundred times colder. The demon felt a shiver up it's spine and it's stomach was churning. It slowly looked at the skeleton, but suddenly it felt like it completely messed up

Junior was glaring at the demon with empty eyes and a frown adorning his face. He was not amused, "What did you say? you lizard." Junior said stoically

The demon shook it's head before responding, "I said your sister is a little sl-"

It couldn't even finish it's sentence before it was punched in the face with a muscular fist. It flew into some rocks before it was able to stumble to a stop

"Spawn! Protect my sister." Junior said in a distorted voice while retracting the fist back into his back with a few cracking sounds. His right eye socket was now glowing blood red

"If you say so, Son of Death." A man dropped down from nowhere. He was wearing a black jumpsuit that showed off his physique and a red cape

Spawn stepped next to Minnie while Junior walked after the demon with his scythe resting on his shoulders


The demon shook it's head to get rid of the dizziness while his body was busy regenerating the damage done from the punch. It was in a hole in the wall. It tried to stand up but suddenly it heard something that made it's blood go cold

"You shouldn't have said that."

The demon quickly scanned the area to see where it came from, but it couldn't find it

"Why do your kind never listen."

The demon pulled itself from the hole and searched the area for the voice, but it couldn't even smell them

"But nevertheless, your kind are going to die anyway, but your going to have an early grave."

The demon quickly turned around, but it was suddenly impaled through it's abdomen with a giant scythe, pinning it once again on the wall behind it. The demon saw the scythe was pitch black with it's blade being pure silver and serrated

It knew who scythe this was

It desperately tried to pull the scythe out, fearing it's own life and regretting to attack those children, but a figure suddenly landed on the end of the scythe

"But before that, I'm going to have to punish you for insulting my sister." Junior's face was concealed with his hoodie, but the demon could see his sadistic smile under the hood

Junior extended his arms out and suddenly sharp black tentacles with red eyes sprouted out his back. The tentacles pierced the demon's limbs and slowly twisted themselves to increase the demon's pain

The demon was now roaring in pain, but it was grabbed by the horns by Junior. He was now face-to-face with the scared demon. It was looking straight at Junior's eyes while desperately struggling in it's restraints

"What? Is the big bad demon scared?" Junior said mockingly with a sadistic smile adorning his skull, "No need to worry. We're going to have so much fun!"

The demon was now terrified at the boy, but it was more terrified at the figure behind the boy

It was a black silhouette with horns jutting out of it's head and it had sharp claws, and the most terrifying thing was is

It was grinning at the demon