I didn't notice. I had been thinking about the puzzle Dr. Pete had given me. I liked Dr. Pete, he was nice. Not like Dr. Katts. We saw her last year. I didn't like Dr. Katts. Her name was a trick because I knew that Dr. Katts didn't like cats. I could tell because the doctor's sparkles were a dull brown with a bit of purple and green, but no blue. People who like animals have blue sparkles. Dr. Katts was not nice.

Dr. Malone had blue sparkles. I know that he had a big dog named Max at home. Some of his sparkles were blue, but most were dark green. Dr. Malone was the next doctor but he made Mommy mad. When the doctor told Mommy that she should send me to stay at a special school, Mommy's sparkles got red and purple. That's what happens when she gets mad. Usually Mommy's sparkles are yellow with some blue and pink and little bit of green. We never went back to see Dr. Malone. Then we met Dr. Pete. His real name is Dr. Piotrowski, but he says that everyone calls him Dr. Pete because it's easier. His sparkles are greeny yellow with lots of blue and pink.

Dr. Pete and I talk every Saturday afternoon. Sometimes he asks me questions about the sparkles I see, and other things. I don't like talking. Words feel funny on my tongue. I like it better when he has me do different kinds of puzzles. I like puzzles. Today he gave me one to take home. It's made of wood and when it's put together it turns into a ball. Dr. Pete took it apart before he gave it to me and told me to see if I can figure out how to make it into a ball again. It's really cool and I was imagining how the pieces would go back together in my head. That's why I didn't notice Mommy until she had stopped the car.

Mommy has a condition that makes her sick sometimes. When Mommy starts feeling sick, her sparkles start to turn orange. At first it's just a little bit and when I see, I tell her to have a snack. Mommy will eat a snack or one of her special candies from her purse and then she's okay again. She gives me a hug and calls me her Abby alarm. Which is silly. She should call me the Mommy alarm because I'm Abby and she's Mommy. But I like how she smiles at me when she says it, so I don't mind.

Mommy pulled the car into a church parking lot. I saw the pretty coloured windows. Usually we go straight home after Dr. Pete so that Mommy can get dinner ready before she has to go to work. I could see the puzzle pieces in my mind, so I wasn't paying attention. But after a few minutes I noticed that Mommy's sparkles were orange - dark orange. That's not good. I open the clips on my seat. I just turned 6 years old, but Mommy says I'm still small for my age so I have to ride in the back in the special seat. She doesn't know that I can open the clips.

I crawled into the front seat. Mommy's eyes are closed and she's all sweaty. So I shook her arm hard, but she didn't wake up. I leaned really close to her face and shouted "Mommy" right at her. But she still didn't wake up. I even put my hand on her cheek and pushed. I knew I needed to get Mommy help, but I didn't know where we were. I looked out the window and I saw a few people, but their sparkles were wrong. One lady was dragging a little boy by the arm. Her sparkles were red and purple, so I knew she was mad. Another man had dark brown sparkles with orange and red in them. He gave me a funny feeling so I didn't want to talk to him. I decided that I had to go find someone to help Mommy.

I opened the door. It was very heavy. Even though it's sunny and warm, I felt scared. I heard some music not too far away, so I walked in that direction. I went around the church and walked down two blocks. It's hot and I'm scared at leaving Mommy, so I try and be small and stay by the edge of the buildings. The music is coming from a park by the water. There are lots of people walking around looking at shiny cars. I smell popcorn and those little mini donuts that Miss Susan sometimes lets me have when I stay with her. I stay with Miss Susan when Mommy goes to work. Miss Susan has blue sparkles and two cats. One is skinny and his name is Casper. He's all white with one black paw. The other is named Walter and he's big and fluffy and orange. I wish Miss Susan was here because I know she would help Mommy.

I looked around to see if I could find the right person to help. There were lots of people, but most of them had light brown sparkles, or pink sparkles or green, even some blue ones. But nobody felt safe. A strange lady looked like she was going to come over and say something to me, but I hid behind a shiny red car. Then I saw the right person.

He was standing beside a big black car. And he was very big too, like a giant. He has longish brown hair, a blue plaid shirt and jeans. I would have been scared of him except for his sparkles. They were the best sparkles I had ever seen. He had so many colours - more than even my jumbo box of crayons. There were lots of different shades of greens and yellows and blues and pinks, like normal, but he also had pretty light purple sparkles and bright red sparkles and even black ones that I'd never seen before. But mostly he had gold and silver sparkles. I wondered if other people could see them. Mommy said that I'm the only one who can see sparkles, but his were so bright it seemed weird that one one else could see. I knew he would help Mommy. I was so happy to see him that I ran over and hugged his leg.


Sam was enjoying the day. The sun was warm on his skin and a soft breeze was tickling his hair. He was waiting by the Impala for Dean, but he wasn't impatient. Sam could see his brother. Dean was a couple of rows over talking to the owner of another car. The sign propped against the engine described it as a 1969 Impala SS 427 convertible in Butternut Yellow. Sam had very little interest in classic american muscle cars, other than the one they called home, but when he'd seen the sign for the car show at the gas station, he knew this was something Dean would love. His brother deserved some car talk with fellow enthusiasts, the opportunity to show off his Baby to an appreciative audience, and all the food on a stick he could eat. It was unusual to see Dean so excited and carefree - he could see Dean's grin from here, so Sam was happy to enjoy the beautiful afternoon as he waited for his brother.

Closing his eyes for a minute, Sam turned his face towards the mid-afternoon sun when suddenly he felt a jolt. He glanced down and saw a little girl clinging to his jeans. Sam automatically looked around for the parent who would no doubt be chasing after the child. It wasn't the first time a kid had mistaken his leg for their parent's. He supposed when you were only 3 foot tall, the world was a sea of legs that looked pretty much the same.

"Hey, are you lost?," Sam asked in a soft tone. Usually children found his height scary, so he tried hard to at least make his voice less frightening. The small blonde girl just leaned back to look up at him with big grey-blue eyes. She didn't seem afraid, and she didn't let go of his jeans, but she didn't respond, so Sam crouched down, trying to get closer to eye level.

"Do you need help sweetheart?," he asked with concern, careful to not get too close or intimidate the child. He didn't want to upset the kid, and he knew how it might freak out a parent if they showed up and he was too close. The girl still didn't seem afraid, and she had an odd look on her face as she stared into his eyes intently. Like she was making a decision. Lifting a small hand, she reached up and placed it on his cheek.