Abby knew that she had to tell the nice man about Mommy, but words wouldn't come. She wasn't so good with words and she didn't want to make a mistake. So instead she put her hand on his face and pushed.

When Abby pushed with her mind at Mommy, it was like trying to move through a pile of fluffy blankets. Mommy would smile, but Abby knew that Mommy didn't really hear her. Once Abby had pushed at Miss Susan with her mind, but all it did was make Miss Susan look at her funny and make Walter run away with his tail puffed out. With this man, it was easy, like walking through a wide open door. Just by thinking she told him her name, and all about Miss Susan and the cats and Dr. Pete and everything. She saw his greeny-blue eyes open wide and he made a little surprised gasp.

Then, for the first time in her entire life, someone pushed back!

Suddenly, she knew that the giant man's name was Sam and that the black car was named Baby and that Sam was here with his brother Dean. She knew that Sam was a good person even though he could be scary and dangerous when he wanted to be. Sam and Dean hunted monsters and saved people. Abby could tell that Sam was a lot older than he looked...hundreds and hundreds of years older, and that a lot of bad things had happened to him. Sam's thoughts went into her brain faster than she could think about them. There were flashes of people's faces. A man with green eyes and freckles, a blonde lady, a young man with golden glowing eyes, a redheaded lady wearing a fancy dress. There were also flashes of dark things, fire, and shadows, guns and knives and pain, lots of pain. Then, before she got too scared, Sam stopped. It was like when Mommy watered the flowers. She put her thumb over the end of the hose to make the gush of water into a trickle. She said that the flowers were delicate and she didn't want the water to break them. Abby knew that Sam had put his thumb over his memories to keep her safe. She leaned forward and rested her head on his shoulder to catch her breath.

Now that she could think again, she thought about Mommy, and how she needed help. She could see the skin between Sam's eyes wrinkle up with worry. He was worried about Mommy too. Abby sighed, it was nice to not have to work hard to get him to understand. Now that she had found someone to help Mommy, Abby was tired and cold and she wanted to go home. She moved her hand from his cheek to touched the funny wrinkle between his eyes.

Sam wrapped a long arm around her and pulled her closer to his chest, tucked under the side of his jacket. Then he stood up. It was pretty high, so she put her arms around Sam's neck to hold on. He was warm, so she snuggled in a little closer. Abby heard a voice behind her and knew that it was Dean, Sam's brother. She could feel the love that Sam had for his brother. It was part of all of Sam's thoughts, like a glow that covered everything else, and it was nice. She closed her eyes, feeling safe.


Dean shook Roger's hand. It had been cool speaking about the quirks and intricacies of a vintage Chevy engine with someone who understood what he was talking about. This afternoon had been awesome. It had been a rough few days, and Dean had been looking forward to getting back to the bunker. But when Sammy had showed him the poster, he'd changed his mind. They needed a break from the frustrating search for a way to rescue Mom and Jack. And the idea of spending a sunny afternoon with his brother doing something as normal as visiting a small local car show, had been too tempting to pass up.

Turning, Dean looked back towards Baby. She wasn't quite as dolled up as some of the beauties on display, but she held her own amongst the crowd of show cars. Sam was supposed to be hanging out by the car, but Dean didn't see him at first. He thought that maybe the younger man had gone to get another one of those fruit kabobs he liked so much. But then he saw Sam stand up from the other side of the car.

His brother had a small child in his arms. A cute little blonde girl, by the looks of it. Leave it to Sammy to find a lost kid. Well, they could take her to the "Care and Assistance" tent before they headed out. It was funny to see a big guy like Sam with such a tiny kid. It actually brought up a fleeting memory of Dad holding Sammy when he was small.

The little girl also brought to mind Jessica. Once, Dean had imagined a different life for Sam. One with a wife and kids where his brother was safe and happy. Sam had wanted that too. But that dream was taken away from Sam a long time ago. Dean felt sad, his brother has been through so much - too much, and every year it seemed that the universe heaped more and more into his broad shoulders. Sammy deserved so much better than that, better than what Dean had ever been able to give to him.

Shaking away his sappy thoughts, he met Sam's eyes as he came around the car. Dean knew instantly that something was going on, something more than a lost little girl.

"Heya Sammy. Whose this?," he said keeping his voice and question soft so that he didn't freak the kid out. The child just snuggled a little closer to Sam's neck.

"Hey Dean, this is Abby. She needs our help." Sam shifted the little girl a bit and tugged on the car handle, checking that it was locked, then he turned and headed towards the edge of the park. He was moving with the sense of urgency that Sam usually reserved for a job.

"Wait, Sam. Where are you going?" Dean hurried to catch up. If they had work to do, then why wouldn't they bring the car, or at least grab the weapons bag that was stowed in the trunk? Dean lengthened his stride to keep up with Sam's longer legs, and reached out to grab his arm, dragging him to a stop. Abby turned and looked at him with big grey-blue eyes. At first the little girl seemed to stare into Dean's soul, causing him to take half a step back, but then she blinked sleepily and she was just an innocent child again. Still, there was something about this kid that made Dean wary. Sam tugged his arm free and kept walking, although a bit slower now as he answered Dean's question.

"Abby's mother is sick, in her car a couple of blocks from here. We need to help her," Sam said simply.

"That's too bad," Dean said, mostly for the benefit of the child who was still blinking at him. He caught Sam's eye. "But is it really the sort of thing we should get involved in?" Dean knew Sam was soft hearted when it came to little kids, but if it wasn't a supernatural problem, then this sort of issue was best left to the cops. Sam shot him one of his more ferocious bitchfaces.

"Dean, we're here anyway. And we're not doing anything important right now. The least we can do is check on her mom," Sam replied. Dean didn't know how to respond to that. Sam had a point and he didn't want to say more in front of the kid. It was seldom that Sam took charge or asked for very much, so with a sigh, Dean just followed his brother and the child.

After a couple of short blocks, Sam stopped next to a sliver Toyota parked haphazardly in the parking lot of a church. Dean could see an woman, slumped over the steering wheel, blonde ponytail obscuring her face. He pulled open the driver's door, and carefully tilted her head back against the seat, checking for a pulse. Her skin was clammy and her heartbeat was too fast, she looked very pale, even though Dean couldn't see any blood

"Hey there Miss, time to wake up," Dean said, tapping her cheek trying to get a response from the unconscious woman.

"Her name is Melissa," Sam offered helpfully. Dean shot him a look. How the hell did he know her name? Dean hadn't heard the kid say a single word. Turning back to the woman, he noticed a medical bracelet on her wrist and lifted her hand to take a look.

"Well, apparently Melissa here is diabetic. We need to get her to the hospital, Sam." Dean could do a lot of field medicine, but things like this needed professional intervention.

"Abby says they were coming from the hospital, so it's not very far away." With that, Sam pulled open the back door and set the little girl down on the seat. Dean watched as Abby walked over to the car seat, climbed in and waited patiently for Sam to buckle up the complicated harness.

"Guess I'll drive," Dean muttered to himself. He gently scooped up the woman and slid her in the back seat beside her daughter. As Sam finished getting Abby locked into her seat, the little girl turned her head to look at her unconscious mother. The little girl's lower lip started to tremble and Dean figured he had less than 10 seconds until Abby started to cry.

"Hey Abby, your Mom's going to be fine. We'll just her to the hospital and the doctors will fix her right up." Dean was spinning the line automatically. He had no idea what was going to happen to Abby's mother, but he was trying to prevent a meltdown. He glanced up to offer what he hoped was a reassuring smile for the child. Instead she narrowed her eyes at him as if she was trying to figure him out. Either way, he decided that since she wasn't crying, he'd take the win. Closing the door, he slid into the driver's side, fumbling for the lever so that his knees were clear of the steering wheel. Damn these things were small. Sam was already folded into the passenger seat, although how he managed it, Dean had no idea.

Using his phone as a guide, Sam provided directions. It only took about 5 minutes before Dean was pulling into the parking by emergency at the hospital. He parked the car, then moved to pull Melissa from the back of the car.

"Sam, grab her purse, then get Abby," Dean instructed as he quickly headed towards the sliding doors. He truly hoped that the woman in his arms would be okay, but Dean was looking forward to passing her off to some medical professionals and then hitting the road with Sam. They had much bigger things going on than one kid and her mom. As he cleared the doors, Dean raised his voice.

"Hey, need a little help here!" A nurse came forward and motioned towards a nearby gurney. As he set Melissa down gently, the nurse began her triage.

"What happened to her?," the nurse began, shooting a suspicious look at Dean.

"Look, we just found her unconscious in her car. But, she's got one of those medical bracelet thingies." Dean wasn't going to get the stink eye from some random nurse when he and Sam were just being the good guys. He could sense Sam come up behind him and stepped back to let his brother deal with the nurse, and to let Abby see her mom.