Look at the stars.

They're the same stars as last week.

Last year.

Same as when we were kids.

When we weren't even born.

In a hundred years,

No one will ever know who we are.

But they'll know those same stars.

Hinami and Ayato have been childhood friends, growing up in their quaint village situated high up in the mountains. The two share a strong bond despite the quarrels and bickering that have become part of their daily life as they both grow up. They spend a lot of time with each other, and one of their favorite places is the Sakura Tree Hill. Ayato tells her stories as they lie down and gaze at the endless night sky. This is how Hinami and Ayato grow up.

On one night, the two witness an extraordinary event that leaves them spellbound. Hinami soon leaves for the city, but five years later she comes back - only to wonder what was real and what wasn't.

Just a little story about introspection, nostalgia, life in the mountains and the brilliant gift that is the universe.

A/N - Hiya! ninhelium here! Its been a REAL while since I last wrote anything - oh my god, ideas, IDEAS but no time and no motivation xD This is the sucky side of adult-ing, aka, 22-year-old-college-intern-with-too-many-things-to-do-and-zero-time-or-direction.


Night of the Sakura Tree Hill is a fic I wrote WAAAAAAAAAAY back for the Kpop commnunity. But I no longer write Kpop fics, I've lost interest and I'd rather write about my favorite ships in anime/manga now and in the future.
I considered making this a Yatori fic for the Noragami fandom - but I've already written two Noragami fics and Yato wouldn't fit the male character in this story although, the ending would make more sense in the Noragami world. Then I thought, why not make it touken? But kaneki wouldn't fit the male char either so WELP! Ayato x Hinami it is! Besides, this pairing is underrated and I love them so much T_T
So with this intro chapter, I hope you like this fic! Please review once I post up the next chapters :3