Authors notes: My first attempt at an actual multi chapter story in 5 years. A lot has changed in that time to explain my absence from this community that I love more than I can begin to describe. I hope that if there's still people out there who have read my older stories – and for some reason enjoyed them – that they'll make themselves known, and I hope I can continue to write stories that you want to read and that you'll enjoy them.

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Thin Blue Veil

"Carter?" Jack O'Neill, leader of SG-1, called through the thin blue veil. He had strategically positioned himself so he was half turned away from the fabric doorway.

He was trying to protect his new Second in Commands privacy, but he also needed to make sure that she was safe. It was only their third trip through the Stargate together, Daniel and Teal'c in tow.

No sooner had they arrived on the planet and said hello to local inhabitants, before his Second had been whisked away by a group of over zealous, giggling and rather scantily clad women. He had watched her face fall as she was led into a large building and taken behind the thin blue veil that now divided them.

He was surprised, but pleased, that they were allowed to follow. The men had, however, been told that they were not to wander behind the fabric.

Daniel had, of course, encouraged Sam to go along with what was happening. He was afraid of the local inhabitants being insulted if she didn't. First impressions were key. What better way of getting to know a culture, he had said with pleading eyes that Sam had very begrudgingly relented to after receiving a small but firm nod from her commanding officer.

"Sir?" She replied softly, a hint of desperation in her voice.

"You ok?" Jack asked as he took of his cap and began worrying it between his fingerless gloved hands.

"Cold," she sighed honestly, as the last of the women who had been undressing then re-dressing her finally left.

"You may see her now," the local woman said as she brushed seductively passed Jack. He didn't fail to notice that she was carrying his Seconds clothes with her.

He held up a hand with his index finger outstretched. She was gone before he could say anything.

"Daniel wanted to talk to the local council to learn about the culture. I sent Teal'c with him," Jack said as he shifted his feet slightly, still not facing his second.

"Okay," she replied in a small voice.

Jack sighed heavily before making himself turn and cover his face with his hat. He parted the veil and took a step into the room.

"Sir?" She asked quietly as she tried to cover as much of herself as she could with her bare arms.


"Do I really have to wear this?"

Jack swallowed and lowered his cap. Standing before him, even more scantily clad than the local inhabitants, was his usually confident second in command.

His breath hitched as he took in the pale skin of her feet. His eyes slowly made their way up her long smooth legs. He could only blink as he took in her flat and toned stomach, he almost didn't notice the tiny scrap of fabric that served as panties. Sweat started to form on the back of his neck when he noticed the dipped curves of her waist and the fullness of her breasts that we're barely contained in the obviously too small bra style top she had been forced to wear.

"Christ," he swore to himself in a whisper as his fingers loosened and he felt his hat fall to the floor. He felt himself swallow and willed his body to not respond to the blatant beauty before him.

Underneath the military persona, he was still a man, and God, she was the stuff of fantasies.

"Sir?" she prodded gently, snapping him out of his daydream.

Jack cleared his throat as the vision of his second with her right leg hitched around his hip disappeared from his mind. He mentally shook himself.

He hastily unzipped his jacket and shrugged it off. He quickly made his way toward her and wrapped it around her shoulders.

"Thank you," Sam breathed, relieved to be wearing something that covered more of her exposed flesh.

"I'll find your clothes," he promised as he looked into her blue eyes and took in her embarrassed features.

"They took my boots too," a more than subtle hint of annoyance in her voice caused Jack to smile against his better judgement.

"I'll find them," he told her as he watched her thread her arms through the sleeves of his jacket.

"JACK!" He heard his young archaeologist bellow from outside the building. Jack sighed heavily as he zipped up his jacket, effectively encasing his only female team member within.

He could tell she was annoyed by his actions, how she wanted to tell him she was more than capable of zipping up the jacket herself. He pleaded with his eyes to let it slide, let him look after her the way he was supposed to. He knew that she wanted to put him in his place but he also knew that she was trying her damnedest to earn his respect.

He didn't want to tell her that she had already earned it with her arm wrestling comment. He wanted to keep her on her toes, at least for the time being. They both knew it was extremely early days and they knew next to nothing about each other.

"Jack!" Daniel said again as he barged into the room, getting tangled up in the veil in his haste. He stopped dead at the sight before him.

"What, Daniel?" Jack let go of the zipper and motioned with his hand to get the younger man to continue talking. He slowly turned to face the other two members of his team.

"We may have a problem," Daniel replied while taking in the scene before him.

"Of course we do," Jack replied as he crossed his arms over his t-shirt clad chest. "What is it?"

"It, uh, seems, uh-" he stammered.


"This is a very sexual culture," he explained quickly.

"Gee, I never would have guessed," Jack replied sarcastically. "Have you not seen what the women are wearing?" He motioned with his thumb towards the woman standing beside him, pulling at the sleeves of his jacket uncomfortably.

"Jack!" Daniel almost whined.

"Go on."

"They don't always dress like this," he began slowly. Jack raised his eyebrows. "Only during their version of the summer solstice... when the women here are most fertile... and they celebrate by..."

"Daniel? What are you trying to tell me?" Jack pinched his nose. He didn't like where the conversation was going.

"I thought it was for the best-"

"I swear to God, Daniel!"

"I told them that you and Sam are married-"

"Married?" Sam interrupted, her voice higher than what she would have liked.

"This way you're not expected to take part in the, uh, orgy - for lack of a better word. You'll just need to stay close to Jack," he said, hoping he hadn't insulted her.

"Do we need to leave?" Jack enquired, looking between the two other men.

"I do not believe so, O'Neill," Teal'c provided. "They appear to be slightly more advanced than the Tau'ri, an alliance may prove useful in our war against Apophis. We will, however, need to stay for the celebration even if we are not required to take part in it. It is a most sacred time for the people of this planet."

"Daniel, take Teal'c and see if you can find out more about this celebration we don't need to take part in, and report back to Hammond that we might be here for a little while. Maybe ask for more clothes for Sam. I'll see if I can find the ones they took from her," Teal'c nodded and bowed slightly before leaving the room, Daniel a step behind him.

"Thank you Sir," Sam nodded to him as he turned to face her again.

"She does not please you?" A voice from the doorway asked. Jack turned and looked at the man standing there. Jack recognised him as the man they had first met coming into the village.


"You cover her skin," the man, Jarem, stated, his brows furrowed. "She does not please you? She is your wife, no?"

"My wife," Jack steadied himself. "My wife is... She is not to be looked at sexually by other men. Her skin is for my eyes only."

"Your wife will not be touched during the celebration Colonel. She has been claimed by you. It is a sin for a woman to cover her skin during this time."

"Yeah, about the covering of skin thing, where are her clothes?"

"She does not need them."

"But she will. After the celebration," Jack tried to reason. He had every intention of letting her wear her clothes. He did not want her more uncomfortable than she already was.

"They will be returned to her once the celebration is over."

"Can I have them now? To keep with me," he tried to reason with the man.

"The women have taken them. I know not where they are."

"Could you find out? And give them to me?" Jack ground out between his teeth. He was trying hard to play nice but the man before him wasn't making it easy.

"It is not our way Colonel," Jarem replied as he lifted the veil and motioned for the remaining members of SG-1 to precede him. "Come, you must join the celebration."

Jack looked at his second and raised his eyebrows. Sam swallowed hesitantly. She knew he was putting the ball in her court. She knew they would have to play nice with the locals, despite how much she wanted to tear apart the town looking for something to wear and make her way back to the gate.

"Fine," she huffed only loud enough for her commanding officer to hear and pulled down the zip on his jacket. She saw him smile to himself and watched as his eyes took in every inch of her skin as she shrugged off his jacket.

"Oh, my," they heard Jarem breathe as Jack took his jacket from her outstretched hand.

"Hey!" Jack warned as he took up a defensive position before the almost naked woman at his side. He tried to shield her view of the man trying to cover the front of his pants with his hands. Her awkward cough told him he hadn't been successful. "My wife! Keep your eyes to yourself."

Jarem nodded as he quickly ran from the building. The blue veil falling back in to place.

"Carter," Jack began.

"It's fine, Sir. I'm sure it won't be the only time I'm gawked at tonight. I haven't seen a single person here without brown or black hair, and everyone seems to have brown eyes."

"I'll try my best to keep you warm. Just stay close."

"Yes Sir," she nodded as she made her way over to the veil.

"Sam?" he asked quietly and waited for her to turn to face him. "We're gonna have to be damn good actors tonight to pull this off. For what its worth, I'm sorry you've been put in this position. I apologise now if anything happens tonight that makes you uncomfortable while pretending to be my wife. But I will need to touch you to gain their trust."

"Of course Sir. I understand."

"You look..." He tried to find the words to explain to her that she had awoken a part of him that had been dormant since his sons fatal accident. Something that she knew nothing about.


"I'm trying to find a way of telling you, that you look amazing, and it's been a long time since someone's had this effect on me. I'm trying to find a way of telling you that this look... It works for me. But I'm trying to find a way of saying that, that doesn't offend you, that doesn't make me sound like a creepy old man, and a way that doesn't get me brought up on charges," he cleared his throat. "How am I doing?"

"Maybe you should channel that tonight, Sir?" He furrowed his brows as he looked at her. "Well, I'm meant to be your wife, so it's maybe a good thing this look works for you. I should probably apologise for making you uncomfortable," she motioned slightly to his pants as she blushed furiously.

He had really been hoping she wouldn't notice the effect she was having on him.

"Given that you're my wife, it's probably a good thing you're having this effect on me," he said softly as he walked over to her and stood mere inches from her. He gently placed a hand on the small of her back and smiled as a breath hitched in the back of her throat. "Maybe you should call me Jack tonight, huh?"

"Ok," she whispered as she nodded. He looked deep into her eyes before placing a feather light kiss on her cheek.