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Chapter 12

"I can not believe they kept me in the babysitting rotation," Kacchan snarled, jamming his fingers against the controls of a handheld game. He sunk into the couch in the common room, growling like a wild dog. It made Izuku want to slap a collar on him—but as delightful as that image would be, he also did not want his hand to be bitten off while without his weapons. Kacchan glared at the game as if it was the offending party, though he addressed Izuku. "As if I want to see you more than I have to."

Izuku flipped the page of a book, sitting happily between Kacchan and the timid Todoroki. He had wanted to investigate his counterpart's connection with All Might, but Kacchan had been determined to keep them trapped inside and to have as little conversation as possible.

At least Izuku was well practiced in patience.

"It's only for a few hours," Todoroki said, voice quiet as he watched the news. "It'll pass before you know it."

"A few hours is a few hours too long."

"You may be suffering but I feel right at home," Izuku said. He turned another page, amused at the content of the Hero school textbook. The quaint tactics were good for common riffraff, but a real threat would require individual care and planning. "I can't even tell you how many evenings I've spent relaxing with Todoroki and Kacchan. They are wonderful company."

"Good for you." Kacchan kept his eyes locked on the game. "Stop talking."

"It's hard to believe we grew up together," Todoroki said, his hands in his lap. He ignored Kacchan's request for quiet and it made Izuku smile. Todoroki placed his hands on his knees and stared at the floor. "My father went out of his way to keep me isolated so I could concentrate on my training."

Izuku hummed.

He didn't think telling Todoroki that his Villain counterpart was a spoiled brat that was desperate for his father's attention. Izuku's Todoroki may even be jealous to hear that his Hero Counterpart had gained such a single-minded focus from the fearsome Endeavor.

Not put off by a lack of response from Izuku, Todoroki picked up the remote and clicked through the channels. He settled on a cartoon and leaned back into the seat.

Izuku frowned and flipped another page of his book.

He never thought he'd miss Todoroki's constant chatter, even if he did spend most of his time complaining about his parents or his siblings.

"This is such a waste of a Saturday," Kacchan said into his game, breaking the silence. He looked over Izuku and asked Todoroki, "Why are we sitting here when we could be working on getting him out of here?"

"Mr. Aizawa is looking into it," Todoroki said. "I'm sure he'll let us know when he finds something."

"It's delightful spending time with you, too, Kacchan," Izuku said. He closed the book and tossed it on the counter. Izuku turned toward the aggressive blond and reached up to touch his hair. "As much as I want to go home, I will miss you dearly."

A lie.

Izuku would not pass up the opportunity to take his new grumpy toy home. He'd thought as much when he arrived and nothing Kacchan had done swayed Izuku's determination to bring the other boy home.

"Don't touch me," Kacchan said, swatting Izuku's hand away. "You may have half the class fooled, but I saw the real you. You're a creep and I can't wait to get rid of you."

"Cruel words, Kacchan."

"And stop calling me that!" Kacchan shouted. He threw the game on the console on the coffee table and turned in his seat. Kacchan grabbed Izuku's vest and hauled him up—ever the physical one. "You are not allowed to use that nickname."

"As I've mentioned before," Izuku said, taking hold of Kacchan's wrist. Oh, what he wouldn't give to have his gloves back—or maybe his garrote. "I can call you whatever I want, Kacchan."

"Bakugou!" Todoroki shouted when Kacchan swung. He reached over to grab Bakugou's fist and held it. "Calm down!"

"No! This little shit's been asking me to break his face in since he showed up," Kacchan said. His furious eyes zeroed in on Izuku and he licked his lip. Kacchan bared his teeth and yanked his hand out of Todoroki's hold. "So I'm going to give him what he wants!"

"It's about time you agreed to that," Izuku said. He knew it was a bad move but how could he refuse? It'd be like turning down a five course meal after they set the plate on the table. Izuku grabbed Kacchan's arm and flung him, flipping him on his back to the floor. "Though that's a bit low on the list. I have some suggestions of things I'd love to receive from you first."

"You're dead."

Kacchan used his raw strength to break Izuku's hold—he'd underestimated him. Izuku grunted as he hit the ground. Todoroki shouted at them to stop, but did not get between them. Kacchan went for a grab, his palms sparking but Quirk unused. Izuku took advantage of their indoor arena and knowledge that Kacchan wouldn't use his Quirk inside. He deflected Kacchan's strike, returning an elbow to his chest.

"When you don't have a Quirk you learn to appreciate martial arts," Izuku said, kicking Kacchan in the ribs. "It's a handy skill set to have, don't you think?"

"Brat." Kacchan had experience of his own when he made a successful grab and threw Izuku to the floor. "I'm going to love making you shut up when I break your jaw."

Kacchan slammed his knee into Izuku's chest, hitting his vest pocket as he aimed to throw a punch toward Izuku's face.

However he froze in place when the Warp Gate opened beneath Izuku and swallowed them both.

The artificial Warp spit them both out onto a concrete floor. Kacchan rolled to the side and groaned as he sat up.

Izuku turned his back to Kacchan and dove into his pocket to look for the device Kacchan had activated on accident. He bit his tongue to keep from speaking out loud as his brains screamed "Don't be broken. Don't be broken!"

He pulled it out of his pocket and sighed, his shoulders dropping in sheer relief as he cradled the small remote to his chest: The activation button was wedged into the device, but a little fidgeting pulled it back out and into place.

It was fine.

"What happened?" Kacchan asked. He sat up and glared at Izuku. "Where are we?"

"I don't know," Izuku said. He slipped the Warp Gate back into his pocket and tried to gauge if Kacchan had seen him with it or not. He forced panic into his voice to further his innocent appearance. "Wasn't that a Warp Gate?"

"It was, but not one of mine."

Izuku and Kacchan both turned to the cultured voice that addressed them: Kurogiri. The Warp Gate Hero that Izuku knew stood wearing a waistcoat and tie. His Warp Quirk flickered around him, leaving only his glowing yellow eyes. Just beyond him, they saw a small couch with a shaggy man sitting on it with white hair and wearing a long black coat. His face was hidden by a mask shaped like a hand. To the sitting man's left was another man with black hair and scars who snickered when he saw them, and was—was that Toga?

"Look who came to pay us a visit!" Toga shouted. Her hair was up in two buns and she was wearing a school uniform—but it was the wrong one. Her manic gaze gave Izuku a chill as she locked in on him. "Izuku, baby! Did you come to see me?"

"I don't think this visit was planned," the scarred man said. His voice sounded familiar—where did Izuku know that? He stood and looked the man in the eyes and—oh. Oh, that was Todoroki's annoying Hero-Wannabe brother. Dabi flicked his hand, sending out a wave of blue flames into the air. "But I doubt you care about that?"

"Nope!" Toga shouted. She spun on her heel and turned to the shaggy man on the couch with the odd hand-shaped mask. "Tomura! Tomura! Do you think they changed their minds and decided to join us? Can we play with them?"

"Never!" Kacchan yelled. His body trembled, barely noticeable if you weren't standing next to him. He hid it well and pointed at the group as he shouted, "How'd you get your Quirk to work in U.A.?"

"As I stated earlier," Kurogiri said, his Warp flickering. "That portal was not mine."

Kacchan and Kurogiri bickered.

Izuku ignored them.

He couldn't draw his attention from the man sitting.


Tomura Shigaraki.

"Everyone shut up," Shigaraki said. He stood, his red sneakers kicking the coffee table as he went. He walked to Izuku and leaned down, long and messy hair spilling over his hand-mask and face. Between the fingers Izuku's gaze met a single red eye, locked onto Izuku. Shigaraki reached up and scratched his neck, his fingers digging deep into the skin. Flakes of skin peeled off and littered his dark coat. "You're not Deku. Who are you?"

"Izuku Midoriya," he replied. Izuku put a hand over his chest and bowed slightly, throwing a hand out for the dramatic—Shigaraki would appreciate the gesture, he was sure. "Villain, at your service."

He could play his own Shigaraki like a fiddle—why would this one be any different?

Izuku woke when a small weight landed on his chest.

He opened his eyes and saw Eri peering down at him. She'd taken a seat on his chest, her puffy white skirt floating about her. Red eyes watched him and her glove covered hands rested on his collar.

"I know who you are," Eri said. She smiled, her eyes widening. Eri lowered her voice in an excited whisper. "You're a Villain!"

Izuku sat up, scooting back. Eri giggled, but didn't get off him. He shifted his hand and hit something else—Kacchan. He looked to the side and almost jumped when he saw Kacchan cuddled up to his side. Some point in the night he must have switched beds—

"How come you keep hurting Mr. Tomura?" Eri asked. She smacked Izuku's chest to get attention again. "He complains about you all the time."

"Mr. Tomura?" Izuku asked. He looked around the room for Overhaul. He'd healed Kacchan's hands, but he still had a dangerous Quirk and what appeared to be a protective streak for his…daughter. "You hang out with him?"

"Yup!" Eri said. She patted down her skirt before fiddling with her gloves. "Mr. All For One wants us to be friends since we have so much in common. Papa doesn't like it, but he can't say anything because Mr. All For One is his boss."

"Oh?" Izuku asked. He sucked in a breath and picked up Eri by the waist. Izuku moved her to the side, sitting her on the edge of the bed instead of his stomach. "What do you have in common with Shiga—Mr. Tomura?"

"We both killed someone with our Quirk," Eri said, plain as day. She kicked her feet back and forth at the edge of the bed. Izuku froze, staring at the little girl. She held one hand up toward Izuku's face. "I erased my first dad with my Quirk, and Mr. Tomura killed his entire family with his. Mr. All For One thinks we can make each other feel better when we're sad about it."

"That's nice," Izuku said. Shigaraki killed his entire family with his Quirk? On purpose or by accident? And what about the little girl next to him? Izuku knew that Eri had ended up with Overhaul because she'd been disowned in his world. Had the same thing happened with this Eri? "Does it help?"

"Not really," Eri said. She kept kicking her feet back and forth. "I don't remember doing it, so I don't feel bad like Mr. Tomura. Plus, it makes Papa upset. He doesn't like Mr. Tomura."

"I noticed." Izuku shifted to sit next to Eri with his feet over the edge. He looked over his shoulder to make sure Kacchan was still asleep and kept his voice low. "Why doesn't he like Mr. Tomura?"

"They fight over Quirks," Eri said. She hopped off the bed and spun around, twirling her skirt. Izuku loved her carefree attitude, but he couldn't shake the nauseating feeling in his gut as she spoke so calmly. "Papa thinks Quirks are evil and Mr. Tomura thinks Papa's a coward for hiding in a nurse's office instead of fighting with the other heroes."

Izuku clasped his hands together.

He knew exactly what Overhaul's belief that "Quirks are evil" could lead. Hiding in a doctor's office was the far better fate for that man and the little girl before him.

But he still felt the need to ask: "He thinks they're evil?"

"They're a sickness. Humanity would be better without them, if you ask me," Overhaul said, entering the room. He had bags under his eyes, but his mask and white coat were pristine. He crossed the room and gathered Eri in his arms. "Eri, what did I say about bothering the patients?"

"I wasn't bothering them," Eri said. She hugged Overhaul and huffed. Eri turned her head and looked at Izuku. "Right? We were just talking."

"She wasn't a bother," Izuku said. "She was telling me how Shigaraki complains about me."

Overhaul pinched between his eyes. "This isn't the same Midoriya as the one Shigaraki knows, Eri. He's…he's that boy's twin brother."

"Oh!" Eri said, sitting up. She huffed at Izuku, blowing her hair out of her face. "Why didn't you say so?"

"It's fun pretending to be my…brother? We have the same name so it makes it even better." Izuku forced himself to smile, rubbing the back of his hair. He didn't know why Overhaul had told that lie, but it might have been easier than explaining parallel universes. "I was going to tell you, though."

"Come on, Eri. It's time for breakfast," Overhaul said. He looked at Izuku and then over at Kacchan, still in Izuku's bed. "I made enough for you as well. Wake him up."

"Thank you," Izuku said. Overhaul told Izuku where to go and took Eri back through the side door in the clinic. He sucked in a breath and leaned over. "Kacchan, it's time to get up."

"A few more minutes, Izuku," he mumbled. "I'm tired."

"Overhaul made breakfast," Izuku said. He rubbed Kacchan's shoulder again. "I don't want to test his mood."

Kacchan shot up. "Overhaul!"

He breathed heavily, looking at Izuku and then down at his hands. Kacchan covered his face and groaned, falling back onto the pillow. "Right. I…we're at U.A."

Izuku crawled off the bed and grabbed his vest. He put it back on, just to keep the outfit together, and waited for Kacchan to gather himself. Izuku waited near the desk and when Kacchan got out of bed, they joined Overhaul for breakfast.

Attached to the clinic was a small apartment where Overhaul and Eri lived. There was a small living room attached to a half-kitchen with a dining room table, and two doors off to the left that must have been a bedroom and bathroom.

Eri sat at the table, already munching from a bowl of oatmeal. Her hair had been pulled back into a ponytail.

"Do you want cinnamon?" Overhaul said, holding a bowl. He dished out two large spoonfuls of oatmeal and looked over his shoulder at Izuku. "Or sugar?"

"Both please," Izuku said. He took a seat at the table and Kacchan sat next to him, muttering a soft, "No thank you."

Overhaul did not make conversation as they ate, though Eri was happy to chatter about a television show she liked and asking Izuku questions about his "Evil Twin."

Halfway through breakfast, Shigaraki joined them with Dabi and Toga behind him.

"So, we've got good news and bad news," Dabi said, stealing Overhaul's seat when the man got up to wash the dishes. Dabi crossed his arms on the table and groaned. "Which would you like first?"

"Good news," Kacchan said. He rubbed his eyes and ignored the way the three Hero students glanced at his exposed hands when they thought Kacchan wasn't looking. "That way we can focus on the bad afterwards."

"I agree," Shigaraki said. Toga jumped up and wrapped her arms around his shoulders, hugging him from the back. He grunted under her weight but didn't dislodge her. "What's the good news?"

"Hatsume said she'd fix the gate," Dabi said, leaning his arm over the back of the chair. He clicked his tongue and shrugged. "She was aggravated that she didn't get to test it, so she's not counting it as a finished product. Hatsume assured me she'd have a replacement by the end of the week and wanted to be there for when we turn it on."

"That's great!" Izuku shouted, sitting up. He put his hands on the table and couldn't help the smile. It was still a long time, but he could survive a week—but that wasn't Dabi's only news. "So what's the bad news? Does she want money or payment or something?"

"No, nothing like that," Dabi said. He winced and reached his hand up, biting the edge of the finger. "The bad news is Shouto."


"I severely underestimated how attached he was to you," Dabi said. He licked his lip and tapped his fingers on the table. "He is out for blood looking for our Midoriya. I would highly recommend not leaving campus until I can get the gate back for you."

"Out for blood?" Izuku asked. He sunk into the chair and gripped the top of his thighs. "He's that upset?"

"Mom had to put him on ice—literally—to keep him from destroying half the house with his Quirk. It took him five hours to calm him down and for him to stop struggling," Dabi said. He stretched his legs out, crossing his ankles. "I couldn't even work up the nerve to tease him. Shouto was crying, for goodness sake. It really didn't occur to my baby bro that his best buddy would ever stab him in the back."

"Do you think it would help if we told him the truth?" Izuku asked. "Maybe he'll calm down?"

Dabi shook his head. "He'll get Mom and Dad involved, I guarantee it. You don't want their attention."

"I'd trust Dabi's intuition," Shigaraki said. He crossed his arms and frowned at the floor. "The less we deal with the Todoroki family, the better."

"Okay," Izuku said. He sucked in a breath and exhaled. "So, I guess I'll hide at U.A. until Mei can fix the gate."

"It'll be fun!" Toga said. She jumped off Shigaraki and ran across the room to tackle Izuku. His face smushed into her chest as she hugged him, jumping up and down. "You can join us in classes and have all sorts of fun!"

"I'd hate to intrude." Izuku shifted so he could breathe and met Kacchan's eyes. He glared, glancing at Toga and back to him. "Maybe I can just watch from the side."

"My father already said it was all right if you joined," Shigaraki said. He lifted his arm and checked the time on his phone. "Class starts in an hour if you want to come."

"Go to class," Overhaul said from the kitchen. "I don't want you in my clinic all day. You're a distraction."

"I guess we'll come with you to class," Izuku said. He turned to Kacchan, carefully peeling Toga's arms off of him. "Right, Kacchan?"

"Sure," Kacchan said. He got up, not looking at Izuku as he walked by him to leave the small living room. "Why not?"

"It's settled then," Shigaraki said. He looked at Izuku and nodded his head toward the door. "Let's get out of Overhaul's hair."

"About time," the older man said from the kitchen. He set a small plate of powdered donuts in front of Eri. "Get out of my home."

With that declaration, Izuku gladly followed Shigaraki and his friends out of the room. They met Kacchan waiting by the clinic door and walked down the hallway. Before they went too far, Shigaraki stopped them in front of a storage room door.

"What are we doing here?" Izuku asked.

Shigaraki smiled over his shoulder and waved his hand up and down Izuku's body. "Getting you two uniforms."

"Thank you," Izuku said, immediately stripping off the vest. "This outfit was way too stuffy."

Shigaraki laughed and Izuku grinned back.