Part 2: Vegetasei, Chapter 18: Dilemma

A/N: I'm writing a bit more! This is, er, well kind of a lemon. :(

Bulma had showered thoroughly after her interlude with Prince Vegeta before she headed to the lab in her typical lab clothes to run remotely the diagnostics on the training chamber. As she had sifted through the incoming data, the day's earlier events tormented her conscience to the point that she was uncharacteristically distracted. When her coworkers had noticed her unusual behavior, she had confined herself to her private office to perform the necessary analytics.

She could not reconcile the engrained warnings about Saiyan males from her mother with her actions that afternoon. She could write it off as the result of sleep deprivation to get in a few moments' work, but her mind quickly wandered in and out of spates of nagging guilt. The clock dragged by slowly that afternoon as she replayed the moments, feelings and sensations she had experienced earlier in the day.

And still she could not logically attribute why she had easily gone against her mother's warnings, or what she thought had been hatred of Prince Vegeta. She could not understand what she realized was physical attraction to him, nor could she understand her physical reaction to him. The kiss had been amazing, and then, the pressure of …

Bulma had to shake herself mentally against the response the memory evoked, and with furrowed brows set to further analyzing what she could of the diagnostic data. Again the memories of the day inundated her mind. Finally, feigning a severe headache, she had a pair of the promising trainees pour over the data.

Bulma closed her office door and slumped into her desk chair. Still unable to concentrate, she folded her arms on her desk and placed her head on her forearms. Her heart in agony, the moments replayed again and again in her head until someone knocked on her office door.

"Yes?" she said, sitting up in her chair.

"Bulma, it's Suhyo," the director stated as he opened the door and slipped inside. "The trainees have found few errors in the diagnostics. I'm printing out their report and sending a team of senior technicians to fix the errors. By the way, Prince Vegeta demanded that you report the diagnostics to him, in a private dinner audience this evening, in thirty minutes. Are you prepared for that? The trainees said you were unwell."

Bulma shook her head, waving off the old Saiyan's concern. "I just haven't gotten much sleep lately, what with all the work to be done. I can deal with the audience with Prince Vegeta tonight."

"I was afraid you were feeling overworked. The King has granted you permission for several days off once the training chamber is completed."

"Thank you, Director Suhyo," Bulma responded with a wan smile.

"I think you should get changed from lab clothes into something … more professional for an audience with the Prince."

Bulma nodded. "I think you're right."

"And get something for the headache," said Suhyo as he headed out of her office, pausing briefly at the door. "Printout is ready."

Bulma nodded again.

Changed into 'professional' attire, a dress she would often wear for presentations, Bulma Briefs set out from her apartments to the section of the Royal section of the castle. In her hand, she had the pages of the printout from the diagnostic.

As she entered the suite, human servants ushered her through several rooms to a private dining area. Prince Vegeta sat at the table with his arms crossed as she entered. She noticed him ogle her upon her entry, and one of the servants helped her into a seat across the dining table from him. She set the diagnostics to one side.

"You will tell me about the diagnostics while we eat."

As if on cue, several human servants brought out a plate of food for Bulma, several for Vegeta and several serving platters were placed along the table. Wineglasses were presented to both Bulma and Vegeta. An open bottle of wine was set onto the table as well.

"Servants, you are dismissed until I call you back," Vegeta stated, and then he motioned for Bulma to begin her analysis. He quickly began to eat his dinner.

Bulma reported to him that problems had been found in the diagnostic report, but that Director Suhyo had sent a team of senior technicians to deal with the foremost problems. She spoke of them in detail and of the recommended changes that the technicians would perform. Vegeta nodded.

"There is also some indication that as programming becomes more and more complex, the entire system may have to be recoded from scratch," Bulma reluctantly admitted, with a frown furrowing her brows.

"And you will deal with that?" Vegeta asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, I will deal with that. We will run diagnostics daily."

"And you will report the results to me every day, at dinner time."

"Your father has given me time off …"

"You will have time off; your duty will simply be to bring the diagnostic reports prepared by director Suhyo to me and present them to me."



And from then on out they ate in silence. Vegeta was still eating when Bulma had finished her meal. Not usually one to drink, she began to sip on the wine. Noticing that Bulma had finished, Vegeta got up from the table and walked to her. He held out his hand.

"I'll show you around."

Reluctantly, she accepted his help out of the seat. He led her through the numerous rooms of his suite, finally stopping at an indoor arboretum, swimming pool and fountain. He told her, "Most of these suites, for the people deemed most important, have such rooms in them."

"Interesting," Bulma intoned over the babble of the fountain. She glanced around at the plants, and then up at the glass ceiling. The sky was in beautiful hues of sunset, and the beauty of it made Bulma smile.

"It has its appeal," responded Vegeta as he tugged on her arm, winding through the paths of the arboretum. The next room was a sitting room with ample access to an outdoor terrace. Vegeta pushed the balcony doors open and he led Bulma outdoors. Prince Vegeta's suite appeared to have the most private balconies, the view from this particular one facing in the direction of the forest and the lake near the palace.

They watched the sunset, and then suddenly Vegeta pulled Bulma into his arms, kissing her. She responded adamantly as she had before, although as Vegeta's hands roamed her frame, he growled at her attire. Lifting her effortlessly, he carried her inside, still kissing her.

Before she knew it, he was placing her on an enormous bed. He slid in beside her, and as he gazed directly into her eyes, his hands slithered up her legs beneath the skirt of her dress. She gave him a quizzical look as she tried to bat his hands away.

"What are you doing?"

Although they stopped their upward direction, his hands remained on her thighs beneath the dress's fabric. He leaned in to kiss her on the lips, briefly, before favoring her with his smirk, "What I wanted to do this afternoon."

"Which was?" Bulma asked him, her brow line furrowing.

"To get you out of your clothes."

Bulma swatted at his hands again. "That isn't very appropriate, is it?"

Reluctantly he withdrew his hands and placed them firmly on her hips, pulling her to him, placing them pelvis to pelvis. "Perhaps not."

"None of it is really that appropriate at all. I don't think we should do this," Bulma responded, biting on her lip.

"Fine then, we won't do anything too drastic," Vegeta responded. One of Vegeta's hands wandered and began unbuttoning the front of the dress.

"Nothing below the waist. Nothing … too serious," she responded reluctantly, helping him to unbutton the dress down to where their bodies pressed together.

"Damned cock tease," he growled at her, although his smirk told her he was amused. Finally, pushing her bra out of the way, he got to his goal. His hands cupped her breasts, and then he circled one of her nipples with a feather-light touch that caused Bulma to shiver.

He pushed her onto her back, and propping himself up with one elbow began to kiss her. His other hand left her breasts and traveled down to finish unbuttoning the dress.

"What are you doing?" she whispered.

"Nothing serious, although maybe something below the waist," he murmured back. His hand slipped beneath the fabric of her panties, causing her to gasp.

"Maybe this isn't so bad …" she replied.

He bent forward to kiss her, and she responded passionately. Her hands wrapped about his neck.

Bulma curled up against Vegeta beneath the sheets. She kissed his neck, and then asked him, "Was it good for you?"

Vegeta opened his eyes as he smirked at her, "It's always good for a man. Just, sometimes it's better than others."

"Was this better than others?" she asked him.

"What do you think?" he asked as he pushed her onto her back and moved to cover her again.