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I liked Monster Prom, some fans suggested I write some stuff about it, Enjoy.


The door into Spooky High opened and a bizarre looking humanoid creature walked in. Its skin was black, like nothingness level blackness, and it's face only had some white eyes and nose that looked like they were drawn on with chalk. Poking out of a few parts of its body were strange shadow thumb shaped worm creatures with little faces on theme. The monster creature was wearing a yellow sweater and some black pants that were so close to the black color of its skin it was hard to tell if they were actually pants or it's shadowy skin…but there were no bits hanging out so people just assumed pants.

This was Oz, he…it…well more of a they to be honest, was a shadowy collective of fear, though they seemed pretty unintimidating all things considered. Oz was a good student, semi-popular with friends of all shapes and sizes, as is par for the course at a high school of monster people.

Today though was a special day, the start of senior year, summer was finally over and it was time to head back to classes, though Oz didn't seem to mind all that much.

"Yo Oz!" a peppy voice said

They turned around to see a girl who was half see though trotting up to them. She was wearing short shorts and a faded pink tank top, one of the straps on her top was half falling off so you could get a small peak of her bra, most would think this was probably unintentional but Oz was pretty sure she'd done that on purpose. She was Polly Geist, a ghost and Oz sorta best friend. They had been friendly for a long time and were rather close, though some might wish they were closer.

"That end of summer party last night was the tits, and I don't mean mine." Polly smiled.

Oz simply shrugged.

"Come on say something, it's boring when you do the silent gimmick." The ghost pouted.

"It was fine, your tendency for a good time is a bit more frequent then mine." Oz said.

"Psst, that stuff we did last night was wild." She laughed "I'm still seeing double, no wait there are three of you."

"If you don't curb those habits you'll end up dead…again." Oz told her.

"I'd like to see that." Polly laughed "But I got us some invites to a party tonight."

"Another, yesterday was the end of summer how can there be a party again?" Oz asked.

"Duh a back to school party!" Polly smiled "And it's gonna be out of this world…both metaphorically and literally I heard there's gonna be a space gate or some crazy shit!"

"Are you…high right now?" Oz asked.

"Maybe~?" Polly started giggling stupidly "Whatever ya dork…"

Polly pouted and started poking Oz chest like she was having a sudden emotional outburst.

"Polly?" the shadowy boy like monster asked.

"If you don't wanna come just say so, why are you so mean!" she started sobbing.

"I see she's started early." Another voice said.

Approaching the two of them was a purple skinned vampire in a sweater vest, he was Liam de Lioncourt, one of their fellow friends.

"You guys are so mean, but that's why I love you, must be my inner masochist!" Polly smiled having another jarring drug induced mood swing.

"It's really too early for this." Liam fixed the glasses he wore while Oz simply shrugged.

"Whatever, don't be late for Lunch, we gotta pick out a good table for the gang." Polly cheered.

"I don't see the point of lunch seeing as the three of us don't eat." Liam said.

"It's about socializing with our sort of friends." Polly said.

"She's right." Oz nodded.


By the time Lunch arrived Oz they were a bit late, but it was impossible not to hear the hollering of Penny calling them over to the table in the back where the rest of their friend were.

Oz was part of a very…odd circle of friends. There was them, Polly a party ghost, Liam an artsy vampire, and four others.

"Welcome to our perfect table Oz." Miranda, a mermaid princess smiled surrounded by a posse of fish-based servants "I hope my serfs aren't in the way, I used my seat holding serf to make sure your seat was saved."

"Thanks." Oz took a seat between Polly and Miranda.

Miranda Vanderbilt was a pink mermaid princess with a bit of a violent streak in her, she's on the needy side and has servants that do almost everything for her.

"Would have been a total bummer if you lost your spot bro!" Scott, a werewolf jock added "Though we totally would have gotten it back."

Scott Howl is the largest of the friends, hairy, loud and strong, it's pretty clear why he's on most sports teams at the school, though why he would be at this table instead with the other jocks is a strange story.

"Everyone knows that the seat you get on day one sets the tone for the rest of the year." Vera said as her snake like hair hissed a bit "Unless you want to pay out your ass to bribe someone to switch."

Vera Oberlin, a gorgon, who dresses high class as if every day was a new business meeting, which for her it might as well be, her skin is green, and so is money the thing she loves most.

"If someone else took your spot we could have just kicked him out." The last one at the table, a flame red demon with two horns, one broken one whole, pointed at Liam.

"Why do I put up with this." Liam sighed.

The demon Damien Lavey, he's the intense one, not intense loud like Scott or Polly but intense violent, which would explain why the spot at the table he was at had already been carved into with the words "Damien's Seat."

This bizarre rag tag group of seven were friends, somehow…frankly no one in school was really sure how they came to be this way but they weren't gonna challenge them since they kinda, again through odd means, were considered cool kids.

"So like…what are we gonna do?" Polly asked "It's senior year so, we outta start having fun, right?"

"Why are you acting like this is some afternoon TV show in which we'll get up to wacky zany adventures everyday during which our personalities will clash and drama will ensue but at the end of the day we'll all come out better friends." Liam said.

Everyone else kinda just stared at him.

"Jeez be that way." Polly rolled her eyes.

"We've got a whole year so there's no need to rush." Oz said "Besides, with this place, weird shit happens everyday."

"I agree." Miranda smiled putting her hands together "this year will be exciting, I look forward to experiencing a lot of weird shit."

"Yeah weird shit!" Scott yelled.

Vera sighed and put her phone down "Well it's certainly going to be an eventful year."

"It's the last year so we gotta make it count and do plenty of shit." Damien said.

"Last year for most of us." Liam said "You…maybe not so much."

The others laughed as Damien grumbled about it a bit.

Thus began a year of highschool for seven friends, it was a year that would be full of adventures and drama and other weird shit, but that starts next chapter.


Thank you for reading. Feedback is appreciated. Feel free to message me any questions or concerns.

So as someone who grew up on those silly afternoon cartoon sitcoms filled with a token cast of highschool teens hanging out at the local spot and getting into wacky adventures (6teen, Weekenders, Saved by The Bell was on a lot in reruns when I was a kid, etc) when I played Monster Prom I was like, shit that'd be a cool show in that genre. I'm 23, it's weird how far cartoons have some since I was a kid.

Most of my stories are all either Shouen OC stories or Futanari lemon stuff. So I wanted to try doing some dumb afternoon cartoon comedy stuff.

Also, if you one of my views coming here, go play Monster Prom it's really good.

Till Next Time!