"I need a place to stay." Zoe said following Oz around.

"And you're asking me because?" They looked at her.

"You have an available room do you not?" she crossed her tendril arms "I'm enjoying my new life but I refuse to demean myself by sleeping on a park bench Oswald!"

"You don't have to yell." They groaned "But why me wouldn't you rather live with a girl?"

"I don't want to live underwater with Miranda, Vera already lives with family, and Polly is currently housing Calculester so there are no options." She explained "You on the other hand, we have history together so you're the next best option brother."

"I am not your brother." Oz gave her an exhausted look.

"Why not, we were both begotten by the same god as dark entities, we fought on the same side in the legendary war of good and evil, we are practically kin!" she said following him home like a lost dog.

"If I keep arguing with you nothing will get done." The shadowy figured said.

"Well put little brother." The tentacle god snickered.

"Wait a minute how am I the younger sibling here?" They huffed.

"Because I said so." She said as they got to a rather normal looking suburban house "You wouldn't doubt your big sister, now would you?"

She winked her large eye playfully as Oz unlocked the door and let her in.

"So, you live in this abode, it's so…plain."

"Well, I don't really need anything special." Oz told her.

"No cultists, no blood circles, no sacrifices." Zoe says on the couch "Yes…I quite like this. I assume this place has no random attacks by holy forces of light looking to purge the darkness from their realm?"

"It's not 5000 B.C so no." Oz shook their head "I think the last 'random attack by the forces of light' was that time last Halloween when the Coven egged the house."

"Very well I can acclimate to this." Zoe nodded "I need a bed though."

"There's a spare room upstairs." Oz pointed "It's also the computer room."

"Computer?" Zoe tilted her head "What is a computer?"

"Oh boy…" Oz sighed.

Oz took the time to introduce his 'sister' to the wonders of technology and the internet. After that he cooked a simple dinner for the two and headed to bed, though he kept hearing a strange amount of giggling all night.

"Zoe what are you still doing up?" he looked into the room.

She was sitting in darkness, her purple scaley face illuminated by the blue light of the computer screen.

"Huh, Oz, is it morning?" she looked around "I found this fascinating website with self-published novels, and that led me to this wonderful art form called 'anime' and now I'm five episodes into something called One Piece and I think if I stagger my meals with classes I can catch up in…six to nine months depending on my level of sleep."

"You're paying the electric bill." Oz just turned and left.

"What's a credit card?" Zoe yelled "I need one to subscribe to this site so I can watch more episodes."


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