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"It's terrible!" Polly slammed her head down on the lunch table, or she would of if it hadn't phased right through with her being a ghost and all.

"Oh dear what seems to be the problem." Miranda asked.

"I…got detention." The ghost hissed.

"It's the first week of school." Oz said "Even Damien hasn't managed to get detention yet."

"I'm trying!" the demon yelled.

"What did you do?" the black fear monster asked.

"Apparently asking a teacher to turn the lights down since your hungover isn't allowed." Polly said.

"I find that hard to believe." Vero gave her a look as her snake hair ate a mouse.

"I may or may not have used more colorful language." Polly admitted But this can't happen, I can't have detention on the first Friday of school, everyone gonna be at the first party of the first weekend of school at the docks, The Blob kid said it's gonna be insane, he's got a deer that looks like a human but is also a deer! I've gotta be there!"

"Maybe you could…skip it." Liam suggested.

"REEEE!" Polly yelled "Me, skip a party, never!"

"If Polly were o skip a party she'd become depressed and fall into a life of drugs and debauchery!" Miranda gasped.

"Pretty sure she's firmly in that life." Oz pointed out.

"Yeah I am." Polly nodded.

"It's simple." Scott nodded "We just get her out of detention."

"Easier said than done." Vera hummed "How do you plan on doing that?"

"Uhh…ask nicely?" Scott shrugged.

"Great idea why don't you go ask coach to just take the detention away." Vera said sarcastically.

"Okay!" the wolfman ran off.

"Dear lord." Vera rubbed her forehead "Assuming that plan doesn't work any other ideas."

"Pull the fire alarm!" Damien yelled "Then she has to leave."

"Does this school even have fire alarms?" Oz asked "I feel like people with flaming bodies would set them off."

"Shit." Damien hissed "That's right."

"So…Coach said he can't just let someone out of detention because I asked." Scott came back "And then when I argued about it I got detention too."

"This is just pathetic." Vera stood up "Apparently you idiots need someone a little smarter to handle this situation."

The gorgon got up and walked away while checking something on her phone.

"Okay so you guys need to rescue Scott too now." Polly smiled "What about if we use Miranda's serfs to do a black ops mission and rescue us."

"Hmm, unfortunately my black ops serfs are preoccupied with a raid on the air people." Miranda sighed.

"This is unacceptable!" Vera stormed back.

"So how'd it go?" Polly asked.

"Apparently trying to pay for your freedoms is grounds for detention!" she hissed "You wouldn't throw someone in jail for trying to pay for the release of a prisoner!"

Liam held a finger up and then just sighed "Never mind."

"Okay so now we need to rescue Vera." Polly said.

"Fear not friends!" Miranda stood up "I shall parley with the teachers and secure the release of the hostages!"

The mermaid princess walked off and quickly returned.

"It would seem that a declaration of war did not suffice and sanctions have been placed on me as a result." She smiled "I also have detention."

"Okay now more of us have detention than don't." Liam noted.

"That's it!" Polly yelled "We just move the party…to detention!"

"Brilliant!" Miranda smiled.

"It's not your party." Liam told her "And I doubt everyone in school would want detention, yet alone fit in the detention hall."

"True, a party is a lot less fun without room to dance." Polly hummed "I mean I like being sandwiched between hot bods as much as the next girl but it's not quite the same unless you can stretch those arms and inject six drugs into them at once!"

"IF you're a ghost and you don't eat, how do you take drugs?" Oz wondered.

"Shut up it works." Polly shrugged "You have no mouth and you talk."

"Fair enough." They nodded.

The bell suddenly went off and the lunch period was over.

"Well planning is over." Polly said "Oz, Damien, Liam, our four party lives are counting on you!"

"Since when are we all even going?" Vera asked.

"If we don't all go to the first biggest party of the year we'll lose the right to call ourselves the cool kids!" Polly whined.


As the day went on Oz was sitting in Anatomy, though the class was hard since the teacher ate the bones before class, when suddenly a loud ringing went off.

"What is that?" Liam asked.

"I've never heard a bell like that." Another student said.

"I swear I didn't know!" Damien suddenly got dragged down the hallway by a giant spider web "I just say a big lever saying Alarm and pulled it! You have no proof!"

"Okay so we do have a fire alarm." Liam blinked.

"So yeah…" Damien leaned his head in "Help!"

He was suddenly yanked back down the hall.

"Was he asking for help now or help getting out of his inevitable detention?" Oz wondered.

"Probably both." Liam shrugged "Principal Giant Spider can be ruthless about stuff like that, it's a safety hazard after all."

"Trying to get someone out of detention." The stool in front of them spun around.

"Amira." The two blinked.

Amira was a hotheaded rebellious student who sat in front of them, by hotheaded it could taken literally since she was an Ifrit and her hair was fire. She had dark skin, a voluptuous body and was wearing a black strapless dress with a red jacket over it.

"What are you trying to bust someone out for?" she asked.

"A party tonight." Oz explained.

"Wait that party that weird blob kid is having." She tilted her head.


"What the hell Oz, Liam." Polly grumbled looking at the clock "Detention's almost over where the hell are you two?"

"Our social lives are going to be damaged forever." Miranda pouted.

"Is that like the time I broke the football and the game was stopped?" Scott wondered.

"Sure, big guy." Vera sighed.

"I'll kill that vampire nerd." Damien mumbled "I pulled a fire alarm for this!?"

"Hmm, seems late enough, you five can go." Coach told them.

"Freedom!" Polly ran out the door.

As soon as she got into the hallway both Oz and Liam were standing there.

"What the hell you two?!" she pouted "What about our plans for a great escape?"

"Socially ruined." Miranda sighed "My kingdom will lose all respect for me."

Liam reached into his pocket and pulled out a card.

"Huh?" Polly blinked "What's that?"

"An invitation to the party." Liam point "It doesn't start till eight."

"Shit eight we're super late!" Polly yelled.

"It's five PM!" he yelled.

"Oh." Polly hummed "So…I…"

"You were never gonna miss in the first place." Oz shrugged.

"Well I totally missed the pregame for the pregame for the party!" Polly said.

"You got the rest of us dragged into your mess because you didn't read the fricken invitation?!" Vera snapped.

"I never read the invitation, the party starts when I get there." Polly said smugly.

"So then why did it ever matter if you were late?" Damien asked.

"Uhh…hmm good point, well what's done is done so let's go get fucked up!" the ghost cheered.


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