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baka- idiot

yakusoku- I promise


You cry when you're in pain, right?

Did you know that some kinds of tears hurt worse than others?

The worst tears are those that come silently, that you cry when your very soul is in pain.

Because when you weep silent tears, no one hears you but yourself.


Yugi Motou wept as he fled, wept for the months of pain he had endured, the forgotten friendships, the lost hope.

Things had been better for a while, after he had solved the puzzle. He'd had friends, a life worth living, someone to confide in and to protect him.

'Why couldn't things have stayed that way?' Yugi asked the uncaring universe. Of course, it didn't answer. It never does.

Yugi slowed as he reached the park. He turned onto a small path leading into the trees, leading to the one place he ever felt at peace. Whenever his heart ached, and his soul cried out for mercy, he could come here to be healed, however little.

He'd been coming here a lot, lately.

Pushing through the bushes surrounding his meadow, Yugi walked forward and collapsed into the soft grass. A sprinkling of wildflowers waved in the gentle breeze, bathing him with their perfume. The golden sunshine of the summer afternoon swept over the tiny sanctuary as Yugi cried.

He remembered when he had been happy, and loved, especially after he had found his yami. His yami. Yugi laughed bitterly. "'I'll always be there for you, Yugi,'" he mocked. "'Yakusoku.'"

'I never should have believed him.'

For a while he thought he had loved Yami. That love had died, along with the rest of his emotions.

He'd thought about running away, beginning a new life. One of his fondest dreams was of starting over. But he realized that no matter how far he went, he would never be free. It was only then that he considered ending it, all the pain, and fear.

But that would kill Yami. No matter how much Yami hurt him, Yugi still couldn't bring himself to hurt him back. After all, Yami was everything he wasn't; strong, brave, handsome. And Yugi was a nothing, a pitiful weakling. Yugi wasn't worth loving.

Weeping silent tears, the small teenager cried himself to sleep.

The hours passed.


The sun had sunk beneath the horizon when the air in the trees seemed to shiver, rippling like the waters of a wind-swept lake. The air split, and through the hole stepped a dark figure, soon joined by a second, and a third.

"Is everyone ok?"

"Yes, yes, we're all ok. Now can we ~go~ already?"

"Alright, Akai, c'mon."

The three cloaked figures walked quietly in the deserted park. Abruptly a woman's voice cut through the night.

"Ow! Akai, watch where you're going, wouldya?"

"Hey, it's not ~my~ fault I can't see in the dark! Whose bright idea was it to come here at night, anyway?"

"Mine, actually, Akai," drawled a soft voice. "Now be quiet before someone hears you."

"Yes, 'Kara. Um.isn't the reason we're here because someone's ~supposed~ to hear us?"

"~One~ person, not the entire town, baka!"

"Oh, shut up, Kasan. Besides, it's not like there's anyone out here to hear us ." His voice trailed away.

"Akai? Akai, what is it?"

"Okay, so maybe I was wrong ." Akai said, looking at the young boy curled up on the ground.