**Welcome to the epilogue! Finally managed to get this out! It has been a long road to follow, but it has been a fun one!

Everything was different. Loki remembered everything. But he also remembered the two years in captivity. It was strange reconciling with that fact. Everyone was enthusiastic with Loki's recovery. That he remembered who he was before. Loki couldn't help but to feel a little bit guilty. He wasn't the same as he was before he lost his memories. He was a strange mix of new and old memories.

Lady Eir seemed to pick up on this. Before they allowed him his magic and freedom, Lady Eir insisted on one final psychological exam. He passed, with a note of concern from Lady Eir, that if dark thoughts ever intruded again, to seek help, he didn't have to suffer alone. That same day Loki was allotted his magic once more. The enchantments that kept him contained to the garden and North Wing were removed. Loki could come and go as he pleased.

Loki took pride in his position as King's counselor as well as his position of Teacher. He worked alongside of Lady Ran and Vidar to teach the Asgardian children, not just those adopted into the royal family, but all who desired to learn, magic. Loki regained his lost friendship with Jane. Later Thor admitted to baring the two of them visiting. The reasons being that Thor feared Loki would unintentionally break his oath of truth and thus suffer the consequences of the Norns.

Loki was also happy to hear that Thor and Jane had reunited and mended their broken relationship. They were engaged. It worried Loki that they held off their wedding to wait for Loki to remember. That fact put him on edge. There was still that possibility that Loki could have never remembered. Would Thor put off their wedding on account of Loki's memories? Loki banished the thought from his mind. Jane was pregnant with another child and Thor was going to make her queen.

Loki's vision of creating peace between Asgard and Midgard was coming true, through Fredrick. Now that Loki was 'good' again, Midgard was eager to show their forgiveness, and their thankfulness. Loki was still banned from New York City and from Stuttgart Germany. However, due to the fact that it was his sacrifice that saved not only half of the people of Earth but the entire universe, Midgard not only pardoned him for his transgressions, but celebrated him. It was unnerving how bright it was in sun.

There was one thing that still bothered Loki, even after months of being free. He finally found time to sit down with his nephew, who was drawing with crayons on a large sheet of paper.

"Fredrick…?" Loki asked.

"Yeah? Uncle Lok?" Fredrick asked. It hurt Loki's heart that the little boy grew out of the word 'cool' for 'uncle'. But there could never be growth without change. Fredrick was growing up much too quickly.

"You know, when you pulled me from the Soul Stone?" Loki asked.

"Uhuh?" Fredrick said as he didn't look up from his drawing, "I found you and fixed you."

"Yeah, where did you learn to do that?"

"Here," Fredrick told Loki.

"Here, in New Asgard?"

"Yeah. In my room."

"Did you get the idea from a book?" Loki asked.

"No, she showed me when I was asleep," Fredrick said, still not looking at Loki.

"She?" Loki asked. "Can you tell me everything?"

Fredrick finally stopped coloring and looked up to Loki, "Like in a story?"

Loki smiled, "Yeah, tell me what happened like as if it was in a story."

Fredrick put down his colors and sat up. He thought about it for a moment before speaking. "Once upon time. I was sad. 'Cause Uncle Lok was lost and broken. Daddy said no seeing you for long time. I went to sleep, sad. But I dreamed 'bout a garden. She was there. Very tall, hair like me, but reaaaaaaally long. Her dress was very pretty. She gave me a hug. Told me everything would be okay. And she showed me how to use my saydar. She came every night while I sleep. Showed me what to do. When I learned everything I came to find you. I snatched Daddy's keys," Fredrick added with a loud whisper. "And I brought you back together. The End!"

Loki stared at Fredrick and struggled to find the words. "The woman...Did she say what her name was?

Fredrick shook her head. "She said her name was Amma. Do you know her?"

Loki shivered and then nodded. "Mine and Thor's mother, Frigga, we called her Amma when we were children."

"Daddy says his momma died a long time ago," Fredrick said.

"Yes...she did. But sometimes she's able to talk to us in our dreams and help us."

"She helped me. Has she helped you before?"

Loki nodded.

"Well, I like her. And her garden is the prettiest!"

"Yes," Loki agreed. "It is."

Fredrick turned and went back to his drawing.

Loki stood up to leave. "Thank you for telling me," he told Fredrick.

"Yep!" Fredrick said, but his attention was fully on his drawing. Loki smiled and headed towards the door. As he gave a glance back and Fredrick and his art, Loki saw how Fredrick's lines seemed to take shape. It all had to do with the angle of the paper and how Loki stood. He moved over a little and knelt down. As he did so the paper filled of scribbles changed before his eyes. Immediately Loki could see in the paper, Frigga looking back at him with a smile on her lips.

Loki stood up quickly, changing the angle of the paper and returning Fredrick's masterpiece portrait back into scribbles. Fredrick looked up at Loki, a twinkle in his eyes.

"See somethin' Uncle Lok?" Fredrick asked.

"Nothing," Loki lied with a smirk on his face. Clearly Fredrick was teasing him. For all the good that Loki had gained, there was a mischievous streak in him that could never truly die.