I must first start with the disclaimer that I do not own and do not take credit for any Marvel characters. Next, I will let anyone who is about to read this know that there will be SPOILERS about The Avengers: Infinity War. This story is just something I wanted to whip up. I believe Bucky deserves to love and be loved. This isn't going to be some dark story, it is a romantic story. If a love story isn't what you were looking for then please exit now. THANK YOU.

Ever since the destruction of what was now known as the "Infinity War", the world and the people in it changed. It had been only a few months since the event occurred, but it was a pinnacle point in everyone's lives. The ones who watched their loved ones die had a much better appreciation for them. The ones who had died and then brought back had a better appreciation for life. Most of everyone understood now that they had no control over what would, or could, happen to them. The Avengers reunited in this aftermath and the world was grateful to have them back. There were those who still believed they should not continue with their ways. That they were the reason these terrible things fell upon Earth and it's inhabitants. It is possible they were right or The Avengers were the only reason the world was still in one piece. If they were not there to defend and protect, would these terrible things still have occurred? Or would they have occurred regardless? In truth, the world would never know.

These deep thoughts ran though the mind of a young women whose head was off in the clouds. When it should have been focused on the speaker in front of her. Staring at the man giving the speech, only listening in every now and then, catching pieces of the topic at hand. A yawn was beginning to creep up, but she fought the urge and chose that moment to readjust her position. Turning the chair more to the right, she now faced the front the room, and placed both hands in her lap.

'This is pointless...' She thought, 'We know this stuff already. I get the feeling that this guy does not know that we are some of the top minds Shield has to offer. I mean Bruce Banner is here for goodness sake.'

She looked to her left and saw him push some of his curly brown hair out of his face. He was letting it grow out some, which showed off more of the grey hair mixed within. She had been able to work with him since the aftermath of the war. After the war, Shield worked to develop better technologies and defenses. That was what they were discussing in this meeting. More like listening to, as Shield knew what they wanted, but needed the right minds to bring life to their ideas. She believed things like these meetings were an utter waste of time. All it ever was, was some white collar "yes" man telling them what Shield wanted. What resources they had at their disposal and the timeline they needed to complete it by. All pointless things to talk about. They wanted better global defenses, which was easy with Wakanda's technology now at their fingertips. They had all the resources they could ever need, since Stark was funding most of this operation. Time was the only thing they had to keep track of. Things were fine for now, but the past had shown everyone that time was never on their side.

"Well, does anyone have any questions about what is expected of them?" Said the man, after he completed his speech, "This is an important project and we need all hands on deck!" He exclaimed in a chipper tone and with quaint smile.

The room was silent and the dozen or so people looked at him with the same exasperated expression. He smiled, seeming unfazed by their attitudes, "Good! Then go break some eggs!"

With almost no hesitation the group stood up and made their way out the glass doors of the conference room. The woman made her way over to Banner, pushing through the group of people. She walked up by his right side and matched his pace.

In an elated tone, she asked, "So, how is your day going Dr. Banner?"

He turned his gaze over to her and smiled, "Hello, Serenity, you know you can call me Bruce. I've told you this before and my day is going well. Yours?"

"It would be a perfect day once the shipment of vibranium gets here. I'm beyond excited to work with such a coveted resource." She could hardly contain her excitement as a large grin broke out on her face.

"Well, it should be here in a few hours." He explained as he rubbed the nape of his neck, "Once it does we should get to work right away." Serenity nodded in agreement.

Being on the frontline, Banner knew first hand the destruction our world faced. It felt like only a matter of time until the next catastrophic event occurred. Serenity could sense his distress, but didn't have the words to alleviate his concerns. She knew very well that they could do what was expected of them. The Wakandans were sharing their most precious resource and most of their technology. This included their defense, medical, and weapons technology. Shield wanted to see if we could create more and try to continue the evolution of technology. Both were in deep thought over what needed to be completed. The two of them continued down a hallway, towards the lab they were working in. Serenity's focus was on her feet, too encompassed in her thoughts to pay attention to the world around her. Banner was also lost in his own mind, stroking his chin as he looked onwards. Both were moving on auto pilot, knowing the exact route they needed to take without any thought.

Out of nowhere, Serenity ran face first into what felt like a metal wall. The force of the hit was so powerful that it made her stumble backwards and fall on her back. She yelped out in pain while closing her eyes. Clutching her face with both hands, she rolled over onto her side. Curling up into a ball, she squirmed around from the pain surging through her nose and face. A warm sensation began to run down her hands. Opening her eyes, she pulled one hand away to see blood. Her eyes widened in shock and she tried to comprehend what happened. She heard a commotion of voices around her and could see people surrounding her. Although in that moment, her vision was hazy, but she could feel somebody sitting her up. She was still on the floor, but sitting up right. Keeping her head down, she leaned forward a bit and tried to breathe through her mouth.

"I'm so sorry!" Exclaimed the voice of a man, who seemed distraught by his tone, "Oh god, I broke your nose! Keep leaning forward, it should help direct the blood flow."

Serenity wanted to lift her head up to see who was speaking, but her head was throbbing from the pain. Her eyes were tearing up and a couple had managed to escape, running down her cheek. The blood was now trailing down her forearm and dripping down onto her legs and skirt.

She stared at the droplets and thought, 'Good thing this thing is black. I like this skirt.' This was a silly thought, but she couldn't help think about how easy it would be to clean, since it was black.

Still looking down at the ground, her view consisted of loose, curly brown hair. Her vision was clear now and the blood was no longer flowing from her nose, but was more like a trickle. She could feel it running down her face and neck. At that point, she took her free hand and tried to wipe it up, not wanting any to travel down her chest. The people around her were mumbling words that she didn't pay attention to. At that time, she felt it was a good moment to get up. Taking her hand off her face, she placed both of them on the floor in front of her. Taking a deep breath through her mouth, she made the best effort she could to push herself up and forward. Regardless, her balance was off and she almost flung herself face first into the floor. At the same time, she felt a pair of hands grab both her arms and prevent her from causing more damage.

'Is that metal?' She thought, looking down at her left arm she saw what was in fact a metal hand. 'Is that who I think it is?'

She turned her head around and up to her right to get a look at the man who had grabbed her. It pained her to do so, but her curiosity got the better of her. The man grasping her was in fact the person she was thinking of, James Buchanan Barnes also known as Bucky. She then realized, that she must have ran into his arm somehow. That was him apologizing for breaking her nose. His eye brows were raised and worry filled those blue eyes. His grasp on her arms was firm, but yet gentle. She tried again to pull herself up, this time Bucky assisted. Now on her feet, she looked around to see many people standing around. Many of them had the same worried expression on their faces. Captain Steve Rogers was even in the mix, but it was to be expected if Bucky was near by.

Bruce shuffled over to her, "We need to get you to the infirmary. That is a lot of blood."

She nodded, "That would be..." She paused taking a deep breath through her mouth,"...a good idea."

Determined to walk on her own, she stumbled in the direction of the medical wing. She could feel one of Bucky's hands resting on her back. It seemed he was determined to make sure she got there in one piece.