It was late afternoon, Tony and Pepper's Wedding just finished. They had it on the beach outside their home. The amount of people that attended was cut in half from last night. It was beautiful and a surprisingly heartfelt ceremony. Vision ordained it and although he was stiff at some moments, he did an excellent job. Pepper adorned a cream, form fitting, lace dress. Her red locks were pinned up into a chignon. Tony wore a traditional black tuxedo with a silk peak lapel and bow tie. Tony's vows were quite moving as he laid his heart out for how he felt about Pepper. Everyone felt so honored to be able to see that side of him. It was humbling to see this side of the hero.

After the ceremony everyone moved inside, watching the couple experience their first dance. They looked so happy as they moved along the floor. Their eyes locked on each other, as if the world around them did not exist. Afterwards, people continued to congratulate the couple. The music continued playing and a number of people danced with their partners. Serenity sat at a table, watching an older couple slowly sway to the music. They were Pepper's parents, and they seemed so happy. She contently watched them sway in each other's arms.

On the other side of the room stood Steve, Sam, and Bucky. Steve and Sam were talking to each other, while Bucky remained silent. His eyes were locked on Serenity. No matter what he did, he always found himself trying to find her in the crowd. Sam noticed Bucky and followed his line of sight.

"Go talk to her already." Sam stated, "You have been standing here staring at her and it's starting to get weird."

Bucky looked over at him and hesitated. Sam shook his head, "Ok, fine. Then I'm going to ask her to dance."

Sam took a few steps forward, but was stopped by Bucky's hand on his arm. Bucky let out a sigh and walked forward. Sam smirked and crossed his arms. Steve walked up behind him and said, "He really is starting to develop something for her, isn't he?"

Sam nodded, "Yeah, but it's still weird."

Serenity was broken from her daze by Bucky, who had his hand extended. "Umm, care to dance?" His face looked both excited and scared. He was smiling, but his eyes looked as though they were ready for a let down.

Placing her hand in his, she stood up, "That sounds lovely." As they walked over to the floor, the song changed. They both smiled and looked at each other when Ed Sheerdan's "Photograph" came on.

"I must worn you, I'm a bit rusty." Bucky said has he placed his right hand around her waist. She put her left hand on his shoulder and took his right hand in her left. "It's ok, just let your body move you. We'll go slow."

They began to sway to the rhythm of the guitar. They looked into each other's eyes and ignored the world that surrounded them. They moved slow at first, staying in a small space on the dance floor. Their pace picked up as the song continued. They began to move around the floor, in between the other dancers. Her hair brushed against Bucky's hand as they moved faster with the pace of the song. He pulled her in closer and she could swear that she could feel his heartbeat. It was fast, but his face showed no signs of distress. His expression was soft and completely focused on her. Bucky gently guided her back and gave her a spin. Her dark red dress twirling before he brought her back in. She gave him a big smile and he returned it. Their smiles never left as they continued. Their pace slowed as the song did. The music faded away and another song began. The two of them slowly stopped and walked off the dance floor.

Steve and Sam stood on the edge of the floor, looking at Bucky in amazement. Their mouths slightly a gap. Bucky shrugged as Serenity guided him away. They sat down at a nearby table and she laughed.

"Rusty my ass." She stopped to catch her breath, "That was pretty damn good."

He rubbed the back of his neck and smiled, "Yeah, we started and it was as if I was transported to the past."

She let out a sigh through her smile, "Good."

The day continued and so did the party. People made toasts to the happy couple, wishing them luck. They especially wished Pepper all the luck, as everyone knew how Tony acted. The day turned into night and many of the guests left. The wait staff had cleaned up and the team was all that remained. Tony and Pepper had left for their honeymoon. Tony purchased an island for the occasion, which did not surprise anyone. He allowed everyone to stay at his home until they were ready to head back to the compound. Everyone was sitting in the living room, talking amongst themselves. Serenity was talking with Thor on the couch.

"You really remind me of Jane. She too is passionate about her work." Thor said as he turned to face Serenity on the couch.

"Oh I know, I have met her a few times. She really is brilliant." Serenity smiled when she thought back to past encounters, "I was sad to hear about the break up though."

Thor waved his hands about, "Well, it was a mutual thing."

She could tell he was trying to put a mask on. He was smiling, but it was forced. She placed a hand on his arm, "It's ok to be upset about it. Heartbreak is hard to deal with. But it is something we all face and it takes on many forms. Time will help you to understand things better."

He nodded, "Yes, wise words."

She nodded back, but could tell he was now lost in thought. Her eyes wandered over to Bucky, who was sitting next to Natasha and Bruce. It appeared as though they were putting their phone numbers in his new phone. Natasha looked up and smiled at Serenity.

"Let's play a game!" Natasha exclaimed.

Everyone looked around at each other, some unsure and some excited. Serenity was the first to speak up, "What did you have in mind?"

"Who am I?" Natasha said as she walked over to a side table. She looked around and pulled out a pad of sticky notes and a pen.

"Oh fun!" Serenity clapped her hands, but the others seemed to be confused.

"How do you play it?" Wanda asked, interested in the game.

"I will write down names of famous people or fictional characters and we all place one of the names on our forehead. You get 20 questions to try and figure out who the person on the sticky note is." Natasha said as she began to write out names on the sticky notes.

She stuck one on everyone's forehead. She handed the pen and notepad to Serenity. Serenity put the pen to her lips as she tried to think. A light bulb hit and she scribbled out a name. Natasha leaned down and Serenity stuck it to her forehead.

"I will go first." Natasha said as she stood in front of everyone. "I will ask questions and you all can only tell me yes or no. If I don't get it by 20 questions, I have to guess. But if I know it sooner, I can guess then."

Everyone shook their heads in confirmation, "Ok, Am I a man?"

The game went on for about an hour as everyone took their turn. Natasha got her's quickly, in only six questions. Bucky, Steve, and Thor took the longest. Thor and Vision were the only ones to guess wrong and lose. They were all laughing over both their answers. It was almost a given Thor would lose, not being entirely aware of Earth's culture. After the game everyone except Bucky, Steve, and Serenity retired to their beds for the night.

Steve leaned back in his chair, with a big smile on his face, "That really was fun. It's nice to have a sense of normalcy."

Bucky nodded in agreement as he glanced over at Serenity. She looked over at him and her smile grew. She added to his statement, "Normalcy is not really something people in our line of work get. It will be hard to return to the compound." She sighed softly.

"I have always wondered, why do you stay at the compound? Many of the people there live elsewhere, they commute in on the bus to my knowledge. So why stay there?" Steve asked, leaning forward in his chair.

Serenity looked at him and then at the coffee table, "I don't have any family or friends. At least, not any close friends. Bruce is the closest friend I have. My work is my life and staying at the compound just made sense." She fiddled with her dress, "I'm not as lonely anymore. I may not have friends, but I'm always surrounded by people. It's a lot nicer than being alone in a house or apartment."

"I hope you consider us friends." Bucky chimed in, giving her a reassuring smile.

"I do." Serenity looked at him with a soft smile.

"We sure enjoy your presence. Bruce always spoke highly of you, but we never really got to meet you." Steve stated, "Until you know…" He made a gesture at Bucky and her.

She let out a high pitched laughed, but quickly covered her mouth. After a minute she looked over at Bucky, "That is water under the bridge, really." She turned to Steve, "I don't like bringing it up. It was an accident that gets way too much attention."

Steve nodded, "Noted. Well, I think I'm going to hit the hay. I will see you two in the morning." He stood up and gave a tiny salute before heading off.

There was a moment of silence between Bucky and Serenity after Steve left. Serenity broke it first, "So, were you able to get a few phone numbers?" She was on a different couch, but she scooted closer to him.

He scooted closer as well and gave her a beaming smile, "Yes, I was. Everyone was pretty surprised to find out I had a phone."

"Not surprising, do you have any questions about it?" Serenity leaned forward a little.

Bucky nodded, pulling out the phone he got up and sat down next to her. "I do. Natasha said I should make a playlist, but I don't know what that is. I heard you use that term once before."

"It's a bunch of different songs that you like, put into a group. That way you can listen to your favorite songs or certain songs depending on your mood. I have some playlists already made on there." She pointed to the different playlists she referred to.

"Oh ok. Also, what is an App…Store?" His brow scrunched in confusion.

Serenity smiled and began to show him the many details about the phone. Much like before, they stayed up for hours, she answered his questions and showed him how to use it. He made his own playlist, downloaded the game solitaire, and learned how to use emojis. Serenity was feeling a heaviness in her eyes, but she pushed through her exhaustion. She enjoyed spending this time with him. He was just so excited about the phone, she didn't want to leave. They were relaxing on the couch, only a few inches apart. Bucky continued to sort through songs as Serenity began to drift to sleep. Her head gently rested on his left shoulder and she was out cold. He looked over at her and could feel his cheeks heat up. However, he let her sleep peacefully as he continued to figure out the phone.