Following the defeat of Schnizel for the Battle on Mt. Fuji, Lelouch ordered him to be a servant of Zero always. This not only won him the Damocles but also would burden Schnizel with always having his curse being active. Lelouch won in the end, despite always losing to Schnizel in Chess as children.

Lelouch looked up to his older brother, he always wanted to win over him, and he did with his rebellion. But this wasn't just personal, it was for the whole world. Since 2010, Britannia held reign over Japan ans many other countries for 8 years up, calling the Japanese "11's". This angered Lelouch and drove him even more to liberate Japan. Including the death of his mother and now knowing that his father, the 97th Emperor of Britannia - Charles zi Britannia - was responsible but also conspired with Lelouch's mothers death, only to be taught that she was alive through a member of the Knight of Seven. Through here, she could continue her plan with Charles to use the Collective Unconscious to stop the maech of time and bring back the dead.

Lelouch didn't sit well with this. Even so, he was a powerful leader. Many with him did not want to stay glued to the past. The Black Knights and those that continued supporting him wanted a world of tomorrow, to evolve and get rid of hatred, only staying would prove life was stagnant and unnmoved.

THE AFTERMATHThe war was now over and Lelouch declared himself the 98th Emperor of Britannia, ruling all of the world (Besides Australia.) and in complete control of the Black Knights including the Damocles. Suzaku Kurugu, his best friend and ex enemy, was declared dead to be in hiding only to be used later on for the end game. The Black Knights were all under arrest and would be executed in the next few months. This was only part of the elaborate scheme though.

The thorough plan for Zero Requiem was coming full circle. It started with the order or Code and it was ending with Code. The three figures that would end the oppression of war in 2017. C.C., Lelouch Vi Britannia and Suzaku Kurugi. The base where they discussed this was in Afghanistan.

"Considering all the options, the best way to execute this would be assassination. You have inherited your father's code and while we do know that having both is impossible, you have also Geass. This is our trump card." C.C. explained as she looked over the last few steps of Zero Requiem.

"I don't feel very different from having both. Perhaps it is because my code has not been activated and we know code only activates after "death". Should Suzaku "kill" me, it won't take me long to revive. This will go accordingly." Lelouch pointed out as he crossed his arms to look at both Suzaku and C.C.

Suzaku had a hand on his hip next to his custom made sword and had the mask of Zero in his other.

"With my accelerated stamina, it should be a breeze dodging all those bullets from the Guard Mech's. We'll need to ensure Jeremiah makes it look believable though." Suzaku commented.

"That will be easy." Lelouch smirked. "Evade the attacks, jump on Jeremiah's shoulder to the ramp, then swipe the gun off my hand and aim for the black heart of mine." Lelouch said with no qualms, accepting what was to happen.