Time passed like one big blur. At the cathederal where Suzaku and Lelouch discussed even more about the ending to Zero Requiem.

The way they decided to end the cycle of hatred was working. The world hated Lelouch and many believe that he wasn't Zero which even benefited the last waltz. If all the allies focused on killing the Demon, they would be unified. But with it came some savoury sacrifices.

"The legend of Zero isn't dead. It lives within in the hearts of the Black Knughts. Schneizel will serve Zero also. With this, the world will not exchange with force, but with an exchange of open dialogue around one table. Mankind will be able to move forward into the future."

Lelouch continued to describe to Suzaku his insight. Then handed him the mask of Zero.

"And that-"


"-Is the Zero Requiem."


C.C. was standing beside Lelouch as he sat and looked down at the sword of Zero. It wasn't until now thatbit was forged but he didn't need it. The means were done, all that waited was the result. Suzaku was everything that Lelouch couldn't be as Zero, combat ready with expertise on the Albion Lancelot. It wasn't necessary though, what Suzaku didn't have was the open mind of Lelouch of the strategic streak to bring the down fall of his opponents. Even without the Curse of Geass.

"Are you sure you are ready for tomorrow?" Asked C.C. as she went to lay a hand on Lelouch's shoulder.

"I never thought I'd make it this far with my rebellion. Without the power of Geass, it'd have taken me years, but now the process doesn't matter. The ends always justified the means." Lelouch commented his insight again, with a sigh.

"No need to be so modest, I know you're grateful." C.C. said snarkily and sarcastically. She then went to sit on his lap and look at him. "You've come so far since that little boy with a friend who drove you to gamble and being crushed on by an airhead who was the daughter of a minister."

Lelouch groaned at the mention of his friends. Then sighed again.

"Was it worth it all that loss?" Asked C.C.

Lelouch took a moment to think about it then gritted his teeth for a second.

"Yes. Despite all that pain, if they knew the truth, they would be happy that we are doing this." Lelouch said as he moved his hand to hold her to him as they say.

C.C. smiled and nodded as she moved closer to him. Although she was a witch and he was her warlock, they had a bond and pact after all. She was the one who gave him the geass.

Lelouch hesitated a little due to the stress but went to kiss her deeply as she kissed him when they went to search fir Nunally and who was responsible for his mother's death.

C.C. kissed back with ease then oulled away after a moment.

"I told you before, I will be the warlock to your witch, even after death." Lelouch resurfaced with his arrogant smile at that moment, looking down at her in his arms.

C.C. smiled in return and nodded at him, rubbing his back comfortingly then got up from his lap.

"I'm gonna order Pizza Hut. At least 2 boxes. I'll go borrow money from the treasury." C.C. said and walkes away with her hands behind her.

Lelouch groaned and rolled his eyes.