Hi! I'm a new member of fun fiction and this is my first story so please forgive me if I'll have wrongs in my grammars or spelling words.

Please read my story and give me your opinion, this is a prince of tennis story from when Ryoma and Ryoga were child until the second time they meet each other again.

Enjoy this.


The Difference

Chapter 1:A new start

That was 8 a.m. that finally little Ryoga arrived to the Echizen' house.

The weather was hot and sultry and it bothered him a lot. After he shake the home alarm he waited for the answer, a few seconds later he finally heard the foot steps that would come close.

Ryoga was watching the big brown door which finally opened and that was a tall man behind this.

- So after all you come young man! we were waiting for you! " Nanjiro said those sentences while he was patting Ryoga's hair.

- Hi! sorry for arriving late!" Ryoga had a lot of stress that time although he didn't know the reason! Nanjiro laughed and cited to a little boy behind his self.

- Come on kid don't you want to meet your older brother? "

That was the time that Ryoga met his younger brother for the first time in his life. Ryoma was a little copy of him, Ryoga knew that he has a younger brother but maybe he never knew that how much that kid could change his life.

"Nice to meet you chibisuke!" Ryoga didn't know why he called him like this but he felt that was a good name for such a cute brat like Ryoma.

Ryoma at first embarrassed of the new person in front of his self but after Nanjiro told him to come closer he though that Ryoga is a kind human so he smiled at him and Ryoga smiled kindly too.

- So don't worry about anything here and just play tennis with an open mind. "

Nanjiro said that sentence with eyes full of thrill "There is nothing to say when you are playing tennis!"

Ryoga smiled to his last sentence.

- Daddy can I show him around here?" Ryoma said that hopefully.

- Sure! why not! Are you agree with this young man?"

Ryoga giggled and hold Ryoma's little hand to follow him.

Ryoga though that finally he found a right place for his broken heart to start everything from the first, a place to forget his dark past.