Stepping In

A/N: This chapter contains child abuse.

Chuck stood off to the side of the Winchester's motel room. Gabriel didn't know, but during the rare times that he couldn't be there to watch over his son, Chuck tried to be there to do it for him. The boy needed looking after, especially with his supposed guardian.

Chuck couldn't say he approved of the man who'd been left to care for his eight-year-old grandson. When John Winchester wasn't provoking the supernatural, and taking two young boys along for the ride at times, he was drinking until he passed out. The man wasn't fit to take care of his own son, let alone the little fledgling.

Chuck couldn't fault his son for leaving the boy with Winchester. Gabriel was between a rock and a hard place. He knew the law regarding Nephilim, and he knew that Michael would enforce that law if he found out.

Of course, Chuck could step in. One word from him, and the all danger for Sam would disappear. Michael would never go against him. All he had to do was say the law as abolished and Michael would embrace the boy no questions asked. But Chuck wasn't going to do that. He'd decided long ago to stop intervening for a while. He wanted his children to embrace free will. Plus, he'd seen the affect that his young grandson would have in the future. He didn't want to interfere with that.

Still, Chuck did not trust John Winchester with Sam. The scene in front of him was why. John was alone with Sam, as his son was out doing research on their latest hunt. John was angry at Sam for not following through on some training he told him to do. The man had had a few drinks, so he was even more angry.

"You were supposed to go with your brother to practice shooting. Why weren't you there when he went to pick you up?" John asked angrily. He'd been trying to get his youngest trained in the few months since the boy found out about the supernatural, but the boy kept shirking off.

"I couldn't. I had to take the science test that I missed yesterday," Sam said.

"I don't care about some damn test! Science isn't going to help with hunting. It's not important!" John yelled.

Chuck continued to resist the urge to intervene. He hated seeing his grandson treated this way, but it would be best in the long run.

"Well, I don't think hunting is important," Sam said?"

"How dare you?! We hunt to get justice for your mother! Are you so ungrateful that you wouldn't give her that?" John asked.

"Don't talk about her. She'd probably be happy that I took my test," Sam said with a quiver of his lip. He hated it when his dad brought up his mother to make him feel bad. It hurt so much.

"She'd think you were an ungrateful little brat!" John yelled before smacking the boy hard across the face. It was an action that he'd soon regret.

Sam fell to the ground and started crying.

Suddenly, John threw through the room and was knocked into a wall.

Chuck had been determined to let things play out. He'd been set on that course of action since Sam's birth. That all changed the moment John Winchester laid his hands on the boy. He wasn't going to allow anyone to abuse his grandson.

John scrambled to his feet and took out his gun. He pointed it at the short, curly haired man that had just appeared out of nowhere. "What the hell are you?"

"Something that thing won't work on. And if you ever touch this child again, you'll learn exactly what I am and why my wrath is so feared. Not that you'll get the chance," Chuck said before approaching Sam.

John fired his gun at the intruder, as he'd dared go near John's son.

Chuck raised his hand and vanished the bullets. They wouldn't hurt him if they hit him, but he would not allow a stray one to hit his grandson. Once he was done, he slammed John into the wall and held him there.

Sam was holding his face while crying when the strange man knelt down beside him. He knew the man wasn't human, but he felt no need to move away from him. Somehow, he knew just knew the man wouldn't hurt him.

"Get away from my son!" John screamed at the being as he tried and failed to move from where he was.

"It's alright, little one. There is no need to cry," Chuck said softy before removing the boy's hand from his face and placing his own there. The bruise that was beginning to form was immediately healed. While he was at it, he removed the small amount of demon blood that had been fed to him as an infant. He had already decided to alter what the future might have been. He might as well go for broke. "Is that better?"

Sam nodded and let out a couple of sniffles. "Who are you?"

"I'm your grandfather. I'm going to take you away from here now," Chuck told him.

"Really? I didn't know I had a grandpa," Sam said in shock.

"He's a liar! Sam get away from him. Are you stupid?!" John asked angrily.

"Pay him no attention, child. You no longer have to worry about him. Come with me," Chuck said before picking him up. The boy was a bit old to be carried, but he planned to fly with him, which would be easier on Sam if he was in his arms.

"Where are we going?" Sam asked. He was slightly scared now. Not of the man carrying him, but of what was happening. Where were they going? Was he ever coming back?

"There is no reason to be afraid Sam. I promise, everything is going to be just fine," Chuck promised.

"But my son down, you son of a bitch! You're not taking him anywhere!" John screamed.

Chuck gave the man an amused look. "John, you'll find it more than impossible to stop me from doing anything I please. Now, this child was entrusted into your care to ensure he was safe and happy. It is clear now that you are unfit for the task. Your services are no longer required. And you should hope that I keep my son from coming after you when he realizes what happened tonight."

Sam started to get more scared. This man was saying he was taking him away from his father forever. He didn't want that. The man was his father and he still loved him. Plus, Dean was here. He couldn't be taken away from Dean. "No, please, let me go."

"I'm sorry, Sam, I can't. I know you're frightened, but you will see that it's for the best one day. I cannot allow this man to hurt you," Chuck said. With that, he flew away with the child.