Bella Swan was a freak.

Her life held the pleasing consistency that most humans crave and that many 26 year-olds aren't privy to. She had a well-paying intermediate-level job in a city she loved. She had a few close, meaningful friends along with a slew of others among her network. She had a caring and supportive father, mother and set of stepparents to boot.

She also didn't have to look too far to find a date, and the men came at a relatively steady stream. There were some cute ones, some smart ones and of course a decent amount of assholes too. Quite a few that possessed all three qualities and more.

There were plenty she should have been smitten with - a handful with which she was for a short moment.

And then it was time to take them to bed.

And it was in between her daffodil-colored sheets that she realized she was indeed a freak. You see, Bella has met with about as many kinds of lovers as she could imagine - ones who fuck her like a rabbit, who undulate their hips like a calm ocean wave, with cocks she couldn't fit her hand around and tongues that didn't quit - even a few into tying her up.

And yet it all left her…


No, Bella Swan knew what she needed. She just wasn't sure how she was going to get it. She'd never had to seek out a partner to have sex with before. Or, she should say partners. Because yes, what Bella Swan, the Freak, needed to have a fulfilling sex life...was two pairs of hands grabbing on her, two tongues sliding against her and two cocks moving within her.

But where the fuck was she going to find that.

A/N: If you can't already tell, this story is gonna be a lot of PWP. Some kinky shit up in here. You have been warned.