Never in my life had I imagined how my life would end, even if I had, it certainly wouldn't be like this.

I watched as my soon-to-be killer came closer, smiled like Cheshire Cat. Her bright red hair flew around her like wild fire, her eyes crimson red, her skin as pale as newly-painted wall──and it was the only part on her that made her look like Death, other than that, she resembled a well-curved Greek goddess statue.

"Getting lost, my dear?" Even her voice was breath-taking. "You know, it's dangerous to wander alone in deep forest at night, your people must have scary stories about here."

As her arms snaked around my torso, I knew that I was doomed. I watched as my entire life played before my eyes: childhood at Neah Bay with my mother, numerous summers spent at First Beach with my elder brother Jay, moved back to La Push and lived with my father at the junior year of high school... Wolf howls were heard nearby, but all my mind could focus was on the red-haired angel of death in front me, who was sinking her fang into my neck.

Of three things I was certain: First, she definitely wasn't human; Second, I was going to die; And third, although I should be afraid, some parts of me felt like in heaven to be dead in the arms of angel.