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WARNING: Spoilers to Avengers: Infinity War. Like a big spoiler about how people die. So...you have been warned.

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THIRD WARNING: Major Character death.

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"Mr Aizawa, I Don't Feel So Good."

My Hero Academia & Avengers: Infinity War

Summary: Everything was normal. Than it wasn't. Izuku Midoriya was disappearing in front of them and they couldn't do anything! Right in front of their eyes, and they were powerless.

It was suppose to be a normal day.

Izuku thought it was just a normal day.

When Izuku woke up this morning he felt something was a little...off, but wasn't going to let some strange feeling stop him. So he got dressed for school, ate breakfast, kissed his mom goodbye, and walked to U.A.

The feeling just wouldn't go away. It felt like the gut feeling that something bad was going to happen, but worse.

Something very wrong was going to happen.


Izuku looked up at the call of his nickname.

Uraraka and Iida were waiting by the gate, both smiling at him. He pushed the feeling down and smiled back.


Izuku merged with his friends and all three of them walked through the gate together. They talked, they laughed as they walked to class.

Just like a normal day.

Along the way they found Todoroki. With warm smiles and bright eyes, they convinced him to walk the rest of the way with them. Ever since the Sports Festival they made an effort to make him feel included on their group.

The smile slowly disappeared from Izuku's face as the feeling came back.

"Is something wrong, Midoriya?" He snapped out of his thoughts at Todoroki's question.

"I...don't know," He was thinking about the feeling again, of course. It was getting more noticeable, no matter how much he pushed it down.

"If something is troubling you, Midoriya, you can tell us," Iida spoke up, ready to help his friend.

"Yeah, it's what friends are for," Uraraka gave a reassuring smile.

Todoroki gave a nod in support.

The green-haired teen rubbed the back of his neck nervously. "I have this...feeling. Like something really, really bad is going to happen."

"Fear not! U.A. teachers will do everything in their power to make sure everyone is okay!" He knew the Class President was just trying to reassure him that they were safe within U.A. walls. The teachers have done everything in their power to protect the students before, they can do it again.

But this felt so much more than them. So much more than U.A. More than the world.

Izuku smiled a bit forced. "You're right, Iida."

The four students walked into their classroom and took their seats. The fellow 1-A students around them talked and laughed together.

The bell rings and everyone shuffles to their seats as Aizawa walked in.

Everything was normal.

Aizawa was speaking in his usual bored tone. All the students listened intently to what he was saying.

Suddenly, something inside Izuku changed.

Something changed. His whole existance felt so...different.

He felt so weak. Izuku couldn't hold himself up. He fell out of his chair and slammed onto the floor.

"Midoriya!" "Deku!"

Izuku could see, hear, and feel everything so clearly.

"Midoriya!" A sharp voice commanded close to him. "Look at me."

The green-haired teen moved his eyes to see Aizawa kneel down next to him.

"I…I don't feel so good, Aizawa," Izuku whispered, panic filled his entire being.

"Iida! Go get Recovery Girl as fast as you can!"

"Yes, sir!"

Aizawa focused his attention back on Izuku and pulled the student's upper body into his lap.

"Look at me, Problem Child. Focus on me," The Pro-Hero paused for a second. "Tell me what's wrong."

Izuku opened his mouth to speak, but seemed to pause at something. He lifted his right hand.

It was disappearing.

The whole class became complete and utter panic.

No. Whoever is doing this, please don't take Midoriya.

"Whoever is doing this better watch the fuck out because I'm going to fucking destory them," Bakuga snarled. "Don't fucking leave us, shitty Deku!"

No one could react to what Bakugo said, because they were trying to figure out how to stop this, oh please.

Tears silently slid down Izuku's face. He was disappearing. He couldn't achive his dream to be a Hero and save people. He couldn't watch his friends achive their dreams. Why him?

"I'm...sorry," The green-haired teen gasped out. More tears slid down his face as his elbows turned to dust, his feet had disappeared as well.

"This isn't your fault, Midoriya," Aizawa told him in an emotionless tone. "We'll figure this out."

The teacher wants to promise that they'll, he will, save him. But Aizawa can't. Because he wasn't sure he could fufill that promise.

He didn't want the last thing his student to hear from him to be a lie.

Some students of 1-A were sobbing, others were silently crying.

Why did it have to be their Midoriya?!

Iida sped back into the classroom. "Recovery Girl's office is filled with students that are disappearing. This is happening all over the school!"

She won't be able to make it, was left unsaid.

A sob escaped Izuku as his thoughts raced.

What about his Mom? She would be all alone.

What about All Might?

One for All? If Izuku disappears, the Quirk will be forever lost.

Izuku knew he would eventually die, but he at least thought he would die being a Hero. Saving people.

There was a crash as Toshinori colided with the doorway. Pain flashed in his shoulder, but he didn't care. He rushed into the classroom and froze.

There, in Aizawa's lap, disappearing was Midoriya Izuku. His successor. The kid he almost saw as a son.

Toshinori collasped onto his knees as Izuku's eyes turned to him ans the boy's chest disappeared.

"I love you guys."

Then what seems like in a snap, Midoriya Izuku completely disappeared.

For a few long seconds there was silence as everyone comprehend what just happened, who they just lost.

Then utter chaos.

Students screamed as they sobbed.


Depending on how Avengers 4 happens, this one-shot will have a second chapter. But until then, it will be marked as complete.

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