Mr. Aizawa, I Don't Feel So Good

Based on the Soul Stone theory being confirmed by the Russo brothers

Y'all can thank colossalblackening for convincing me to make one more chapter before Avengers 4. But don't get use to it because I will not update this until after I've seen what happens in Avengers 4.

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Bright green eyes slowly blinked open and looked around the orange landscape filled with confused individuals.

Midoriya Izuku didn't know where he was, or how he got here. He vividly remembered being in the arms of his teacher and being surrounded by his classmates, his friends. He remembered everyone, including himself, crying and screaming for him not to leave. He didn't want to leave.

He doesn't know how, he doesn't know when, but Izuku will get out of here. Somehow.


Izuku yelped and spun around. "Shinso?"

The purple-haired GenEd student gave a nod as he stopped in front of his former opposite. "You're here too?"

"Yeah," The green-haired boy sighed as his eyes scanned the scared-looking people around them. "Do you know anyone else that's here?"

Shinso shrugged and looked away. "I saw most of the GenEd kids in my class and a few 1-B kids...did you see any of your classmates?"

Izuku scratched the back of his neck and gave a sad smile. "I'm the only 1-A kid that disappeared."

The two fell into a slightly awkward silence, both not looking at each other.

"Did you see any heroes?" Izuku broke the silence and turned back to his friend.

"...a few. Hawks, Present Mic, Midnight, and I think the screaming ball of fire is Endeavor."

The green-haired teen nodded. "I saw Mt. Lady and Best Jeanist."

"That's a lot of heroes," Shinso muttered.

"We'll find a way out!" Izuku grinned brightly.

"How can you be so sure," The tired-looking teen growled, glaring at the other boy. "We died, Midoriya. This is just some kind of hell."

"Because heroes don't give up," The grin seemed to get even brighter, somehow. "So we don't either."

Shinso seemed to relax at his friend's optimism, his glare disappeared.

"You look too optimistic about the situation, kid."

Izuku turned around and looked up at the man that snuck up behind him.

The man was tall. He was wearing a dark red jacket over a gray shirt. There was some kind of gun attached to his hip. He looked sad, like he had given up hope.

Considering the man spoke in English, Izuku switched to that language. "I am Midoriya Izuku. You are?"

"Quill. Peter Quill," The man gave a nod in greeting.

"Hello, Mr. Quill," The green-haired teen grinned brightly once again, not realizing it had fallen. "We cannot give up hope of we want to leave."

"Look around, kid!" Quill threw his arms out, motioning towards the depressed looking people. "We died! There is no way to escape!"

"Not true," Izuku frowned as Shinso moved to stand next to him. "Our souls were transferred to wherever this place is. Theoretically, if someone outside this place got us out, then our bodies could return."

"In theory," Quill pointed out. "Don't give people false hope."

"There are plenty of great heroes out there that can save us!

"They have to find us first," Quill scowled. "We are stuck in a stone that is in the hands of a madman that thinks it's his job to stop world hunger! And guess what?! With the snap of his fingers he killed half of the universe's population!"

"Heroes have not failed us before," Izuku's face became determined.

Shinso glanced at his friend before nodding. "And they won't fail us now."

Sorry it's short, but it was hard to get inspiration just to write this much.