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She was so done with this conversation. Could it still be considered a conversation if it was only one person talking? Because that was what was happening, Harriet Greene was boasting about her wonderful vacation to Rome with...someone. Rose hadn't bothered
listening to the Hufflepuff 5th year for far longer.

She also didn't really understand what Louis, her dear cousin, saw in her either. Sure, she was pretty, with her little button nose, cute brown bangs and petite figure, but there were loads of pretty girls at Hogwarts. Harriet Greene was also very stubborn,
self-assured and, well, annoying.

The girl had been rambling for 15 minutes straight, arguing that no one could possibly have had a more splendid time she'd had in Rome. And Louis had had his arm planted firmly, confidently around her shoulders.

Rose really wanted to remove it and kick Harriet Greene out of the Hufflepuff common room. One look at Dominique told her she didn't much care for the Hufflepuff girl either. Another look at Lydia told her that Dominique's best friend shared her thoughts,

"-and then I had the best possible ice cream in the world while walking into the colosseum. And then-"

Was there a merlin damned off button? Rose broke her barely maintained pleasant facade to excuse herself because she wasn't sure if she'd left her potion's book in the library or not.

Dominique and Lydia sent envying looks at her back, both looks of which Rose was very much aware. Therefore she added a little extra kick in her step and a sway to her hips.

When Rose stood before the entrance to the Hufflepuff common room she didn't really know where to go. So, she decided to actually go to the library, if anything just to see if there was some interesting book to pick up and lock herself into.

When she set foot in the library she made her way to the history of magic section. She liked the subject and just generally loved the history of anything, she just taught it sucked that her teacher was so bloody boring. Therefore she read most of the
books and could then just sit back and doodle and think in Professor Binns class.

She scanned the shelf at her height, dragging her finger over the spines of leather and velvet and cotton bound books. That was until she came to a dark purple spine, with silver engraved letters that read: A Guide To Medieval Sorcery.

She'd read it before, of course, but some of the chapters had started to fade, so she decided, she could do with another look through it.

She tucked the book in the crook of her arm and then walked through another aisle of history books and came to the most modern ones. There she checked one out of name Harry Potter's Story To Saving the Wizarding World and After.

This one she hadn't read but had been told to by Hugo and Lily. They'd said that it was hilariously false and that everything about them had been grossly exaggerated that she should just give it a try. Usually, Rose avoided all books about her family
because they were weird and made her feel...inadequate to her surname.

So, usually she just left them on their shelves, but she was here now anyway and she'd been recommended a book and she felt like laughing. So after selecting her two books she walked over to a table towards the back of the library, by a window.

Her favorite spot. The window gave her a weird sense of comfort, and this table was far enough away from others so that she could pretend she wasn't there in the library but somewhere else.

She'd just gotten settled into her book when someone dumped a pile of books opposite her. Startled she looked up to see Roxy there. Her afro like hair pulled back in a hasty, but pretty, ponytail.

"You don't mind do you?" Roxy asked, already pulling back a chair. Rose shook her head. "No of course not. You cramming or something?" She nodded at the pile of books.

"I have a herbology essay due on three flesh eating trees with healing properties. I suck at herbology and I hate flesh eating anything, so…" Roxy opened the first book on the pile, "I need all the help I can get."

Rose smiled at her cousin sympathetically. Roxanne was a year younger than Rose and very precise in everything she did and she always needed to get an Outstanding on everything. Her detention record wasn't exactly clean, therefore she made sure all her
grades were perfect, to compensate or something.

Rose recalled her once getting an Exceeds Expectations and she'd been unconsolable for hours.

The two girls sat silently for a while. Each doing their own thing. That was until a third someone joined their table by the window, Dominique.

She wasn't carrying any books but rather a roll of parchment and a quill. She plopped down next to Rose, she glared at her younger cousin.

"I was counting on us being there together. Representing some of the Weasley front together. And then you abandon me with Harriet, who had the 'best holiday ever'" She batted her eyelashes excessively earning a smile from Rose.

"Can you honestly blame me for leaving? I mean the bird is full of herself. I'm surprised she hasn't asked daddy dearest for Rome in her backyard."

Dom rolled her eyes at that, and rolled out her parchment, using Roxy's ink, she wrote her name in beautiful handwriting at the top of her parchment.

Everything Dominique Weasley did was beautiful. Rose was almost convinced that everyone shared her opinion on this. She had beautiful strawberry blonde hair (courtesy of having a Weasley dad and a part veela mom). Artistic like freckles sprinkled over
her cheekbones, full lips and upturned blue eyes.

Dom was beautiful. Not only that, she'd also been crowned Head Girl. Rose was convinced Dom was almost perfect.

Roxy too, was beautiful. Her skin bronze, her hair dark streaked with a few blue strands courtesy of a rebellious summer. Her cheekbones high, her eyes big and doe like, she'd gotten her mother's beauty and her father's personality.

Rose on the other hand thought she looked rather plain. Or standard. She was a Weasley red and had inherited her mother's unruly curls. Her father's freckles and moles and her mother's petite frame. Her lips pale and eyes blue and downturned. She was
what everyone expected to see when you put Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger in a blender. Not that she wasn't proud of her flaming red hair. She was, especially because her, Lily, Hugo and Molly were the only ones who had gotten the precise shade
of Weasley red.

All the other girls either had a lighter or darker shade than their fathers or mother. Or no red hair at all.

However, she did hear her name when she walked past boys in corridors. Especially after fifth year people had started talking and whispering about the 'new fit Weasley'. This was flattering and weird and sometimes she wanted to hit them and sometimes
she wanted to smile her most luscious smile.

She'd once even been pictured in a Witch Weekly's article featuring pretty schoolgirls. She supposed she should be glad others saw it. She knew she wasn't ugly, she just thought her cousins were prettier. Especially now that Lily was starting to grow

Her younger cousin's hair was long, way down past her butt, it was wavy, not curly like Rose's. Her eyes were her mother's hazel color. She was short and stout, from quidditch, she'd been accepted into the team as a second year, her seeker skills admirable
and remarkable. Then there was the fact that Lily was covered in freckles. They were everywhere, a few even covered her lips.

Rose knew that Lily was overly self conscious of them. She'd been teased about them when she was younger, but now she'd started to grow into her skin, which was a relief for Lily herself. She no longer looked like a munchkin. Even though she'd been a
cute little munchkin. She'd started to look like a girl. And a dazzling one at that.

Even before Lily had started looking, like, well a Weasley girl. She'd made herself a reputation. Lily had always gotten along great with Hugo and Lorcan and Lysander. They seemed to just know one another so well. And then there was the fact that everyone
seemed to just like them.

They were so good with their tricks and their grades. None of them had ever gotten below an acceptable. Which was remarkable for the amount of pranks they pulled. Even Fred, Molly and James who had in their initial years of Hogwarts tried to beat their
namesakes, but when Lily had come to Hogwarts and she'd trumped everything.

Lily was a whole other creation to behold. It seemed like she just knew what to do and when.

Either way, Rose smiled at her cousin one more time before burying herself back in her book.

Her whole family had been haphazardly placed across houses, and after Dominique had been the first to not be placed in Gryffindor no one had looked twice at the others. Even when Al had been sorted a Slytherin, no one had looked twice.

The Weasley-Potter clan had been split up, but not really. Having not everyone be in the same house was a slight obstacle if anything. But they'd put their heads together and made it work. Rose knew the password for Slytherin. She knew the pattern of
the barrels for Hufflepuff and she knew Ravenclaw's riddles, thanks to her mom's set of brains. Of course she knew her own house's password.

She liked being part of such a big family. In the end, it was always them she went to for advice or guidance or comfort. She'd spent a special amount in the Slytherin common room.

It was the house of her best friends after all. She remembered the summer before her and Albus's first year. They'd been talking and fantasising about their adventures in Hogwarts and how they'd be in the same house and be awesome together.

But then Albus had been sorted in Slytherin and she'd been sorted in Gryffindor. She recalled the dissapoint that had been present on Albus's face next to the sadness and fear of being sorted in a different house than Albus. They'd both been so fixed
in getting into Gryffindor, to make their parents proud.

Rose recalled the feeling of the sorting hat on over her brow. It had smelled dusty and looked funny. It's voice and had been scruffy and with it it had whispered every thought Rose had ever thought to her. It was bizarre and strange and she never really
wanted to experience anything quite like it again. Being sorted into Gryffindor was a kind of relief. At least she succeeded that test.

Or something. Although she knew there was nothing wrong with other houses, she knew that if she wouldn't be sorted into Gryffindor she would have burst into tears.

Which was probably the wrong take on things, but it was the way she'd thought. When the hat had called out Gryffindor, contentment washed over her and she made her way to James, Fred and Molly and happily sat with her cousins.

This was what her and Al had planned over last summer, so she turned expectantly, waiting for her cousin.

However, Albus never came. He had been sat on the stool for minutes and then the sorting hat had called out 'Slytherin!' and everyone had been silent for seconds, then finally some Slytherin had started clapping and the sound had spread like wildfire.

The next morning when everyone had been settled in, at breakfast Rose and Albus had found each other and Albus had introduced Rose to Scorpius Malfoy and they'd literally been friends since then.

Screw what the sorting hat had decided.

A week after Rose had met Nancy Jonhnson. Her best friend alongside Albus and Scorpius, except Nancy was in her house. Which was nice.

The hours ticked by and suddenly Dom sat upright, glancing at her watch, "Supper, guys." Rose nodded and Roxy closed her last book, putting it atop the 'read' pile, which also contained Rose's medieval sorcery one.

Dramatically, Roxanne added the final period to her essay, "Done," She stated. Clearly satisfied she smiled at her cousins. With a wave of Dom's wand the parchment disappeared. Before Roxy could say anything Dom said, "It's in your room. I'm hungry and
not waiting for you so we're going down to the hall."

Roxanne nodded.

The three made their way down to the great hall, which only contained younger years as supper had just begun. They all sat down at the Gryffindor table, because there were only a few first year Ravenclaws, so Dom decided to sit with Rose and Roxanne,
which was very normal for the Weasley-Potters. Screw what the sorting hat had decided, they could eat dinner with whomever they wanted to.

Rose smelled the pot roast that had appeared as soon as they'd sat down. She laddled a significant amount onto her plate and poured herself a full goblet of pumpkin juice.

Dominique took less than Rose and Roxanne more. Overall the Weasley-Potters could eat. A lot.

That was one she felt another presence at the table, she looked over to Louis, Lucy and Oliver scoot in next to Roxanne. Louis luckily, sans the girlfriend. They-together with Roxy-were the Weasley representatives in fifth year. Except for Oliver, Oliver
Bell was an honorary Weasley.

Louis and Oliver were both Hufflepuffs and Lucy and Roxanne were Gryffindors.

"Hey, Lou," Dom greeted her brother.

"Shh." He shushed his sister as he was in the middle of something with Roxanne and Oliver.

Dom only rolled her eyes at Rose which made her laugh.

Next, Hugo scooted in beside Dom, together with Lorcan. Lorcan and Hugo were both Gryffindors. Lily and Lysander were the Hufflepuffs.

The four of them, being fourth years were the youngest of the Weasleys to attend Hogwarts.

On Dom's otherside came Lydia. She was Dom's best friend and Rose had known Lydia her entire Hogwarts career. She was sweet and smart and sarcastic and daring and pretty in a cute way. Her wavy, golden hair to just underneath her shoulders. Her skin fair,
her lips pink, her nose slightly upturned, her eyes chocolatey.

"Hey Lydia," Rose greeted her, "How was Harriet, did she have any other awesome holidays? Or fantastic experiences?"

Louis perked up at the mention of his girlfriend. "What about Harriet?" he asked.

"Oh god, Louis, I don't know how to say this nicely, so bare with me, but...she's awful." Lydia winced at her own words.

"What? No she's not, you hardly know her." Louis crossed his arms over his chest. "Yet, that half hour we spent with her she only talked. For a half hour straight." Dom interfered.

"So, what? You talk a lot too." Louis backfired.

"Yeah, but she talked about herself. For a half hour straight. About one thing. That had literally nothing to do with us."

Louis sighed. "Rose?"

Rose felt bad for saying it, but Harriet really had been awful. "Sorry Lou, she was quiet full of herself. You could do a lot better."

"See, even Rose agrees. And she's super nice, so listen to your dearest sister. You must simply dump her." Dom added a sweet smile for good measure.

Louis stuck out his tongue at his sister.

"Well that's real mature," Came a voice from behind Rose, she turned to see James, Fred and Molly coming towards them. Louis stuck out his tongue at James too.

"Ow," James said, touching to over his heart, "You hurt me."

"Don't be an ass, James." Lydia said. Smiling nonetheless at James. James came up behind her and sat down beside her. Being seated, he turned to kiss her. For more than 10 seconds. So, Rose, Dom, Molly and Fred had to put an end to it. This meant hurling
insults at the two and groaning at their display of affection.

The two had been going out since fourth year. So, Rose was pretty much convinced that they were soul mates. Either way, she was eating, and she hadn't any need to see her cousin and friend make out because they hadn't seen one another in the past two

That was when the space beside her suddenly filled up by Albus. Next to Albus sat Nancy, the two were engrossed in some conversation. So, Albus scooched down, closer to Nance to make space for Scorpius. Her fingertips, involuntarily started buzzing.

"Took you guys long enough." She stated. Rose looked around to see that some Gryffindors had moved to other tables in order to make space for the Weasley-Potters. Another perk of having famous parents, no one really said no to you.

"Blah, blah, blah, I'm hungry, James pass the potatoes." Albus said waving his hand at James. Who had started serving himself heaps and heaps of potatoes, so when Al asked for them there were none left. Rose couldn't decide if this was on purpose or not.
She figured it was. It seemed like something James would do to Al.

Al only sighed and started asking for potatoes from Gryffindors further down the table. They passed them immediately. It was Albus Potter asking, after all. One did not say no to a Potter. Or Weasley, for that matter.

"More pumpkin juice down here!" Hugo said, slamming his goblet down and making an 'ah' sound. "Say 'please'," Rose reprimanded.

God, her brother was so aggravating on so many levels.

"'Say please'," Hugo mimicked her, so he got up and went to take the jug himself. In the process he sloshed some juice over Rose's plate. Making her potatoes soggy and gross.

"Hugo! Ugh," So, aggravating.

"Oops." He replied sarcastically. Rose was very close to getting up and turning the jug over on Hugo's head. Instead she felt Scorp lean in and wave his wand over Rose's potatoes, vanishing them, he proceeded to take the platter Al had gotten from the
Ravenclaws and gave them to Rose.

"Here," He smiled at her.

Gods that stupid smile. Almost insufferable but much closer to adorably hot if anything. She should never have let herself spill her feelings like that. It was stupid and dumb...but now they were everywhere. She'd only need a flint to set them off.

She couldn't let that happen. To do so would be stupid.

So, she just smiled back, ignored his sparkling gray eyes and the buzzing in her fingertips (merlin and morgana) and thanked him.

She tucked on a strand of hair, giving her that semi-pleasant, semi-painful tug, that brought her head out of the clouds.

Scorpius turned away from her and to Al, they'd started talking about quidditch. Not a full week back and it felt like summer had never happened. Not that anything eventful had actually happened this summer, Rose noted. Just more of the same really. It
had been Al and Roxy's birthdays in summer. The entire family had come around to pop by for some cake and celebrations.

That was when she realised they were missing some people. Lily and Lysander were nowhere to be found, and they were pretty much inseparable from their little fourth year gang. But they didn't seem to be around.

"Lorry," Rose started, Lorcan turning to her, "Where are Lils and Lyss at?"

Lorcan blinked, then realised Rose had asked her a question and answered, "I dunno, Lyss said he'd finish up his essay or something and-Hugo? HUGO!"

Rose's brother turned to Lorcan, rubbing his ear, "Oi! No need to scream I'm right here you know. Now what?"

"Where's Lils at?"

"I dunno, we were walking back from the lake when she suddenly said she had to go and that I should just go on without her. I dunno, but it's Lily so I'm not too worried. Besides girls always take ages with everything anyway."

Rose scowled at Hugo for that last comment, unfazed he turned back to his conversation with Louis.

"I wouldn't worry too much, Rosalie. After all, we are having dinner early." Lorcan pointed at her with his fork.

Lorcan, Nancy, Molly and Lucy were the only ones that used that nickname. Basically because Nancy had thought, for a long time that Rose was just a nickname for Rosalie. So now the thought-to-be full name became the nickname.

Rose finished her supper in silence. No one really talked to her. Everyone engulfed in there own conversation. In the moment she didn't mind. Maybe even kind of liked the silence. But she knew, that even though she told herself she liked the silence,
she didn't.

That was the thing with such a big family and an even bigger surname. It was very easy to disappear. She could retreat right back into herself and no one seemed to notice. As long as someone else was being more scandalous, more 'out there'. So she basically
just kind of sat there, hoping someone would turn to her.

And someone did. Scorpius had seemingly finished with his and Al's conversation, turned to her, and something in Rose's stomach exploded. But she pretended not to notice because she didn't really like Scorpius that way, or so she told herself.

She wasn't really allowed to like him that way.

So she stayed silent until Scorpius said, "What're you thinking about?" He asked her.

"Quidditch," She lied easily. Which wasn't far from the truth. Quidditch was always somewhere in her mind.

"When's James having tryouts then?" Scorpius asked, always up for a conversation about quidditch.

"Dunno, I think next weekend. But it's not really fair because we kind of already know who's gonna be doing what, don't we?"

Scorp nodded, ticking of on his fingers as he listed, "Right, James chaser, Roxy beater, Molly chaser, you chaser, Fred beater, Nance seeker,"

"Right, so, James should probably just put a notice up saying looking for a keeper, our team looks biased."

"Nah, whatever, you guys are…good." Scorp lowered his gaze at that last word. He didn't really give compliments, to anyone. Especially about quidditch.

"You bet your sweet behind we are, when was the last time you guys won? Oh, right, three years ago. Then I came and saved the day." Rose couldn't resist gloating.

"Meh, whatever. Al is a great seeker, we just have a shoddy keeper."

Rose smiled winningly at Scorp. Conversations were so easy with Scorp. Either competitiveness or their comfortable bickering always won out. But deep down she knew that her and Scorp would die for one another. At least she knew she would die for Scorp.

That's why she couldn't mess this—perfect friendship up. She wouldn't risk it. She'd rather bite her tongue forever than lose Scorp. She simply couldn't lose Scorpius.

"You're bloody right I'm a great seeker." Al said, turning away from Quinn to join in the quidditch talk. "I have a gift." He said mock jokingly.

Normally, Rose would contradict Al's arrogance but she couldn't because it was true. He'd inherited his father and grandfather's seeker skills.

The only other person who could rival Al's seeker skills was his sister. Lily was arguably even better then Al at finding the little golden snitch out on the quidditch pitch.

When Slytherin played against Hufflepuff it was usually just a big contest where both Potter children got a chance to get their feathers nicely ruffled.

James however had inherited his mother's quidditch skills. He was one of the fastest chasers with wicked maneuvers. He was, however, more competitive than both his siblings combined. Which was saying something.

So when last summer a letter addressed to James accompanied with a badge, notifying him of his new position as Gryffindor quidditch captain. He'd been practically insufferable for the rest of summer. And every quidditch practice after. However, his competitiveness
was probably why they'd won the quidditch cup for three years in a row.

"Oi, is there any space left for me?" Came a boyish voice from directly behind Rose. This caused her to choke on the pumpkin juice in her mouth.

Laughing Lysander clapped Rose on her back. He slid in next to her, pushing aside Roxanne. She glanced at who was looking to push a place between her and Rose. Noting it was Lyss she scooted over.

"Merlin Lyss, don't do that!" Rose said her coughing subsided.

"You make it too easy for me Ro."

When Hermione had informed Hugo that her friend's children would be joining him for Hogwarts Hugo had been ecstatic. More people he would know before going to Hogwarts.

He inquired after the childrens' names and had misheard his mother thinking that the twins were a boy, Lorcan, and a girl, Lyssandra, would join him. So when, a week later, Hugo had met Lorcan and Lysander, he'd exclaimed "But you're both boys!"

Surprised Lysander had looked at Hugo and said "So are you!"

Since that mistake everyone had been prone to call Lysander 'Lyss'.

"Where've you been up to then?" Rose asked, watching Lysander pour himself a goblet of water.

Proudly Lyss stuck out his chest, displaying the gleaming Prefect badge, "Oh you know, prefect stuff."

Roxy burst out laughing, "Where'd you get that?"

The Hufflepuff smiled toothily at her, happy someone noticed that he'd been wearing the stolen accessory. "This happens to be Lucy's badge, but she's yet to notice it no longer rest in her jewelry box." He said looking pointedly the prefect.

Lucy turned her high auburn ponytail swishing. Her big, round, thin rimmed glasses gleaming in the candle light.

"Lyss! That's the third time this week. We've only just started Hogwarts, a week ago! Give me a break." She snatched the badge from Lysander and pinned back to her Gryffindor robes. Lucy was sweet and respectful and well, smart. Yet, the witch got on
Rose's nerves quickly because the girl had take after her father in sense that she worshipped rules. Which was annoying to say the least.

Roxy was one of the only ones who was glad that Lucy knew almost every ruled about everything from the top of her head. They were pretty much best friends, which was odd, really, because Roxy was rebellious.

She'd gotten her entire right ear pierced without telling anyone. In the holidays she went to muggle parties and drank litres of beer. Roxy was only fifteen but had probably lived more than Rose had.

And no one seemed to buckle Roxy down. Only Lucy did. Which was yet another reason why the witches were so good for another. Where Lucy hardly left the common room or library, Roxy hardly stayed in one spot for more than three hours.

They were complete opposites and were somehow, weirdly made for each other.

Lyss mimicked Lucy in a high pitched tone, but Lucy only gave him a look and said, "I can give you detention, Lysander Scamander, don't play with me this year." She pushed her spectacles further up her nose.

Lyss held his hands up, like those muggles always do in muggle movies whenever one pulled out on of those metal little thingies.

"You got me there Lulu."

That was when Lily came bounding in. Her long, wavy, fiery hair flying behind her. Her white sneakers a stark contrast against her dark pants. She wore one of her mother's faded Puddlemere United shirts.

"Guys!" She shouted at her family. They all looked up, including some other people surrounding her family at the table.

"Guys, guys, guys, guess what!" She practically bouncing on her toes. She didn't care who watched her though, she was Lily Potter and people could look at her all they wanted. They always had. Besides they would find this out anyway, in tomorrow's prophet,
most likely.

"Go on, then, spill it," Fred said. He was very impatient. Maybe the most impatient of them all.

"Well, I was in my dorm when Alfie came flying in through the window with this," She held up the parchment in her hand. "And I'm pretty sure that you guys got one too, but well, it's an invitation to Teddy and Vic's wedding!" She raised her hands, twirling

Practically all the Weasley girls squealed. The boys just started smiling.

"So typical of them to announce it when we're not around." James said.

Dom held her hand out for the invitation which Lily handed to her.

"Oh it's lacy at the ends and they ink is purple!" Dom exclaimed. This prompted for Roxy, Molly, Rose, Lucy, Nancy and Lydia to bend over the invitation. They all cowed and talked about the little details in Vic's cursive hand.

"This is so great!" Molly stated, fingering the little lacy frill framing the parchment.

"I know!" Lily said again, bouncing on her toes once more, before sitting down in between Lysander and Hugo.

"I'm starving," She said while spooning enough pot roast on to her plate to rival Hugo's pile. Which was in all honesty pretty impressive, Rose admitted.

Lysander simply passed her a plate of steamed vegetables and the roast potatoes. Lily smiled gratefully at her best friend, and laddled some of each onto her plate too.

"March 20th is such a positive date too, with spring and all." Roxy added, playing with the rim of her goblet.

"Picking out dresses is gonna be fun," Dom added, sharing a look with Rose, that told her the very opposite was true.

Conversations rolled by together with time. And suddenly supper was coming to an end and the Weasley-Potters had stayed seated the entirety of the time at the Gryffindor. That was until Al stated that he'd need to finish of some potions homework for tomorrow.
He and Scorp both got up and left.

Rose's fingertips stopped buzzing. His absence was a relief and a discontentment.

Soon after the seventh years left. Than Lily and her band of merry men.

Finally the fifth years left too.

Then it was just Rose and Nancy.

The two talked idly about the most recent gossip column in Witch Weekly's. They got up from the table and made their way to the Gryffindor common room.

Climbing through the portrait hole Nancy was saying, "-and it was totally scandalous, I mean the rate at which they were going, there should be a rule for that kind of behaviour or something."

"Or something." Rose echoed.

Satisfied with this answer Nancy made her way past all the squishy red couches, to where James and Molly sat, talking about quidditch no doubt.

Rose sat down in the armchair closest to the window. Where she usually sat. Nance perched herself on the arm of her chair. Rose reached down, next to the chair where some of her mother's muggle books lay. When Hermione had first given them to her daughter,
Rose hadn't really been interested, they were Muggle books for merlin's sake.

However, a few summers ago Rose's interests had been spiked so she'd look in her mother's extensive book collection and found the book titled 'Lord of the Flies'. It had been a disturbing book, to say the least. The characters strange and intriguing and,
well, childish.

Rose had asked for more. It had come to the point where Rose got two books from her mother every christmas and her birthday, a muggle and a wizarding book. She now read 'Alice in Wonderland', it was a weird dreamy kind of book. It reminded her of aunt
Luna. The magic strange and otherworldly.

Meanwhile, Nancy had started talking with James and Molly, about indeed, quidditch.

The evening ticked away. Until Nancy tapped Rose's shoulder, "We're going to bed, come on Ro." Rose nodded. Tucking the book away under the chair.

She wasn't worried about anyone stealing the book, after all it was a muggle book and witches and wizards were strange about that sort of thing.

Together the girls bounded up the stairs, making their way to the 6th year dorm.

Rose was far more tired then she'd care to admit, so she just made for the bathroom, brushed her teeth, and changed into her pajamas. She crept into her canopy, wished Nance goodnight and fell into the content abyss that was sleep.

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