Thor always thought Loki was a lot like a snake.

No i wasn't because snakes are thought to be evil malicious tricksters. Thor had always admire snakes growing up. His mother would reprimand him every time he brought one home, but his child self couldn't help it. They fascinated him.

At one look they didn't seem all that dangerous. But snakes could be deadly. They hid strong powerful muscles beneath their seemingly weak bodies.

They were smart, too. Able to outsmart and outmaneuver their prey. Their bite was vicious and could be venomous depending. Despite this they could be gentle.

They protected their children when they first hatched and were fiercely loyal to their den-mates. They preferred solitude, sitting on a stone to warm, but would not object to company.

It took much to be granted a snake's trust and loyalty but, once you had it, they stuck with you forever.

Thor always knew Loki was a lot like a snake.