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Forever Summary: Based off the story of Hades and Persephone, or Charlie kidnaps Santana, and Santana decides to stay.

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Most souls ended up in the Asphodel meadows. Nothing remarkable happened there, it was just a green field where souls stood around doing nothing. They would spend eternity like that, standing in a grassy meadow, doing nothing, just like they had spent their entire lives. Humanity was remarkably mediocre. It was the one thing that made the job bearable, and it was also what made the job incredibly boring.

"I have another soul for you to judge my—" The tall lanky man turned to look up at the Lord, he was definitely male today. "My Lord," when he doesn't feel any pain he sighs. "The heroic Josh Coleman."

"Do get on with it then Finn, it's not like I have an eternityoh wait, I do! Who knew drawing lots for your job was such a terrible idea," Charlie says his voice dripping with sarcasm and annoyance.

Finn nodded and plucked a glowing orb from the basket that he had brought in, it was one of the few light sources in Charlie's throne room. His boss insisted that the light hurt his eyes, but he knew that it simply reminded him of the sun that he rarely saw. With a sigh he tosses it up into the air, watching as it expands. The golden beams stretch across the dark room and he reaches forward and touches the middle of it, causing pictures to appear. They were moving at such a rapid pace that he couldn't quite keep up, but Charlie could.

"I thought you said he was a hero."

"Yes, my Lord—" this time he feels pain radiate through his body, as he suddenly thrown hard across the room. Finn grimaces and looks up and groans inwardly, his lord had become his lady. She was in one of those moods today. Which meant he was going to be Charlie's sole source of entertainment until she grew bored.

"Cerberus could use something to gnaw on," Charlie says absentmindedly, her features stretching out into a grim smile.

She'd been threatening that for an eternity, he'd learned to ignore it and just get on with it. "Yes my—" This time he looks up to make sure she hadn't changed back into a boy. "My Lady, he braved the seas and managed to claim the Golden Fleece as his own!"

Charlie raised her hand and flicked it at the glow causing the pictures to move faster. She raises her hand again, "The Field of Punishment."

Finn blinked at the pronouncement, he had followed Josh's adventures on the planet, "My Lady, he has lead a remarkable life, surely such a hero deserves to go to Elysium." Finn protested.

"Finn, I was certain that I had judges for such mundane matters. You know that I do not enjoy judging the souls, and my word is final."

Finn frowned, he had hoped that Charlie would agree with his assessment, "Holly, asked for this case to be reviewed, both Cassandra and April said that the soul in question belonged to their respective realms."

"Of course, they did," Charlie held her hand out and the golden light began to shrink back into the orb. "He did terrible things and he was party to even worse crimes. Having his wife murder her brother by cutting him into pieces and scattering those pieces so he could steal the Golden Fleece is not heroic. At best he's a common thief, at worst he is just as culpable as his wife in the murder of his brother-in-law. And then he discarded that wife, like she was nothing more than trash. The Field of Punishment." Charlie said firmly. Charlie sighed and glanced at the souls that Finn had gathered. "Let's get on with this, who is the next soul that my judges couldn't judge. I mean they have one job—" She shakes her head and readjusts in her seat.

Finn reaches out and pulls out another golden orb and tosses it upward as the golden light fills the dark room, "Jacob, has done nothing of note but Cassandra wishes to drag him to the Field of Punishment." He turns to look at Charlie and frowns, he was male again.

Charlie flicked his wrist as he began to watch Jacob's life, after he left childhood there seemed to be quite a bit of naked women and spying on their forms. "It seems like he's just a pervert, that is hardly the most—" he stops mid-sentence the flow of pictures stopping on the image of a young woman who seemed to be playing with the nymphs. He tilts his head slowly, she was beautiful. "Who. Is. That?"

Finn studies the woman in the picture before shrugging his shoulders, "I don't know," he admits. The dark look from Charlie is enough to get him scuttling backwards. "But I plan on finding out, I'll be back my Lord." He said before leaving the room.

Charlie leaves his throne and approaches the picture reaching out to touch the image which immediately ripples. He hesitates, her beauty was certainly above that of some of her brethren, which meant she probably wasn't mortal. But he was certain he knew all of the Gods, not particularly well of course, but well enough. He certainly would have remembered someone as beautiful as she was.

Finn pops back into the room and clears his throat causing Charlie to look at him, "My Lord, unfortunately no one quite knows who she is. I've asked everyone I could. I mean not the hags of fate, but that's only because they creep me out, and they always want something."

Charlie slowly blinked, and raised his hand, as blue flames engulfed Finn, he had always been inept at everything. This was what he got for not calling Quinn out on cheating when they drew lots. It lasts for a long moment before he waves away the flames. Entering Finn's personal space, he grabs him by the shoulder. "Get me my helmet and prepare my chariot." He didn't care if Finn was currently recovering from his immolation.

Finn nods and immediately heads out to do what he was asked.

Charlie turns back to the image, he hated going to Mount Olympus. He was not the most popular god, and he was certain that they feared him. He takes one last look at the picture of the woman before transferring the image onto a scroll. He didn't like bringing souls out of the underworld, and Quinn would know who she was. He just needed to be careful that Quinn didn't attempt to fuck this woman.


The arrival of the Lord of the Underworld, had sent the gods on Mount Olympus in a tizzy. Hades rarely showed up, despite the fact that Quinn made it a point to invite him to all the functions. He claimed that his duty was never done, but many were certain that Charlie hated the lot that he had chosen and was planning to overthrow his brother.

Charlie stopped in front of Quinn's throne and removed his helmet raising an eye at Quinn.

Quinn laughed and ran a hand through her hair, "Rachel decided to punish me for seducing a woman as a swan."

"A swan?" Charlie prompted shifting her body so she matched Quinn. "You seduced a woman as a swan?"

"Sam and I were drinking ambrosia and I may have boasted that I could have any woman I choose in the form of any animal and he dared me to prove it. He chose a swan."

"How many children?"

Quinn shrugged, "I'm not quite sure this time. There was two girls and two boys produced from the union, but she had also been with her husband. One of them is Helen, but then I stopped paying attention. It doesn't quite matter, I have plenty of children."

Charlie didn't say anything, instead moving to sit on her throne that Quinn kept for her on Mount Olympus. "I see," she said finally.

"You didn't come here to talk about my children, did you? What is it that you desire Charlie?" Quinn leans back studying her twin. "Are you finally ready to take me up on that offer to find some mortal women and—" Charlie tossed her a scroll. "What's this?"

"I need to know who this woman is. I don't want a mortal, I have to judge them and having children with them will cloud my judgement."

"Don't you have people for that?"

"Yes, but now and again they stall on a soul and it is up to me to judge them." Charlie responds. "I could also use with a new assistant Finn is an idiot."

Quinn made a noise in affirmation, "I'll see what I can do. Now perhaps you can tell Rachel to unshackle me."

"You know if she wasn't the Goddess of Marriage, Fidelity and Fertility, she would probably be sleeping with just as many men as you sleep with women," Charlie pointed out as Quinn began to unroll the scroll. The skies darken and the sound of thunder rumbles through Olympus. Charlie looks up for a moment before looking at Quinn. "It's a suggestion to be better to your wife."

Quinn raised her hand a lightning bolt appearing for only a moment, "Remember your place."

"I'm am just as powerful as you are, and if we were to fight dear sister, we would tear Mount Olympus apart. But I didn't come here to fight, unless of course you attempt to seduce this woman as an animal," Charlie responds, there's a glow on her forearm of a Bident and Mount Olympus quakes under her power.

Quinn studies her sister for a moment before laughing, "You really do need to come visit more often, your social skills are lacking and it would do you good to learn to interact with your family once more." Quinn finishes opening the scroll and looks at the woman before looking at Charlie. "This one is innocent. It really is a good choice Charlie, the things we could do to her—"

"I want to bring her back the Underworld, I want—a partner a wife. I do not wish to share her with anyone." Charlie said patiently.

Quinn scoffed. "You're barely fun now, I can't imagine you'll be fun with a wife. Sam changed after he met Mercedes."

"He still fathers hundreds of children just like you so I doubt he's changed that much," Charlie pointed out calmly. "Who is she?"

"Even if you wish to have this one, her mother never lets her out of her sight, she's sheltered by human standards. She doesn't know of Olympus and the life of excess. But worry not Charlie, I shall help you bring her to the underworld."

"I would prefer to have a conversation with her first," Charlie said dryly. "I do not wish to frighten her, and I believe that abducting her would do just that."

"Her mother would never allow it, especially not with your reputation."

"What reputation?" Charlie blinks. "I am not the one seducing women as a swan. What was it last time?"

"A bull," Quinn snorts at Charlie's expression. "You should try it with your new wife."

Charlie frowned, "I wish to speak with her."

"The safest place for that is in the Underworld. Her mother will never allow it Charlie, and as such if you want to survive you must simply take what you want. Like a mortal plucking a flower. Convince her to stay, or force her to stay, I really don't care what you do." Quinn said with a shrug.

"Perhaps if I simply talk to her mother who is—"


Charlie deflated at this. Maribel was one of the twelve Olympians, even if she preferred to spend most of her time on Earth. "Oh."

"You know I'm right, you have been down there for far too long by yourself."

"I have Cerberus," Charlie said dismissively.

Quinn tilted her head, "Well, at least you're having sex and three heads—"

"Not like that!"

The ground rumbles under their feet and Quinn laughs before getting up. "You are the Lord of the Underworld, you are the one who calls to all mortals."

Charlie sighs running a hand through her hair, as her body shifts once more. "I shall think about it," he says finally.

Quinn smirks, "Don't think too long or I'll make a move."

Charlie looked at Quinn, she was teasing him. The twinkle in her eye said as much but it still got under her skin. "Very well."