With the sun setting and exhaustion setting in after escaping a horde of bandits wanting to steal her coin and blades. A bleeding superficial wound now graced her face, cutting from above the left eye down to her cheek where a badly, on her part, aimed kunai had skimmed across the flesh, managing to flee with her life but not without a few parting gifts from the bandits besides the new scar she would have after the skin had healed on her face, three shuriken had embedded themselves in her back, thankfully her vestment was thick so no point pierced further than the superficial layers of skin.

The gates to the village hidden in the leaves was in sight but she could not go on, dropping to the floor beside the road, panting for breath while unable to pull the shuriken from her back reached in her back pouch for a flare in hopes someone would see it and come to her rescue. As she pressed the button at the base which in turn sparked the fuse inside the case, seconds later a small rocket shot up about 70 meters in the air before bursting into a flash of red light, illuminating the immediate area around her. She watched as the light of the flare slowly floated down to the ground several meters from her, closing her eyes unable to keep them open any longer not did she realise that shinobi of the leaf had seen her signal and deployed a four man squad to investigate.

The four who were dispatched were Shikamaru Nara, Kiba Inuzuka, Sakura Haribo and Hinata Hyuuga, all if which were at Chunin rank at this time, formidable fighters and rising masters I their own right. Kiba alone with his ninja hound Akamaru would sniff her out, since she had lost a good amount of blood it wasn't difficult, Hinata who with use of her Byakugan Kekkei Genkai could find her chakra flow in her body asking as she was not already dead. Sakura was on standby as a medical ninja invade the call was genuine. Last but not least Shikamaru, sent as a strategist if the call was false and his shadow possession ninjutsu was needed along with his quick thinking.

Akamaru you d the scent of blood quickly, walking cautiously up to her, and signalling to Kiba he had found a bloodied person.

"Akamaru's found someone..." Kiba announced to the group, setting his torch down nearby.

"Byakugan!" Hinata said as she activated her Kekkei Genkai, looking from Kiba's chakra network to the bloodied person they had found. " Shinobi...their Chakras depleted so we shouldn't need to worry..." She turned to Shikamaru who only nodded to Sakura to move forward.

In the dim light she resembled Sasuke Uchiha, her long jet black hair tied in a spiked bun and fringe that would usually sit either side of her face was covering her high cheek bones and soaked with the blood from her wound. Her thick brown wool jumper was torn at the back and some near miss shreds on the arms hid her figure, her legs were covered with basic Shinobi trousers she had bought in the land of lightning. No-where on he did she have a headband to show her affiliation.

"Sa-sasuke?!" Sakura dropped to her knees seeing the blood, checking for a pulse and moving the hair from the wound. Sakura knew then that this was not Sasuke, just someone who resembled him well. "its not him.. but she's going to die if we don't get her to the hospital!" as she spoke he hands began to glow green with healing chakra.

Hinata dropped to the side of the girl, supporting her and gently pulled the shuriken from her back so that Sakura could heal the wounds and stabilise her condition. "i wonder who did this and why..?" she said quietly to herself. "Kiba, can you run her back on Akamaru? "

Kiba nodded and mounted his ninja hound with ease. "if she lives we can question her to what happened.. right?" he asked as Sakura had finished what healing she could do given the circumstances.

For the first time Shikamaru broke his concentration from the surroundings, being ever vigilant of a second attack. "and to why she came here, no headband to affiliate her with a ninja village yet shes dressed as such, we will check through her gear once we are back in the village, this is going to be such a drag"

Kiba smiled at Shikamaru's complaint as Sakura and Hinata eased the girl into his arms for transport. " huh, she does look like him though.." he moved the collar of her jumper over her shoulder to check for a curse mark like the one Sasuke had "definitely no curse mark here.. besides even in this state I see no risk" he said returning the collar to its rightful place before gripping hold of Akamaru.

"Sakura on your return inform the Hokage of this.." he ordered retrieving the torch from the ground. "Kiba get going!" He sensed the presence of people in the woods down the road, assuming it was the assailants who had attacked the girl he was on guard and ready to fight if he had to but would also avoid it if the people in the woods remained there.

Without hesitation Akamaru bounded for the village gates, two meters a stride easily, the lights on the gate getting closer and closer with each passing second, The feeling of being shaken around on Akamaru's back made her eyes flutter open weakly, unable to keep them open long she caught a glimpse of Kiba's neck and chest with the feel of Akamaru's fur beneath her, a groan escaping her lips as pain shot through the wounds on her back, unconsciousness took her once again.