Introduction: Helloooo again. It's fair to say Wally West Flash is my favourite American anime character and pretty overpowered in the mangas. So Here's my attempt to use him and his abilities properly unlike the tv shows have.

Disclaimer: I do not own Wally West or any of the characters that will be mentioned. Creators are Dc Universe.

Wally West: The Most Powerful Hero

" Honey? Please. Its not your fault they are dead."

Wally West laying on the couch, in his pjs ,taking sips of beer " Yes. It is. If I had never let myself get hit I would've saved them too." His deep velvet voice expressing the anger he's feeling but controlled enough not to shout at his wife.

Linda Park, well now she's Linda West, sits on his toned 10 pack abs, grab the bottle of beer, sat it on the table, then leans down and kiss him on the lips " Wally. Listen to me. You are not to blame for any of this. You did your best. You managed to save me."

Its been three years after a mysterious being who call himself Xarium invaded Earth with his trillions of army men and Wally West, along with all the other speedsters, and the Jusitce League and many other heroes fought them in a very long and hard fought battle. The war was brutal and countless lives on both ends have been losted. On the good guy team it's all the speedsters, except for Wally of course! And All the Justice League and all the other superheroes that joined the fight. Wally West and Superman are the only line of defense if Earth is attacked again. On Xarium side only his troops died. Every single one and Wally wasn't responsible for any of them. He's against killing but he does support the death penalty. The War ended with Xarium escaping warning Wally and Superman he's going to be back and Wally, along with his wife crying as they hold their dead children. Wally was going to send Linda to a different universe so she won't get possibility killed when Xarium returns, fearing he's going to be more powerful than before, she refused saying I'm your wife. I'm never leaving your side. After a long argument He gave in and let her stay in New York with him.

" No I didn't do my best. If I did. More people would've died..."

She wipes the tears that was falling down his prominent cheek bones- strokes his thick red beard- and sniffles " It's- Its alright,honey. Knowing how much they love their daddy, they'll never blame you for this."

" Alright. and when he do come back..." He stares into her eyes, his were once hazel now they sharp, soulless, seductive and darker than storm clouds " He will die."

Linda blinks twice then look down before staring in his eyes again " Um so you're going to kill him."

" Yes." He answers quickly " For our kids."

Hes done with the no killing philosophy he was faithfully following throughout the years. Xarium is the only one that was able to keep up with him. And because he was holding back, Wally caused his twins to die. Not anymore. The only one important to him now is Linda. If anyone else is caught in the crossfire...So be it.

" Ok." She strokes his red wavy hair " And can you stop drinking please. You never talk to me when you're drunk."

" Yeah. I will."

She smiles then kiss him again before laying on him " Thank you. And I know you can defeat Xarium. You're the most powerful being in the world. Even Superman is child's play for you."

Wally chuckles