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The Hogwarts Express looked as welcoming as ever as the students bid farewell to their parents and guardians with the promises of keeping in touch and being safe and trying to do well in studies. There was excitement and freshness as friends met each other hugging and laughing, telling each other their tales of summer.

In one of the compartment sat a very quite boy with a potions book in his hands and looking outside the window searching for someone. He was a lanky looking boy with a hooked nose and greasy hair. The door to the compartment open and in came the person he was waiting for-his best friend.

'Severus'- the young witch with red hair and emerald eyes exclaimed 'How have you been? How was your summer? Did you read the book i got you for...' her words were left unspoken as a hand clamped on her mouth. 'Lily breathe' amusement dancing in his voice. His best friend was the only person who cared about him and he was grateful to have her in his life.

Removing his hands Lily smiled at him. Sighing he replied 'Things are the same at home Lily...nothing new', this made her smile drop 'we don't have to talk about it then Sev'. Grateful for the change in topic the two resumed their talk about their studies.

In another compartment there sat a group of 4 boys, two of them having an animated conversation about what pranks they were going to try this year, one of them eating cheese sandwich and the last boy reading silently while listening to the two bickering boys.

'And we can turn their hair rainbow colour'

'Maybe some polka dots on the uniform or the potion we made last year which makes the drinker sound like chicken'

'Merlin it's not been an hour into the new year and you have started with pranks already' the boy with the book in his hands spoke while his amber eyes scanned his three friends. Remus Lupin was the most shy of the marauders. 'Oh come on Moony! This year is going to be a blast and I'm sure I'll convince Lily flower to go on a date with me too.' ended dreamily the boy with messy black hair and hazel eyes behind his round glasses. This was James Potter.

'Prongs is right Moony! Although I'm not too sure about the lily flower thing' Sirius Black with stormy grey eyes and curly black shoulder length hair spoke before breaking into fits of laughter. 'You agree with me don't you Wormtail?' James asked Peter who was more concentrated on his sandwich and nodded absently.

'Right! You continue I'll just go find the trolley lady' with that Remus moved out of the compartment but just as he closing the door someone bumped onto him. Looking back he was met by light blue eyes staring up at him. Her black curly hair tied in a ponytail. Bellatrix Black was one of the most beautiful girls at Hogwarts and Remus couldn't disagree on this. 'I'm sorry i didn't see you there' the shy marauder said. 'It wasn't your fault don't worry' with that she turned to walk away. 'By the way how is my cousin dear doing?' Bella asked. Not wanting to be part of family drama Remus replied frankly, 'Sirius is well.' Satisfied with this answer she went her own way.

She entered her compartment and took her seat beside her best friend Rodolphus Lestrange. Both of them had known each other since they were practically babies and their family seemed to have close relations too. But both of the best friends were a bit tensed, the Dark Lord seemed to have stopped with all his missions for quite some time and their family was pressuring both of them to take the Dark Mark since it was their responsibility. They were expected to follow Lord Voldemort just like their parents. But the problem was that the Dark Lord was behaving unusual. Not that they were happy to be marked and all that.

Meanwhile their friend Lucius Malfoy look amused talking to her betrothed- Narcissa Black, Bellatrix's young sister. She was a sweet girl with blond hair and dark blue eyes. Turning to her sister she asked 'Bella where did Regulus go?'

'Oh he went to the bathroom'

Just then the door opened and in came a 4th year with stormy grey eyes and black hair tied elegantly in a ponytail. This was Regulus Acturus Black the younger brother of Sirius Orion Black and cousin of Bellatrix and Narcissa. With him came a 7th year with dark hair and brown eyes. Rabastan Lestrange sat next to his brother while Regulus sat beside Narcissa.

'We should get going Cissy, the prefects meeting would start soon Lucius said informing his betrothed. Lucius was the head boy this year while Narcissa had become a prefect in her 5th year. They soon left for the meeting. All the students waiting for a new year to start.