Chapter 1: Enlisted


This is the very first fanfic I have ever made and I am so excited to put this out!

I apologize firsthand for any sort of mistake you come across and would be more than happy to receive any sort of constructive criticism!

Please enjoy

Inspired by Denkikoneko's Story of the Tenth Class

Kat entered the apartment complex, keys jingling as she retrieved them from her purse.

"Miss Fendy," called an accented voice, "there is an envelope here for you!"

Mrs. Rosalin offered the young woman her package, greeting her with a warm smile.

"Signed up for any job interviews, my dear? Perhaps you can finally live doing a job that isn't cleaning up a bunch of animal dung or serving coffee to people who just come for the internet connection!"

"No, haven't looked for anything else recently," Kat laughed. "And besides, the animals are adorable and I'm okay if people only come for the free wi-fi — gives me a chance to read my books."

Kat approached the small, elderly woman and received the mail, bending down to give her a quick hug and a hasty "thanks!" before sprinting up the stairs to her apartment.

Already excitedly tearing open the neat, white envelope, Kat withdrew the folded-over paper and began reading it quietly to herself.

'Need a job? Join our team of specialists for good pay!'

Kat continued reading further down, frowning when she came across 'requirements.'

If I got selected for this, there shouldn't be any requirements! Kat thought, folding it away under her arm as she unlocked and opened her front door.

The irritated and confused woman sat down at her small kitchen table and continued to read the rest of the letter.

'- Professional Animal Trainer

- Individual must be available full-time '

Animal trainer? Full time? What the heck was this?! What made whoever sent this — this Pauling lady —think she would actually do it!

...but it did have good pay, Kat reasoned. As if! She just got some random message from a nobody offering her a decent job for full-time; and if she accepted she would have to get rid of her apartment as well!

Ugh. So complicated. But I should think about it. I'll pack just in case I decide to go, Kat relented.

After she finishes packing for the next morning, she shrugged off her clothes and slipped into her soft bed, eyes already drooping shut.

Well, she thought sleepily, I could always use the money, so maybe I can at least try it to see if it's okay...

Kat awoke slowly the next morning. After stretching her back and popping her stiff joints, she peered over at her clock. With a loud squawk, she fell over in a clumsy attempt to get up.

"I OVERSLEPT AND I DON'T EVEN HAVE THE JOB YET!" She yelped, hurriedly untangling herself from the sheets.

Once she finally accomplished separating her limbs from the blankets, Kat scrambled up and ripped open her clothes drawer.

"Oh my god," she groaned, picking up a foul-smelling garment. "I really need to do laundry soon!"

It took her a few minutes, but Kat had finally weaseled out a couple of clean clothes from her cabinet and threw them on her.

Grabbing the box she had packed previously, she gathered up her purse and keys and rushed out the door. The frantic woman turned around too quickly and rolled her ankle, and she swore loudly at the painful sensation.

Even with her now-throbbing ankle, Kat managed to hobble down the stairs as fast as she could and tossed her keys over to Mrs. Rosalin as she passed her.

"My dear, why are you in such a rush?" The older woman questioned, eyebrows quirking in confusion.

"I-just-got-invited-for-a-job-position-with-better-pay-than-what-I'm-getting-now-and-I-need-you-to-look-after-my-apartment-while-I'm-gone-please-and-thank-you!" She intoned rapidly as she sped over to the front entrance.

"Well, have fun my dear! And I'll take care of your place for as long as you need!" Rosalin called after her. As Kat stormed out, the elderly woman couldn't help herself and chuckled softly. "You younglings — so quick on your feet!"

Kat didn't know what to expect, but the woman from the letter — Miss Pauling — actually appearing was definitely not what she thought would happen.

She was a pretty woman of maybe about 35, with black, shoulder-length hair tied behind her in a low ponytail.

"Are you Ms. Katie Fendy?" She asked, waving her over impatiently.

"Uhm, yes, but I —"

"Perfect. We were just about to leave since you hadn't shown up." Pauling interrupted briskly. She pushed a thick strand of black hair behind her ear and turned around to the train.

"This train will take you to your new job. The trip itself will take approximately three hours, so you might want to catch some sleep during the ride over."

"Wait, stop, hold on," Kat physically froze in place. Miss Pauling cast an irritated glance back at her, urging her to speak. "You're not even gonna go some sort of interview or anything?"

"I told you what we needed, and as long as you fulfill that criteria, an interview is not needed." She replied stonily. "If you are lying to us or you need training, we will send you back and you will not get any payment. Simple as that." After finishing her statement, the monotone woman grabbed Kay's arm and shoved her into the train.

"Your at the back of the train," Pauling said, pointing. "I suggest you open their cages and at least play with them for a bit so they get to know you and you them."

Kat opened her mouth to ask one of the several questions on her mind, but Miss Pauling had already slammed the door shut and the train was slowly shambling forward.

"Okay. Thanks," Kat grumbled sarcastically. She set her box of items down on a seat and sat beside it.

After sitting quietly for a few awkward moments, Kat got up on her feet again and lurched over to the back of the train. She carefully approached the door and prodded it open cautiously. When the door was opened all the way, Kat walked into the small room. Two large, barred cages were strapped to the floor, secured by heavy clasps that were attached to the wall. Peering into the crates, two pairs of gleaming amber eyes greeted her, accompanied by a small snarl.