Chapter 1: Ink and Splat


A violent rumbling was felt, as his eyes shot open, seeing his surroundings, finding his arms and legs bound to what looked like an altar. His vision cleared up, seeing his surrounding, being some sort of technology all over the place, as he then saw something coming closer, what looked like an octopus like monster, covered in a net. He needed to break out of these binds now, seeing it approach violently. He pulled on the chains and cuffs around his wrists as hard as he could, and broke free.

As the strange monster approached close, he used a back hand punch, and then grabbed the monster by the head and slammed it against the altar, spreading it's ink all over it, including his body. He broke free from the other chains, the loud sound of breaking metal with each one broken. He saw something on the ground, and he picked it up, what seemed like a gun of some sort.

He saw more coming, and figured it was the perfect time to test what it could do. He pulled the trigger, and watched as his gun shot red ink, making all the monsters explode. All three that appeared were no longer there, as they were dealt with. He looked at his weapon, as he found a symbol right next to his gun that said "Hero Shot Replica." Replica it may be, but this thing was good. He shook his head and then continued down the path, to find something in front of him.

It was a suit of armour, heavy looking, and in a deep red colour, with a metallic colour. He put the weapon to the side, and placed his hands on it, getting violent and loud visions, as if he was recalling something. Violent flashes of close ups of fists colliding with with faces, of beings with red eyes and shots from a variety of firearms.

He then found himself in the suit of armour, and holding the helmet to it. He saw a symbol on it, that showed a serrated ink brush. He swiped his thumb at it, but it was carved into the helmet. He then flipped it around and placed it on, then seeing as his helmet was booting up some sort of system in the suit. Seeing things such as, 'Splator suit booting...' and the inside clearing up, so he could see more of his surroundings. As soon as that was done, he got an incoming call, coming somebody named, Marie.

The call engaged. "Now, there's a lot to explain, but long story short, you're exactly who we need. So much for a wake up call, right?" The female voice said.

He immediately turned the call off, and he went to find the exit. The door in front of him was shut tight, but he wasn't exactly going to wait for somebody. With the strength of his new suit, he kicked the door as hard as he could, leaving a massive dent against it. He then kicked again, breaking the door down. He would then find himself in another room, where more of those monsters were, as they were walking around some sort of pad. He took a look, keeping his distance for now. He watched as it then began to spawn more of those monsters. He needed to deal with this now. He then heard a noise behind him, watching as something spawned behind him, one of those things from his vision, the ones with the red eyes. It swung what looked like a paint brush, but he caught it with his left hand and countered with a massive punch across the face, shattering the shades it wore and made it explode in a pinkish ink. He turned around and jumped down to where the monsters were, and fired at them with his Hero Shot, watching them splat one at a time. He then watched as one jumped from a ledge to jump him, but he countered with an uppercut, feeling the loose skin of the monster mold with his fist, then watching it splat. With them gone, he went to investigate what this pad was. Looking at it, he couldn't find if there was any switch of any kind. So, he had to shut it down somehow, and this was his way. The rods on the side that activates when it spawns any of them, was what he was going to focus on. He placed his hand on it and tore one of the off, a loud metal snap coming from it. He then went for the other two, and did just the same. With that done, he figured there'd be no more here. He then heard sounds coming around him, seeing as more of those red eyed enemies were coming. He narrowed his eyes, and ran after the nearest one, firing his weapon, getting the first one. He then went for the next one, that was firing at him, him running faster than the shots of ink that could follow. He climbed up the ledge grabbed it by the leg, and through it down, stomping it's head under his boot. He then shot ink on the floor that lead to the next one he was gonna go for, and going inside of it, turning into a squid. The enemy lost sight of him, and turned it's head frantically to find him. He then came from behind and grabbed it from the arm and threw it to the next one, making it splat on his target. He then jumped from the ledge and landed right on top of the red eyed enemy, grabbing it by the head, his palm taking up the forehead and bashed it's head against the floor three times, and the last one being built up, and splatted the enemy. He stood up, and turned around, to see the nearby door opening up, it being a slide open door. He walked to it, to find stairs that lead to an elevator. Right next to the elevator, was another weapon, what looked like a pump-action sort of weapon. He inspected the weapon, figuring it was such. He walked up the stairs and went to the elevator, pressing the button that lead to the surface.

He got another call from Marie, and decided to listen, rather than ignore. The call engaged again. "Listen, I know we got off on the wrong foot but hear me out, alright?" She said, hoping he would listen.

He looked at his splator suit as she began to talk.

"We need all the help we can get, and you're just what we need. Those creatures you fought, were Octerians. They've gotten better and stronger without warning, and from what I've seen, you're even more so."

His eyes looked at the call, seeing the picture that was suppose to be Marie.

"So, please consider. We need you. I'll be where Splatfest is usually taken place. I'll see you there." The call ended.

He looked at his new-found weapons, thinking this wasn't enough. He needed more. The door opened, and he walked out, to find himself in a city, raining and at midnight. He then saw as more Octerians appeared, all looking at him. He pumped his gun, ready to fight.