Not Quite. Lizzy had always been: 'Not Quite'.

'Not Quite' as beautiful as Jane.

'Not Quite' as magnetic as Lydia.

'Not Quite' as smart as Charlotte.

'Not Quite' as delicate as Mary.

'Not Quite' as endearing as Kitty.

And now, 'Not Quite' handsome enough to tempt anyone of note into conversing with her. Into dancing with her.

This made her feel 'Not Quite' up to staying at this ridiculous assembly, when she could be anywhere else but beside this person who she had thought to be quite the most handsome man she'd ever seen. But as it turned out, his personality was 'Not Quite' as wonderful as his looks.

Somehow, even though she'd heard 'Not Quite' her whole life, hearing it from a stranger... well, it proved what she'd tried to ignore.

Her mother and her friends had the right of it.

Every single one of those 'Not Quite's.