One evening Riley was sitting by herself in a fancy restaurant wearing a sleeveless black and white dress that went down to her knees while wearing lipstick. However she was sitting all alone and by herself looking only at her cell phone. Suddenly she got a text message on her phone. She looked hopeful for a moment as she looked at her phone, but then had a look of disappointment on her face. Suddenly Maya walked into the restaurant wearing a long white dress and went over to Riley as she said, "Riley. What are you doing here?" Riley looked up at Maya as she said, "Oh hi Maya. I was just waiting to have my date tonight with Lucas. But he just sent me a message saying he can't make it. Traffic getting out of that sports game he and Zay were at is super backed up. So um... what are you doing here?" Maya sighed as she sat down in front of Riley and said, "I was also about to have a date with Josh. But then he sent me a message saying that he forgot about an important study session he had to attend for an exam he has tomorrow. So... I'm dateless too." Riley made a little smile as she said, "What is it with us? We put so much hard work into trying to find the right boyfriends, and they can't even put a little effort into giving us each one date." Maya smirked as she said, "Well hey. Why don't we be each other's date tonight." Riley then straightened herself a bit as she smiled and said, "You know what... that sounds good to me."

As the evening continued, Riley and Maya ate dinner together and talked as they always did. But then as dance music began to play, Maya said: "Hey. Why don't we go on the dance floor? Other couples are." Riley smirked as she said, "Sure. Why not?" Riley and Maya then got on the dance floor while each holding the others' hand. Riley then put her other hand on Maya's back while Maya put her other hand on Riley's shoulder. Then the two proceeded to dance together. As they danced, the two danced together like they were one mind. Moving at just the right speed, step, and rhythm as the other. Soon everyone in the restaurant was watching the two dance. Once the music ended, everyone clapped. Then a man in a tuxedo stepped up and said, "Fabulous dance moves. You ladies are very talented. How about a bottle of wine on the house." A concerned Riley said, "Oh. But we're not..." Maya then cut Riley off as she said, "Not under 21 so this won't be a big deal at all. Thanks."

Later Riley and Maya were walking down the sidewalk together hand in hand, while Maya was using her other hand to hold the free bottle of wine the two had acquired. Maya smiled as she said, "Wow. Tonight so far has been way more fun than I thought it would." Riley then said, "Yeah. But are you sure we should've taken that wine Maya. I mean, that kind of stuff messes with people's heads and sometimes makes them crazy." Mays smiled as she said, "Yeah. Well you make me crazy." Riley giggled a bit as she said, "And you make my life so much fun Peaches." Then Maya turned to her left and said, "Hey. Do you see that? There's a break in the fence over there by the outdoor pool. Oh my gosh. I have a crazy idea. Come on." Maya then grabbed Riley's hand hard and pulled her over to the pool fence. The two then began to squeeze through an opening in the fence as Riley said, "What are we doing?" A smiling Maya said, "Having the most fun night of her lives. Riley... lets go night swimming." A shocked Riley said, "What!?" Maya giggled and said, "Come on. It'll be fun. No one is watching us. Lets do it." Riley stood uncertain as Maya pulled her dress off. Soon, Maya Hart was standing in only her lacey underwear. Maya then noticed Riley looked nervous she giggled and said, "Come on. It's not skinny dipping. We'll swim with our underwear on. Come on." Maya then put the bottle of wine on the side of the pool and then dived in. Riley took a step towards the water as she looked down at Maya swimming backwards. Maya then said, "Come on in Honey. The water is great." Riley then suddenly smiled as she then stripped down to her own underwear and then jumped into the water next to Maya. Immediately Riley said, "Woo. Oh my gosh. I have never felt so alive." Maya giggled as she said, "I knew you'd like it." Then Riley suddenly grabbed the bottle of wine, opened it, and drank some of it. Riley then put her arms up and said, "Riley Matthews is having the best night of her life!" Then Maya grabbed the wine from Riley and drank some herself. Then Maya put her arms up and said, "And Maya Hart is too!" Then Riley and Maya began to laugh.

The next morning, Riley slowly opened her eyes and saw around her were the walls of the girls locker room that belonged to the pool. The next thing she realized was her face was near the floor and an empty bottle of wine was close to her. But then another sight caused Riley's eyes to widen greatly. Laying on top of her was a completely naked Maya whose arms were embracing Riley's body which was also completely nude. Riley then suddenly yelled, "Ahh!" Maya suddenly awakened and immediately also saw the position she was in. Maya too yelled, "Ahh!" Riley and Maya both suddenly sat up as Maya said, "Riley... what happened?" Riley then feeling around the lower region of her body said, "I feel very... um... Maya... I think last night we had sex."


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