As the Socs started to get up and run the Greasers started cheering. Darry looked of at his group checking to make sure everyone was ok. That's when he saw Ponyboy laying on the ground not moving. He immediately ran over and dropped to his knees and gently picked his baby brothers shoulders and putting his head in his lap. He pushed the hair back for Ponyboys forehead and could feel the heat from the fever he was running.

As he began to rock him he felt Soda sitting down beside him. He gently put his hand on the back of Ponyboys head. He drew back as he felt the wetness. He was scared to look at it because he knew it meant Ponyboys head was bleeding.

"We've got to get him to the hospital Darry. His head is bleeding."

As if on cue Two-bit ran over to them and said he had already called for an ambulance and it would be arriving soon.

Within seconds the sirens were hear and Darry and Sodapop found them self's riding in the back of the ambulance each holding one of his hands. Each worried about what was happening to their baby brother.