Back when I was planning out the chapter "Unexpected Reunions" for my Children of El fic, I came across a post from Captain-Avalance that posed the question, what if Astra had lived and been pulled into the 31st cen, and she was the one to form the Legion. I thought it sounded like a really interesting idea and started thinking about how that would affect the world I'd built. I had this great scene in my head for the UR chapter but chickened out of writing. The idea never left, it's been rattling around in my head for months. Finally, I've decided to see where this idea takes me. So this story will be a bit different and yet kind of familiar.

Hope you all enjoy!

This is a bit of a summary of the world I've built for those who haven't read my other Supergirl fics

Earth: ?

In Kara's first year as Supergirl she was faced with the unimaginable. A group of militarized criminals whose leaders were hell bent on taking over the Earth. That wasn't the unimaginable part, the unimaginable part was the fact that their leader was Kara's aunt Astra. Kara had believed that her aunt had died along with everyone else she'd loved on Krypton, so it was more than a little jarring to not only find herself face to face with Astra again, but to be fighting against her. Kara had barely had time to process it all, hell she had barely had time to breath in that first year. If she wasn't facing off with Astra or her husband Non, she was fighting rouge Fort Rozz escapees, or Maxwell Lord, or hell even the American government in the form of General Sam Lane.

Kara loved her aunt and knew in her heart that if she could just have a little more time and a little space to breathe she could talk her aunt into switching sides. She believed wholeheartedly that there was good in Astra. She just needed the change to reach out and find it, to nurture and draw it out. But Kara never got the chance. Astra was killed. And after a momentary truce to honor Kryptonian funeral rites, Non tried to enslave the human race.

She ended up killing Non in battle and even though it was a line she never wanted to cross again, she couldn't bring herself to truly regret his death. Especially years later when she would discover one of his biggest secrets.

Shortly after Non's defeat Kara's life would take a turn for the better, but she would hit some bumps along the way. She would meet and become friends with Lena Luthor. Lena would become the only other person, along with Alex, that made Kara feel like Earth were truly her home. Lena would become her best friend, and she would become the Luthor's greatest champion. Kara would also stumble across Mon-El, a Daxamite playboy who would become a learning experience for her. Alex would later describe the romantic relationship Kara had with Mon-El as a dumpster fire. And while Kara Danvers was dealing with Cat Grant leaving her life on a daily basis, working under a cramugen of a editor as she learned to become a reporter, and dating Mon-El, Supergirl faced off against Lillian Luthor, Lena's adoptive mother, and her anti-alien terrorist group and an alien invasion led by her boyfriend's mother. Apparently Kara didn't do well with moms.

Following the invasion, Kara found herself dealing with a broken heart after sending Mon-El away. In time she realized her feelings had less to do with losing Mon-El as a boyfriend and more to do with not knowing if she'd sent him to his death in trying to save him. The guilt she'd felt had nearly ripped her apart, but Lena wasn't about to let that happen. Even when Alex had a hard time getting through to her, when she'd barely listen to J'onn or Eliza when they tried to help her out of her funk, Lena got through. Lena helped make her better. Lena, her best friend. Lena, the woman she was falling in love with.

Lena, who introduced her to Samantha Arias the woman who would be taking over the day to day at L-Corp after Lena had bought CatCo. Kara had instantly hit it off with Sam and it didn't take long at all for her to welcome Sam and her daughter Ruby into her circle of friends. Sam was brilliant and funny, and strong and a wonderful mother. Kara loved how much Sam loved Ruby and how Sam defended Lena just as passionately as she did. Sam had quickly become one of Kara's closest and dearest friends.

Sam was Reign. Reign, a genetically enhanced Kryptonian hell bent on watching the world burn. Before they knew Sam was Reign, Kara had nearly died at her hands. Before they knew Sam was Reign, nearly everyone was willing to do whatever it took to stop her.

While being Kryptonian meant Kara wasn't good enough for Mon-El, being human didn't seem to sour Rhea, Mon-El's mother, on Lena's worth. In fact Rhea seemed very fond of Lena, having gotten to know her while manipulating her into building a gateway that led to her armada invading Earth. Rhea was going to force Lena and Mon-El to marry and had even taken steps to produce an heir for them. Lena's son, Andrew, was the only thing that came from that plan. When Lena expressed concern to Sam about Andrew's safety, Reign went after those threats. And when it seemed as if Reign were about to start doing her worse, everyone Sam cared about was taken to her fortress, Ruby, Lena, Andrew, and Kara if she hadn't been recovering from Reign's beatdown of Supergirl.

In trying to find a way to defeat Reign, the truth about who she was came to light. It was Lena who told Kara Reign was Sam after having seeing her without her mask. It was a trip to Reign's fortress, and Kara's ability to interact with DNA encoded data crystals that hinted at there being a familial connection between herself and Reign. While Kara had been recovering from her injuries Lena had been spending a lot of time with the Alura AI and that led to the discovery of one of Alura's deepest secrets.

Astra and Non had had a child. A daughter that Astra believed to be dead. A daughter Non gave over to the Cult of Reign to be genetically altered and programmed into a world killer. If Kara had held any regrets about killing Non before, she no longer felt that way after finding out the truth. Non's desire for power had turned his daughter into a monster. Sam's love for her daughter helped Kara defeat Reign. When Reign tried to kill Ruby, Sam fought against her inner demon, giving Kara the chance to subdue her. Lena figured out how to eradicate Reign from Sam's DNA, and some unexpected visitors helped Lena see her plan through.

Word of Andrew's existence had reached the Daxamite survivors who'd fleed Earth after Lena set off the lead bomb. Wanting their prince for themselves they'd sent a bounty hunter named Lobo after him. Mon-El showed up with a woman named Imra Ardeen and a Brainiac of all people. They arrived in time to warn them about Lobo, giving them time to get a plan into place, a plan that hinged on Mon-El giving up any claim he had on his son, and Kara adopting him into the House of El. After Lobo's defeat and Andrew's safety ensured, the Legion, which is what they called themselves, stuck around so Brainy could help Lena save Sam.

Sam found herself dealing with a lot after waking up, so much in fact that she was totally overwhelmed. Leaving Ruby in Alex's care, Sam left to figure things out, to figure herself out, and deal with suddenly having superpowers.

Life went on for Kara and her loved ones. There were marriages and babies, villains to be fought, and heroes to be made. Their stories have already been told, or are being told as we speak, but as we all know one little difference, one little devance, and suddenly the story chances. On one Earth the lives of the Danvers, and the Luthors, and the Arias play out one way, but on another…

Well, let's just see shall we?