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"MOANA & MAUI: The Fallen Star"


"There are many beings in this world. Insects, animals, humans, monsters. From the smallest life forms too small to see, to the most powerful of gods. But few know of the beings that watch over us from above. Ranking just beneath the gods in terms of power are the stars, living entities than dwell in the sky. They are wise and powerful beings. They do not interfere with us, they merely watch over us, guiding us with their light.

"But stars are not eternal. They live for hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of years, looking down on us from up above, but eventually, their life will end. But, towards the end of their lives, stars will fall from the sky down to the ground, where they burn out. However, they don't always go out quietly. Sometimes, after a long life of providing us light during the night, they will give us one last gift.

"Stars are not gods, but they do possess a great power. And just before they die, they will share that power with humanity. Should a star be caught when it falls from the sky, the one who catches it may make a single wish. The star will then use the last of its power to grant this wish.

"Be warned though, for stars do not discriminate between a good wish and a wicked one. No matter who it is, no matter the wish, if it is within the star's power, they will grant it. That is why one must be very careful when wishing upon a star.

"Now, listen closely, for I am about to tell you the story of a wish that has yet to be granted. Approximately 800 years ago, a star known as Hika had reached the end of its life. Like all stars before it, he fell from the sky. This star was one of the few that was caught. But he was not caught by a human.

"Centuries before it fell, this star had settled over the island of Te Fiti. After Maui stole the heart of the great mother, Hika kept a careful watch over the island to keep track of the state of things. But eventually his time came, and he fell from the sky, only to be caught by the demon Te Kā.

"Like all stars, Hika was bound to grant the wish of the one who had caught him. But there was only one thing that Te Kā desired, the heart of Te Fiti that had been lost to the sea. Unfortunately, the heart was far too powerful, and Hika did not have the strength to grant Te Kā's wish.

"To once again be denied the heart enraged Te Kā, and so a different wish was made. Since it was because of Maui that Te Kā had not been able to obtain the heart, Te Kā wished for revenge. Should Maui ever escape his island, Hika was to see to it that Maui would have that which he loved the most taken from him.

"Now, this wish was well within Hika's power to grant. However, there was no telling when or if Maui would ever get off his island, and Hika's life was rapidly fading. And so, Te Kā filled Hika with dark energy, warping the star into a creature of darkness. This power would keep Hika alive until the day Maui escaped his island, and Te Kā's wish could be granted.

"Thus, Hika disappeared into the sea, hiding deep in the ocean where he slumbers, waiting for the day Maui escapes. When that time comes, Hika will awaken, and rise up to grant Te Kā's wish. And nothing in this world will be able to stop him from coming for the demigod, and taking that which he loves most."

Ten year old Moana stared at her grandmother with wide eyes as the old woman finished her story. She always enjoyed her grandmother's tales, and was as inquisitive as always. "What does Maui love the most?"

Her grandmother gave her a smile and placed an affectionate hand on the girl's head. "That remains unknown. But Hika will instinctively know what it is due to the conditions of the wish. And may the gods help anyone who stands in his way."

The curtain to her grandmother's hut flapped open as her father walked in. His eyes narrowed in disapproval as he surveyed the scene before him. "More tall tales?"

"A history lesson," her grandmother corrected him gently. "It is important to keep our legends alive."

Tui sighed, rubbing his face in frustration. "Mother, Moana is the future chief of our people. She has much to learn. She doesn't have time to listen to these fairytales."

"Bah, fairytales!" Tala scoffed. She gave Moana a knowing smirk. "This is the problem with today's generation. Just because these amazing and fantastic things no longer happen in this day and age, they think that they never happened at all, so they dismiss them as fantasy."

"They're called myths and legends for a reason, Mother," Tui continued.

She shook her finger at him. "Myths and legends stem from truth. Just because you can't see something does not mean it isn't there."

He sighed in resignation. "Either way, they have no impact on us. We need to focus on what really matters, and that's our island and our people. Come, Moana, you have duties to see to."

The young girl's shoulders sank, but she did not argue. "Yes, Father."

Openly disappointed, she walked out of the hut. Tui glanced at his mother, who simply smiled at him. He shook his head and gave her a disapproving look. "All these stories about gods, monsters, and demigods have to stop, Mother. They're a distraction. It's already difficult enough to get Moana to do her duties with her always trying to run off to the water all the time. I don't need you filling her head with all these old legends."

"Legends are a part of our culture. Just like the stories of our elders that we pass down."

"They have nothing to do with us now. We need to worry about things that actually matter."

Tala waved this off. "Bah! You're always so serious. My stories don't cause any harm."

"No," Tui agreed, "but they provide unnecessary distractions. Moana holds the future of our island in her hands. She doesn't have time for old wives tales. If you want to share your stories, I'm sure there are plenty of other children in the village that would love to hear them."

With that, he turned and walked out of the hut. Tala sighed as she watched him go. It didn't matter if her son didn't believe the old stories, she knew the truth, and she had proof of it too.

Reaching up to her necklace, she opened the shell to reveal a small bright green stone with a spiral-like marking on it. She had been there that day when the ocean had chosen her granddaughter. She had seen it give her the heart of Te Fiti, picking it up after the child had dropped it and had been taken away by her parents.

Moana was different from the others. She had a free spirit, and was not content to a life stuck on this island. She longed for adventure and discovery, and had a love for the ocean even greater than the one her father had once had before losing his best friend to it. She was strong, brave, caring, and loving. It was no wonder the ocean had chosen her to be the one to restore Te Fiti's heart.

One day, she didn't know when, but one day, her precious granddaughter would have to leave the safety of the island, brave the ocean and the darkness spreading across it, find Maui, face down Te Kā, and restore the heart to the great mother. It would be a hard journey, but Tala had the utmost faith in her granddaughter. The ocean couldn't have chosen a better person for the job.

"I'm preparing her as well," she said to the empty room before snapping the shell containing the heart shut. "For what is to come."

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