Title: Enough with This Gravity Moving Already!

Published: 02-04-09, Last Updated: 06-07-09

Chapters: 36, Words: 64,070

A/N: I originally posted this story what feels like a million years ago, in a continent far away, on an account I can no longer get access to. I didn't have the energy to read and edit it all but since I've had many requests for the chapters I thought it worth re-posting.

Chapter 1: Claire- Xtreme Sand Castling

"Oh come on, Claire," he bellowed. I didn't want to look at him, I was in a pissy mood and if I looked at him now I would feel guilty, give in and have to play nice. We had spent the afternoon wordlessly sketching interesting looking leaves in the woods surrounding my high school.

To be honest, I wasn't all that broken up about him ditching my Makah Center art exhibit weekend before. Quil and my mom had been there from the second doors opened, which was enough for me. It just so happened that today, one of the few days a week that I get to see my boyfriend Adrian, I was in a bratty mood.

"Claire, I do all of your Makah things," Adrian argued, smiling his stupid irresistible dimpled smile.

"I know… fine, whatever," I said finally giving in and smiling weakly as we turned the corner to my house.

"Are you coming in or what?" I asked when we reached the foot of my stairs. Adrian had paused hesitantly, looking down at his scruffy old converse.

"Yeah, sure… um, is your Uncle Quil here for the weekend?" he asked sheepishly.

He was simultaneously jealous and terrified of Quil and I couldn't blame him. Quil was a head taller than him and built like a brick wall— he was also extremely protective of me. Adrian, my lanky boyfriend, with the dirty mind and roaming hands had a lot to feel guilty about.

"I mean no offense, but your uncle terrifies me. He's just… too big, it ain't normal."

"First of all Quil's not my uncle and he's totally normal sized!" I accentuated normal with a poke to his ribs. Adrian had a habit of calling Quil my uncle, as if to point out I shouldn't be having the lusty-lust for him, which I so obviously did.

"Secondly, he should be here so you better behave." I had to hold back a smile when I saw him cringe from the corner of my eye.

He had a lot more than Quil's size to worry about and he didn't even know. Quil, my super great (and undeniably sexy) best friend, the werewolf, didn't just look like he could crush him with one hand, he could destroy him with all of his mystical wolfiness without breaking a sweat.

I grabbed Adrian and dragged him inside, calling to my mom as I entered. I found her in the living room, attempting to help Quil as he built the new entertainment center she bought at IKEA. I swear I caught her checking him out as we entered the room, but she straightened up quickly. It annoyed me but I didn't blame her really, he was shirtless and as I said, built like a brick wall.

"Hey kids," she said huskily as we entered. I bit the inside of my cheek to suppress a giggle, but the look Quil gave me from behind her back forced me to dash out the room before I collapsed in hysterics.

My parents divorced about three years ago— Irreconcilable Differences— which meant my young (by old people standards) and attractive mom was on the prowl. Who best to fill my mother's fantasies than the outrageously sexy confidante of her sixteen (soon to be seventeen) year old daughter?

I used to suspect the divorce was because of Quil, I even remember hearing snippets of whispered conversations between my mom and Aunt Emily. I hated him for it, but only for like a day, I can't stay mad at Quil. It's been three years though, and he's spent more time hanging out me and my sister than my mom.

This was an oddity of Quil's that I absolutely could not live without, his complete aversion to grownups and growing up. I'm not talking about the werewolf stuff, which made it physically impossible to age— I'm talking his fun loving, kid-ness. I mean, he looks to be in his mid-twenties, so adults trust him, but he still lets you eat cold pizza for breakfast when your parents are away. This, in my opinion, would also make him the best boyfriend in the world but I digress.

"I think Quil's gay," I voiced my fear as casually as possible once we were in my bedroom.

It wasn't that I had a problem with gay people, I love them. I totally support them, it's just that if Quil actually is gay there was NO HOPE. I mean there's just something exponentially more pathetic about lusting after a gay man that just takes the fun out of it.

"What? That's so random, Claire," he laughed as he settled on my carpeted floor. Adrian's grin was wide, I knew all too well he would be thrilled if Quil came out of the closest, he'd probably escort him to the Gay pride parade himself.

"It's not random. Seriously, the facts are these: he's a twenty-something, pardon me, hottie with no girlfriend. In fact, he has no prior history of girlfriends. He has, for a lack of better words, a MILF constantly throwing herself at him... and finally, I have pictures of him playing pretty-princess-tea-party with me, in full DRAG. There is no other explanation," I stated, as if I were presenting scientific research.

I had been thinking about it a lot recently. Not in the way I used to, lying awake at heavy sighing like only a tween could (Oh Quil, why don't you love me you big dreamy werewolf?), much more objectively now. I had become increasingly more curious about Quil lately. Quil was woven in to whole fabric of my life. He knew almost everything about me but there was so much I didn't know about him. What he did do when I wasn't around? I wanted to know about his past, his dreams, what he really thought of me… did he think of me?

"Quil is a hottie, huh?" Adrian's eyebrows bounced. I knew he would catch that.

"Well you know, he's got that whole forest-man chic thing going for him," I smiled kissing him lightly.

He pushed me back behind the slit I left in my door and pressed me to the floor with the weight of his body. We weren't having sex yet but at times when hands and rubbing got heated I thought that maybe we should. I can't say I wasn't curious and most of my friends had, but it made me nervous. He caressed my face before allowing his hand to travel down the center of my breast. As if on cue Quil knocked giving us a second to separate before he barged in.

Adrian lived in Forks a small town not too far from my reservation, but far enough to keep my "pale face" from seeing me every day. And though I'd rather see Quil than anyone else on the whole planet, it was annoying to be interrupted.

"Hey, real quick," Quil said casually, while his eyes narrowed on Adrian. "Your mom said you got in an epic battle with Lana today, you okay?"

Ugh! My sister Lana was the reason for today's dark cloudy funk. She's generally a pain in the ass but today she was rampant plague, spreading wide-ranging malaise wherever she went. Lana didn't get accepted to some college she was counting on and that meant she was determined to make everyone pay.

"Yea, but I hate her," I proclaimed. Quil, took that as an invite to plop soundlessly next to me on the floor and pat me comfortingly on the back.

"I gotta go," Adrian said quickly, avoiding Quil's eyes as he planted a swift kiss on my lips and headed out the room.

"Stop doing that!" I hissed, playfully hitting Quil's bicep, hurting my own hand in the process.

I shook my hand out, wincing as I followed Adrian to the door. "You don't have to go," I said pouting in the doorway dutifully, although the idea of a free afternoon with Quil was intoxicating.

"I do, my parents sorta think I'm doing a summer school thing. I'm not really allowed out of the house besides that," he did his whole mischievous grin thing, which I noticed didn't make me all gooey like it did when we first met. Not a big deal really, it doesn't mean I don't like him anymore, right? I never liked gooey anyways.

"What did you do?" I asked accusingly.

"You know… some of this, some of that." He kissed me again, this time with more force and turned to go, leaving me pondering my feelings in the doorway as he left. I grew up with a pack of werewolves, it won't come as a surprise if I say I'm not good at expressing feelings.

I turned after a while to find Quil, holding an ice tray and staring at me strangely. I tried to analyze it: worried or maybe pained? I didn't have time to decide because just then Lana came barging through the door, almost pushing me to the floor. Quil caught me, flashing a dangerous look at Lana, who was way too far in Lana Land to notice.

He handed me a paper towel with two cubes of ice folded in it and pointed to my hand which still throbbed from hitting his rock hard bicep. He was just so damn sweet sometimes, which was killing my "Get-over-Quil-it's-never-going-to-happen" and "Stop-mentally-cheating-on-Adrian" campaigns.

For the last two months, all intimate moments with Adrian were interrupted with images and fantasies of Quil, which was when I decided to take action. I immediately created the "Get-over-Quil-it's-never-going-to-happen" and "Stop-mentally-cheating-on-Adrian" campaigns, which were a list of rules I was required to follow in order to keep the inappropriate yet oh-so-yummy thoughts at bay.

"Whatcha wanna do tonight, kid?" I hated when he called me that, didn't he see my fully bloomed-ness? I was woman now… other than my breasty area, which I feel are at least adequate! Why hadn't he noticed?

"You staying over? I'm sure mom will be pleased," I said lifting my eyebrows theatrically.

"If you want me to... might be good to have a buffer between you and Queen Lana today. What's up with her, girly things?" Girly things and women business were the general code words he used for all things related to women that made him uncomfortable.

"Another school rejection, somewhere in California I think. So, how bout we escape to La Push?" I suggested wondering who was watching the store today. Quil's mom Joy sold him her corner store about five years back when she retired to Florida for fun in the sun, and now he had a rotating staff of werewolves.

"Okay, what you wanna do there?" He was running his hands through his hair, which made the muscles on his torso more painfully obvious. I thought that if I was a cartoon character my eyes would be bulging out of my head right now and I might have a large trailing line of drool, but I tried to pull my staring off as contemplation.

"Who's taking care of the store?" I asked distractedly.

"Seth and Michael. What, you wanna work the counter today? It's really nice outside, I'm sure we could find something better than that," he said as he slipped on brown leather sandals and a white tee.

"Oh, yeah... I was thinking about seeing Aunt Emily, and maybe some Xtreme sand castle building, you up for it?"

"Extreme sand castle building?" His face was quizzical, but also slightly worried.

"Yeah, well things sound cooler when you put Xtreme in front of them… snowboarding for example," I reasoned. He laughed his barky laugh and I continued, "you think it will catch on?"

"Well… what sort of uniforms would you wear? And is there any fire involved, because that could significantly affect its rise in popularity."