Chapter 36: Epilogue: Reunited and It Feels so Good

"Hey Claire, would you like me to cook you something special?" Nessie asked from the kitchen.

I could smell the sautéed onions but it didn't make my mouth water like it usually did. I hadn't had an appetite in a few days, Jasper actually had to use his vampire whammy to make me hungry but it also made him hungry and he soon had to leave with Alice to hunt.

I was about to tell Nessie not to bother when I felt it. I tried to ignore the pull, tried to head to the room I claimed in our small villa right outside of Avignon, France, but I couldn't ignore the feeling.

It was like a heat in my stomach, a pull behind my navel. My body turned automatically and Jacob rushed into the living room where I stood frozen, his eyes wide with a grin plastered on his face. I knew what it meant; his smile, the pull… there was only one thing that made me feel like that: Quil.

I burst out the front door that faced a cobbled path which led to a walking path through the nearby forest. My eyes were filling with tears and my breathing was coming out in deep fast gust that I couldn't control.

I whispered it at first, afraid to be wrong— to have to live with the disappointment if I were wrong, "Quil? Quil…"

My stomach twisted and turned in powerful uncomfortable knots and the tears were streaming so fast I couldn't blink past them. I had been here for a week, a week that I had spent sketching and painting that cobbled road lined with trees in shades of green. I didn't need my sight, I had memorized every fallen branch. I ran forward desperately following the pull—it led me to the left and blinded by tears I stumbled and tripped. Not able to stop myself I screamed for him.

"Quil! QUIL!" I sobbed harder, my chest hurting from the excursion but I wouldn't stop running he was here.

"Claire!" I could hear Jake's calls behind me and I ran faster. I don't know why, but I was scared. Scared to see Jake, to talk to him and have him crush the hope, the beautiful notion that Quil was here. My lungs were burning, begging for air and my legs were on fire as I ran through the forest, it was denser here, I had strayed off the path and although it was just past noon it was dark.

He was here, close—I could feel him, I knew it like I knew he loved me, nothing could stop me from finding him. The days, 53 so far, that I have spent away from him had been amazing and exciting. I had seen so many things, but most of all they were terrible; more painful and empty than any other time in my relatively sheltered and happy life.

"Quil! QUIL!" My throat was sore and I couldn't drag my feet further, I collapsed in a blobl, holding my stomach tightly, gasping for air. I was desperately out of shape.

When I had finally caught my breath I stood, readying myself to search some more but he appeared, as if straight from my dreams— the dreams that I had nightly and held onto in the day.

He ran to me still naked from the phase and I couldn't hold myself up anymore, the emotions that I had been suppressing all flood forward at once. He lurched forward, catching me before I fell again.

"Are you real?" The words came out of my mouth but they sounded all wrong.

He kissed me and I felt as if all the air in my lungs had been sucked out. I pulled away, even though it hurt me to. "Quil?"

"Yes, Claire-bear, I'm real." And that's all I needed to hear, I pulled myself up back to his lips and in frenzied passion I tasted every corner of his mouth.

He held me tight, and I could feel all of the heat from his body through the thin material of my sundress. I realized then it was the same dress I wore the day we first made love and I blushed looking down at myself and then at him.

"Sorry, I'll get dressed," he whispered, but I stopped him, bringing his hands to the hem of my dress and urging them upward. He smiled wide, getting the hint. I tore off my simple pair of white underwear in one fluid motion.

He trailed hard kissed down my face from my hairline to my chin, jumping to my neck and making me shiver as he drew tiny circles on my collarbone with his tongue.

His hand cut a path down my back along my spine and I arched into him moaning softly. He muffled the sound with his mouth and guided me backward until I could feel the rough bark of a tree between my shoulder blades.

This wasn't like our first night together so tender and gentle, his hands were urgent and needy, this was passion and I liked it. I loved it. I nibbled on his shoulder as his hands kneaded my ass pushing me harder against his cock.

"Quil," he exhaled deeply and I inhaled his musky scent like wet forest and cinnamon.

We rocked together urgently, sounds like wild animals escaping us.

I grabbed onto his neck and the forest of greens twirled in my eyes as he brought us to the ground. He kept his arms at either side of my head holding his weight off of me as he fucked me hard against the forest floor. I pulled at him trying to bring him closer to me. I wanted to feel him, his entire weight; I wanted every inch of him on top of me pressing against me.

He leaned in to kiss me roughly, his tongue fighting with mine. I gasped and groaned and dug my nails into the broad expanse of his back ferociously.

I pushed myself in sync with him trying desperately to take in every inch of him, to complete myself with him.

"Harder," I demanded, my hand intertwined with his hair.

"God Claire, I. Missed. You," he spat between thrust. I couldn't respond, the pleasure had reached a point where I could think of nothing but release. My entire body clenched and just as I exploded I felt his body shutter and his hot liquid fill me.

He collapsed and I held him tightly, refusing to let him go even as he tried to roll over, I just rolled over with him, resting on top of him.

I hadn't had time or the presence of mind to examine him before now, but I was shocked when I took in the bags under his eyes, the sunken state of his cheeks. I pulled away to get a better look, he had to be at least fifteen pounds lighter and his tanned beautiful skin seemed to have dulled with a slight grey.

"Quil! Oh my god! Are you sick? Are you okay?" I asked reluctantly pulling away from him.

"I'm fine," he assured me, his voice sounding weak and tired. I stood on unsteady feet grabbing my sundress and pulling it on as he untied his shorts from his ankle and shimmied into them. His waist was at least three inches smaller.

"Did I do this to you?" I asked, my hand pressed to my rapidly beating heart.

"Claire, calm down."

"Calm down! Oh god, Quil. I'm sorry, I never should have gone!" I wailed and he pulled me to him again, lightly kissing my forehead and the corner of my eye and my cheek, finally getting to my lips which he touched so softly I lost my breath.

I pulled away, I knew where this was leading and before any of that I wanted to get him food—but he had different plans. He pulled me to him again, lifting me up and wrapping my legs around him. And there was no stopping it, I was lost in his eyes as he pulled is hard member out again and drove me onto it.

He was like a solid wall as I rode him, bouncing frantically, dying for the release I could only feel with him. I chewed on his ear as he helped guide me up and down with his hands securely holding my ass.

"Claire," he breathed as my tongue brushed the perimeter of his ear. I moved faster and his face changed, the face he made before he came.

"Quil, stay with me," I begged feeling my orgasm within grasp, but it was too late—he released and I sighed in defeat.

He eyed me guiltily and I smiled at him kissing him softly. He placed me back on my feet, but before I could move he fell to his knees diving his head under my dress. He flung my right leg over his shoulder and kept the other securely planted.

His tongue flicked quickly over my clit and I bucked grabbing onto his shoulder for support as he circled it with his tongue. I couldn't hold in my verbal gratitude and I rocked forward praising him as he brushed and swirled his tongue along my opening.

When I thought it couldn't get better he shoved his thumb roughly inside of me and I screamed, not embarrassed in the slightest as I felt myself dripping onto his hand. He chuckled and I smacked him, taking a page out Helen's book and roughly grabbing his hair, adjusting his face and guiding him to where I wanted him.

He liked it and he picked up his pace, slowing again as my gasps got closer and closer together. He was stretching it out and I was burning up—the heat from his tongue, from my riding exercise, from the pleasure it was too much. I pulled his face harder into me, begging for him to stop the teasing; he complied and I exploded so violently my body shook and my grip on his hair served the higher purpose of keeping me standing upright. He gently slid my leg off of his shoulder and stood, draping me over his shoulder fireman style and strolling slowly towards the house.

With my cheek against his warm bare back I spoke again, "I love you."

I gripped him tighter, "I love you more," he sighed.

"Prove it," I whispered.

"Again? You're a monster!" He cried, placing me on my feet.

"No, not like that, Quil. Marry me, marry me today… We can go into town tonight. I know I'm young and I have a lot of life to live but I want to do it with you. I don't want to be away from you ever again. Avignon is so beautiful at night, and our friends are here and—"


"That's it? Okay," I said my eyes searching for an argument.

"I can't live without you. I knew that before, but now I KNOW know I can't. So why put it off, if you really want to do it now, here, then let's do it," he said as we reached the clearing in front of the house.

"Oh Claire, that's so great!" Nessie cried as we headed towards them and I felt faint.

I had forgotten, I had completely forgotten that everyone in the villa had super hearing and I buried my face into his chest.

"Oh come on Claire-bear. No worries, I've heard much worse, Emmett does this thing where—"

"Okay, okay. I get it," I said, not looking at Jake as he tried to comfort me; it wasn't necessary. I was still beet red from complete mortification, yes, but nothing could get me down today, because tonight when all was said and done, I would be Mrs. Quil Ateara.

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