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Summary: Relationships were like colors. Each one as unique and vibrant as the people themselves.

Pairing: Oikawa/Kagome

Suggested Listening: Weak by AJR

Dedicated to YoursAlways

Touch of Blue

Part I: Coffee Shop Talk

Oikawa sat back in the bar stool seat. He'd taken a spot closest to the window, and more importantly, the nearest to the most prized outlet in the entire café. Not only was there a miniscule view of the campus outside, but he had the right position to be able to keep his laptop charged while he finished his studies this semester's mid-terms. Truthfully, he'd rather be practicing volleyball but with his scholarship came the requirement that he meet several GPA expectations in his courses. His eyes narrowed. If he was anything, then it was detailed about all the small things. His light disposition often threw people through the loop once he got serious, but he was not a slacker in any regard. He'd ace his all his classes this semester and outshine the rest on the court. A light smirk tugged at his lips. As it was always meant to be.

"Excuse me," A soft voice interrupted his thoughts. Oikawa cocked his head over his shoulder to find another student close to his age. She had a binder tucked under her arm and a small pack slung over her shoulder. Her brows creased with concern as azure eyes landed on the outlet he was currently using. "May I sit next to you? The other spots are taken." As if drawn by her observation, he looked through the rest of the shop and realized that she had indeed been correct. Several groups of people sat hunched around every outlet available. They'd all had their computers out and textbooks strewn over the tables. Loud conversations and laughter floated through the air yet surprisingly only the single seat beside his own remained empty from other fellow students. Except for now.

His smile became something more flirtatious, "Of course. I wouldn't mind sharing my space with a person as cute as you." The light flush of her cheeks told him that he'd hit his mark. Even if he didn't quite have the time to start dating again, he still enjoyed having his ego stroked by the opposite sex every now and then. The young man propped his elbow on the table's surface and leaned his cheek against the back of his hand. She shook her head, a small laugh falling from her lips. The sound was nearly as cute as the girl herself. Just for a second, he wondered if she were single. Probably not.

"I appreciate the flattery but I'm just here to study." She gestured towards her pack. "I have mid-terms coming up and I still have to get ahead, if you know what I mean." Oikawa pushed his own textbook to the side, long forgotten in favor of this new entertaining situation currently unfolding. She took the last available chair and set up next to him. He kept his eyes on her focused expression. She looked to be the studious type given the high ponytail, form-fitting dark colored tee shirt and mid-thigh length skirt she wore. No makeup or anything 'extra' besides the usual feminine charm that some women seemed to exude without a problem. This one apparently had that charm in spades.

"My, quite the flirt. I'm sure you had a legion of fangirls following after your every step back in high school." She teased him, her lips pulling into a small smile as well. "Higurashi Kagome, by the way. Thanks for letting me crashing into your space." Cute, quick witted and a sense of humor? Yeah, this girl had to be taken. There was no way she was single at this point.

"Oikawa Toru and you're not too far off from the truth." He closed his eyes as fond memories of his younger days filled his mind. Although Iwaizumi likely would've tried to smack him by now. He paused his train of thought before it could shuffle further down that dark and depressing path.

"That doesn't surprise me." She withdrew her textbook and laptop, setting to work almost straight away. Oikawa took a peek at the material she was studying. His eyes widened before he uncurled an index finger to gesture towards her book.

"Are you in Professor Sawa's course?" It was pretty obvious by the title. No other teacher assigned that book besides that crazy old coot. It was fundamentally rejected on most academic levels, but the instructor had insisted on it to emphasize the difference of quality between a true textbook and one worth its grain of salt. Therefore, the idiot had managed to double his book fees over the course of the semester that he had to pay out of pocket. His poor wallet was still feeing rather empty after being thoroughly wiped out at the beginning.

Kagome quirked a brow, "Yeah. You get stuck with this nightmare as well?" She pushed the object towards him. A small laugh fell from his mouth as he showed her his.

"That's what I'm studying for right now." Lowering his voice, he did his best impersonation of the elderly teacher. "In order to succeed you must first understand what you're reading. Your mid-term will determine your final grade. Study well." It was a horrible impersonation. Complete with a gravelly tone of voice, a falsely high-pitch meant to imitate a female and a slight accent. It was truly horrid but Kagome, he remembered her name, laughed anyways.

"Yeah, that sounds about right. I'm in the early course on Wednesdays. It's horrible!" She dramatically threw her arms up in the air to emphasize her frustration. "I thought we were supposed to be learning about different literary periods, but I guess this is more or less just a fluff course meant to fill the school's roster."

His laughter grew louder, "We're on the same page!" Admittedly that pun was not intended but it served a purpose all the same. The young woman tilted her screen towards him.

"Feel like helping a fellow classmate out?" She gestured towards the computer where several notes had been typed neatly with numerical bullets and small commentary off to the side. She was definitely dedicated. Even his notes paled in comparison to what she'd done.

"Only if you give me your number." He just screwed up hadn't he? The line slipped out before he could stop it. Now the relaxed atmosphere grew tense. His mouth pursed into a tight line from nervousness. Where was Iwaizumi when he needed him? Oikawa closed down the thought a second time.

Kagome blinked, then did the unthinkable. She withdrew her phone from her pocket before placing it squarely in his palm. "I could use a study partner in the future. Just don't think you can back out during the finals." She offered him a playful wink but his mind had yet to reel in from the shock. Really? She was letting him have her number? For another time that day, he wondered if he'd have to look over his shoulder at any moment for an angry boyfriend to suddenly appear. There was now way she was single. She was too damn cute!

Oikawa tried to play off his surprise. He sent a quick text to his number. For a second, the young man contemplated a brief idea that crossed his mind. Should he? A small smile tugged at his lips. Why the hell not? He raised the device briefly, "Mind if I do something? You'll like it." To concrete his assertion he shot her yet another thousand-watt grin. Kagome waved her hand in a placating manner.

"What are you planning?" She cocked her head to the side curiously. Black hair spilled over her shoulder, covering the small amount of collarbone that'd been exposed from her shirt. Yup, definitely taken. Or at least that's what he convinced himself.

"Just a selfie."

Recognition lit up in her expression. A bright grin the likes of which he seen before spread across her lips, "Only if I get to be in it. You're setting it to the contact, right?"

He nodded once, giving her room by wrapping his arm around the back of her chair and pushing them together. Of course it did ultimately give him the excuse to have it around her, but it wasn't like he'd tell her that any time soon. They settled in beside one another. She paid no heed to his arm that crept closer to her over the back of her seat. Instead she pressed in close to his chest, offered an adorable smile and pushed her cheek against his own. He returned the gesture, posing the phone to the perfect position to get the best image. He held it for a second longer than he should have, enjoying the moment more than he cared to admit to.

A hint of jasmine clung to his shirt the second she drew away from him. Was that her natural scent? He concentrated his efforts on returning to their impromptu study session. For two hours they talked and at least pretended to be interested in the material. He learned pretty quickly that Kagome was a first year at the university like himself. While they had the same professor, they unfortunately had different course sections. It was a shame but he managed to get her name, number, the fact that she loved cats and was going to major in Finance with a minor in Mathematics. She hadn't completely decided on her future job but it was something she was working on. The most interesting thing he discovered was when he revealed his scholarship for the volleyball team.

"That's amazing! No wonder you had a legion of fangirls." Kagome laughed lightly.

Oikawa postured a bit by tilting his chin away and smiling slightly, "I've always played as the setter. Because of that it's my job to make sure the team runs smoothly as a unit. We don't get to be flashy, unlike spikers. But we work just as hard." Okay, so maybe he was trying to impress her. His efforts seemed to work slightly as she brought up an image on her phone.

"Check it out!" At her insistence he leaned over to glance down at the image of a trophy. "Your story reminded me of this. My school ended up winning the Nationals in the Kyuudo Competition last year. It was difficult but I was so glad we went. Our team barely made it by but we hung in there and got the gold. It was awesome!" He blinked once. Wait, kyuudo? As in with a bow and arrow? That kyuudo?

"Seriously?" He didn't think she understood his meaning but she answered him anyways.

"Of course! I've been shooting with the bow since I was a kid. Tou-san was a pretty famous archer back in his day as well." She flashed another bright grin. "I'm just glad that I got to do it as well too."

"Congratulations." The word truly was heartfelt. He felt the brief taste of something bitter in the back of his throat at the mention of nationals. Last year Aoba Johsai had been defeated by Karasuno in the Semi Finals. He never saw that last match against Shiratorizawa or Ushijima for that matter. His eyes narrowed momentarily. This year, he'd make damn sure he didn't make the same mistakes again. Sensing Kagome's rising curiosity to his ire he chose to redirect the conversation.

"Anyways, you feel more confident now?"

She nodded vigorously, "Yes, thank you Oikawa-kun!" That time he didn't stop the small splash of heat that rose to his cheeks. Funny, the rest of the shop was cold. Perhaps the staff finally decided to blast the heater after several complaints. Suddenly she stopped once more. Her eyes settled upon his form as she tilted her head to the side cutely. He was signing his own death warrant wasn't he? At least he could say it was sweet while it lasted.

"See something you like?" The young man couldn't help the tease the longer her eyes lingered on his body. Suddenly there were only three words flashing through his mind: Dead man walking.

Kagome's smile turned teasing, "If I said yes, would you stop scowling?" He nearly choked at her words. Did she just flirt with him?

"Only if your boyfriend doesn't kill me first." It wasn't subtle at all. He was fishing and she likely knew it as well. Judging by the ever increasing smile on her lips, he knew that she had him virtually figured out by this point. Intelligent, sense of humor and adorable. He didn't stand a chance if she were already with someone. Her nature alone led him to believe she'd be too dedicated to break up over a random guy's flirting. His mood soured. Random, huh? He didn't like the sound of that.

"I don't think imaginary guys are going to chase you down any time soon." She cupped her hand over her eyes and pretended to look around the shop as if searching for something. "Nope, no boyfriends around here. You have a suggestion of where I can find one?"

Right here… was what he wanted to say. Frankly he was surprised that she was single at all. How as that possible? Was she avoiding dating others? That didn't seem like the case given how much she responded to his flirtatious behavior. Maybe she just hadn't found the person she wanted to be with yet? That thought gave him a small bit of hope. Just as soon as it'd appeared, he feebly tried to crush it.

Of course he knew that he shouldn't get involved with someone. Not during mid-terms and definitely not before any tournaments. It'd just go the way of his last relationship. He couldn't get involved. He didn't have enough time to dedicate to another person. But that didn't meant that he his heart would listen to his mind's logic.

"You looking for one?" His filter completely fell away. Whatever chance he'd had at steering this conversation away from asking her out immediately came crashing to a halt.

"You offering?" Kagome brushed her hand against his as she reached for her textbook. She'd taken his question as a jest and returned one of her own. Azure eyes remained focused on her belongings, pulling them together neatly before filing them into the small pack she'd originally brought with her. Once finished she slung it over her shoulder once more. "It was good meeting you Oikawa-kun!" That exuberant personality still shone through despite the first veil of darkness beginning to set outside. "I've gotta get back soon. Promised the girls that I'd help them too, you know?" She offered a quick wink. "See you around!" Before she took off, he stood up and swiftly gathered his items. Damn, why hadn't he collected his stuff when she did? Now he was falling behind!

"Hold on!" Oikawa quickly ran out of the shop. He jogged to keep pace with the young woman before she could take off completely. "It's getting dark. Why don't I walk you back to campus at least?"

The young woman's eyes widened slightly, then a grateful smile appeared. For a moment he'd been worried she would've denied him based solely on their limited interaction with each other. He was still a stranger to her and had no reason to trust him. Kagome nodded once.

"I'd appreciate it, if you don't mind. Besides," She grinned up at him. "You're rather interesting to talk to."

Oikawa knew right then that he'd have to break his promise about remaining single.